Flatbush Misdemeanors

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Dan and Kevin are struggling to thrive in their new surroundings in the brash environment of Flatbush, Brooklyn. Bold, smart and grounded in authenticity, the show explores two longtime friends seeking to climb out of their heads and connect with others.

Season 2

10 Episodes

TBA 2x10
Aug 21 2022
TBA 2x09
Aug 14 2022
TBA 2x08
Aug 07 2022
Drew and Zayna try to repair their relationship after visiting her dad in jail. Kevin and Dan find themselves entangled in the mess that is Kareem and Maria’s love life. Dan wrestles over whether to finally share his secret to Kevin.
Jul 31 2022
Kevin is forced to confront Drew for the first time since returning to Flatbush. Zayna fears she may be losing her new boyfriend, Desmond. Dan and Sydney flirt with breaking the unwritten rule of NA.
Jul 24 2022
Dan finally feels comfortable in NA, connecting with Sydney — until a surprise turns Dan’s safe space upside down. Kevin struggles to navigate the politics of his art fellowship. Drew’s release from jail comes at a high price.
Jul 17 2022
Zayna discovers the downside of living on her own and the responsibility that comes with it. Kevin and Dan’s professional lives are put on hold when they attend a funeral of an old friend.
Jul 10 2022
Drew gets frustrated as Zayna continues to flex her independence. Kevin returns to Flatbush to start his art fellowship. Dan gets acquainted with his NA group, then has a run-in with Drew that leads to unexpected consequences.
Jul 03 2022
Kevin returns to his childhood home until the trouble in Flatbush dies down.
Jun 26 2022
return 2x01
Dan seeks to clear his reputation so he can be reinstated as a teacher — but Kevin has left town and is ignoring his calls. Drew, still in hiding from the police, struggles to get Zayna back in school.
Jun 19 2022

Season 1

10 Episodes

peace 1x10
After a shocking tragedy as a result of Kevin hanging out with Drew, Dan and Kevin argue about the merits of their friendship. Meanwhile, Zayna, who’s secretly staying at Dami’s house to avoid Drew, faces a decision about her future. A final turn leaves all of their futures in question.
Aug 01 2021
After breaking protocol, Dan and Jess face consequences at their job. Meanwhile, Kevin discovers Dan lied to him about Zayna. The fracture between the two longtime friends drives Kevin to seek Drew’s friendship, all of which culminates in a tragic circumstance.
Jul 25 2021
lakay 1x08
Zayna checks out rumors about her family and discovers that Drew’s responsible for her father being in jail, which leads to her going on the run. While Drew and Kevin look high and low for her, Dan and Jess’s emerging, secret relationship is tested and everyone’s worlds collide.
Jul 18 2021
When the school goes on lockdown due to a bomb threat from an expelled student, Dan moves to help Jess defuse the situation while Zayna learns a shocking secret about her family through Dami. Meanwhile, Kevin meets with a gallery owner, who gives his work an honest review.
Jul 11 2021
Dan and Kevin’s growing roommate tensions coincide with an ongoing fight between their new neighbors. But when Dan struggles to have much-needed Zoom therapy with his brutally honest therapist, she somehow manages to resolve everyone’s issues simultaneously.
Jun 27 2021
dub 1x05
Dan vies for a position as head coach of his school’s basketball team. Kevin has a surprising encounter with Drew that begins a shift in their dynamic. Zayna, suspended from the dance team for her fight with Dami, has to figure out how to deal with the consequences.
Jun 20 2021
Bummed from being stood up by Jasmine and ripped off by a local Brooklyn rapper, Kevin spends a ’shrooms-filled night out with his successful sister which leads to a series of revelations. Meanwhile, in an effort to make Dan bond with his stepdad Kareem, Dan’s mom drags him into competing in the Greenest Block in Brooklyn contest.
Jun 13 2021
When Kevin and Dan’s beloved jazz musician neighbor faces eviction, Kevin enlists Jasmine to organize a protest. Meanwhile, Dan anxiously dreads an after-school meeting with Jess to discuss a Child Services case, where he expects to be fired for his ties to Drew and Zayna.
Jun 06 2021
vortex 1x02
Zayna deals with a rumor she had sex with her teenage crush while Kevin deals with delivering on his first freelance painting job. Dan excitedly prepares to attend Jess’s birthday party. But their worlds collide when Drew’s demands affect all their lives.
May 30 2021
leanin' 1x01
Longtime friends Kevin and Dan struggle to thrive in their new surroundings in Flatbush, Brooklyn, but when Kevin accidentally spills a local drug dealer’s promethazine while on a routine food delivery, both their lives are thrown into unexpected upheaval.
May 23 2021