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Applying her smart and satirical point of view to current and relevant issues, Samantha Bee provides her nuanced perspective on world events, repartees with newsmakers from across ideological spectrums and stabs injustice with the hot poker of comedy.

Season 7

19 Episodes

TBA 7x19
Sep 08 2022
TBA 7x18
Jun 30 2022
Jun 23 2022
Full Frontal recaps the first two January 6th hearings and dives into how Trump lied about believing he won the election and grifted his supporters out of millions. Plus, Sam investigates what it’s like to give birth while Black in the U.S.
Jun 16 2022
Full Frontal examines the country’s embarrassingly weak gun laws and calls out the Republicans who want us to believe that mass shootings are just a part of our everyday lives. Plus, a look at how trans youth are under attack this Pride season.
Jun 09 2022
Full Frontal explores how the NRA devolved from being good guys with guns to bad guys with guns and then heads to Houston for one of the most poorly timed events in history — their annual convention four days after a mass school shooting 300 miles away.
Jun 02 2022
Full Frontal tackles the latest horrific school shooting and explores how Congress could put an end to mass killings RIGHT NOW. Plus, we investigate the on-going shortage of nurses and showcase a cathartic performance by Peaches.
May 26 2022
Full Frontal breaks down two of the biggest issues in women’s health: the infuriating Supreme Court leak that will end Roe v. Wade and the insane misinformation surrounding menopause. Plus, an interview with Menopause Manifesto author Dr. Jen Gunter.
May 19 2022
Full Frontal investigates Mark Meadows' 2,319 text messages that absolutely prove a widespread Republican effort to overthrow the 2020 election. We also make the case for universal school lunches and check out the hits and misses in your spring wardrobe.
Apr 28 2022
Full Frontal dives into Tucker Carlson’s new docuseries that’s very clearly the far right’s last ditch attempt to justify their misogynistic and homophobic beliefs. Plus, Sam travels to Nevada to investigate why millions of our tax dollars are spent on wild horses.
Apr 21 2022
Apr 14 2022
Apr 07 2022
Mar 31 2022
Mar 10 2022
Sam calls out the GOP for freaking out over non-existent crack pipes and leaning into classic racist rhetoric. Allana Harkin heads to the Super Bowl in an attempt to unite the country.
Feb 17 2022
Sam unravels the Conservative effort to ban books by authors of color and LGBTQ writers while Mike Brown takes to the streets of Harlem to give power naps to tired Black Americans.
Feb 10 2022
Full Frontal looks ahead to the unfortunately very real possibility of Trump 2024 and talks to faith leaders about why the anti-choice right doesn't have a monopoly on religion. Plus, a musical performance by Ariana and the Rose!
Feb 03 2022
Sam calls out Kyrsten Sinema for repeatedly trying to ruin democracy, explores how white men are setting the standards for music (and shouldn’t be), and meets the cats behind the latest spread of misinformation.
Jan 27 2022
A hard look at the GOP's certainly unethical and probably illegal schemes to overturn the 2020 election, the pandemic's effects on America's mental health, and a performance by Joshua Henry
Jan 20 2022

Season 6

30 Episodes

Full Frontal celebrates the holidays with a deep dive into the shocking truth behind retail returns and a gleeful look into Mark Meadows’ demise. Plus, J. Roddy Walston performs his holiday original, “Christmas Tonight.”
Dec 15 2021
Full Frontal dedicates its 200th episode to discussing the potential overturn of Roe v. Wade, revealing the dangers of our current SCOTUS structure, and advocating for court reform. Plus, Busy Philipps joins Sam in a reproductive justice-themed escape room!
Dec 08 2021
Full Frontal explains what holiday gatherings may look like this year, exposes the dark truth about the "troubled teen industry," and advocates for the future of the postal service...again.
Nov 17 2021
Full Frontal explains why we all should be excited about the passage of the infrastructure bill and what our favorite crime shows get wrong about forensic science. Plus, Mike Rubens goes to Las Vegas to find religion.
Nov 10 2021
Full Frontal offers insight into the Supreme Court cases currently threatening Roe V. Wade and the toxic culture perpetuated by the anti-aging industry. Then, Sam learns the ropes of taking on Big Tech from Senator Amy Klobuchar.
Nov 03 2021
Full Frontal pays tribute to the spooky season with a “deathly” funny episode covering the horrifying truth about the funeral industry and a movement to change the way we talk about death. Plus, a special musical performance from Sleigh Bells!
Oct 27 2021
Full Frontal takes on the misinformation and conspiracy problem plaguing TikTok, applauds New Jersey's progressive reproductive rights law, and offers a breakdown of the IATSE strike.
Sep 29 2021
On the late night community’s Climate Night, Full Frontal delves into a lesser known climate change issue: sewage! Plus, Sam gives an early warning about the 2022 midterms, and Allana Harkin surveys California voters about the recall election.
Sep 22 2021
Full Frontal delivers a clear message about our country’s history of vaccine mandates, enlists chef Vivian Howard to help with a lesson on minimizing food waste, and interviews Afghan-Americans who are working tirelessly to save lives in Afghanistan.
Sep 15 2021
Full Frontal responds to the stunningly awful Texas abortion law that may become the anti-choice blueprint for other red states. Plus, Sam launches an investigation into the history of UFOs and interviews pandemic predictor, Dr. Charity Dean.
Sep 08 2021
Full Frontal catches up on America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan and how we can make up for the mess we made during the last 20 years. Plus, Sam examines the problematic history of school dress codes and discovers a queer trans safe haven!
Sep 01 2021
A newly vaccinated Sam travels to Rwanda to deliver a Rwanda-themed episode that attempts to combat the historically racist portrayal of Africa in western media while highlighting Rwanda’s grassroots conservation efforts and refugee policy.
Jun 30 2021
Jun 23 2021
Full Frontal observes the very loud tantrum that conservatives are throwing over critical race theory in schools and amplifies the need for federal laws to successfully prevent discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community. Plus, VINCINT gives a TV-exclusive performance from OUTLOUD’S Pride concert!
Jun 16 2021
Full Frontal advocates for increased awareness of and support for the intersex community and Sam gets a firsthand look at Arizona’s repressed sex-ed system. Plus, musical guest Shungudzo performs!
Jun 09 2021
Full Frontal calls for a swift (but painful) death to the Senate filibuster and highlights the continued string of attacks on Black voting rights thanks to Donald Trump. Plus, Allana Harkin finds out the horrifying truth about gas stoves.
Jun 02 2021
Sam gathers friends, celebrities, and grassroots organizers to highlight the public health crisis that is gun violence, the overwhelming need for gun control, and the work already being done at the community level.
May 12 2021
Full Frontal attempts to understand why Republicans have yet to disavow Matt Gaetz, condemns conservative attacks on trans athletes, and joins the fight to ensure the right to free phone calls for all incarcerated individuals.
May 05 2021
Full Frontal urges informed criticism of the Biden administration’s immigration response, advocates for D.C. statehood, and enjoys a bloody-good performance from Juliana Hatfield!
Apr 28 2021
Full Frontal offers a look into the racist roots beneath our country’s fear of marijuana and argues for legalization that focuses on the harm done to communities of color. Then, Sam dramatically re-enacts the story of whistleblower Reality Winner in an effort to highlight the unfair treatment of this American hero.
Apr 21 2021
Full Frontal dedicates an entire episode to addressing America's history of racist policies and actions against Asian Americans, as well as Hollywood's complicity in perpetuating harmful Asian stereotypes.
Apr 14 2021
Full Frontal reacts to the NCAA’s treatment of its female college athletes, brings awareness to the threat of cyberattacks on our nation’s hospitals, and sends Mike Rubens to Atlantic City to see what it’s like to (maybe) have hope post-Donald Trump.
Mar 24 2021
Full Frontal addresses the need for sweeping change in how society reacts to violence against women following the murder of Sarah Everard. Plus, Sam warns of the dangers of “Space Junk” and learns about the art of “nudging” when it comes to progressing our country’s vaccine distribution.
Mar 17 2021
Full Frontal explores the recent trend of white women flocking to QAnon, while Mike Brown meets a group of barbers who are working hard to get Black Americans vaccinated against COVID. Plus, Aly & Aj perform
Mar 10 2021
Full Frontal finally puts the “Can Women Have It All?” debate to rest, uses Governor Andrew Cuomo as an example for holding politicians accountable, and sends Allana Harkin to Palm Beach to see how welcoming Trump’s new neighbors have been.
Mar 03 2021
Sam makes a case for the $15 minimum wage, skewers the racist foundations of America's Greek life system, and compares the treatment of peaceful protesters to that of violent insurrectionists.
Feb 10 2021
Sam investigates why it's apparently only acceptable for rich bros to make money off the stock market, connects the dots between climate change and racial justice, and tries to find where all the PPP money went.
Feb 03 2021
Full Frontal shines a light on Biden's plans to fix the Trump vaccine rollout disaster, explains why pandas are cute but should probably be extinct, and makes the case for the disbarment of Gollum's less attractive brother, Rudy Giuliani.
Jan 27 2021
Full Frontal celebrates the end of our country's collective four-year nightmare with a celebratory inauguration episode! Sam takes a look at all the progress the Biden administration could make with a majority House and Senate.
Jan 20 2021
Full Frontal returns for its first episode of the new year with an important message: if it takes an attempted coup to get Republicans and social media platforms to take action against Trump, you don't have to applaud them!
Jan 13 2021

Season 5

32 Episodes

Full Frontal celebrates the holiday season with an episode dedicated to the Georgia runoffs! Sam gives a rundown of what these races mean and interviews Senate candidate Jon Ossoff, while Allana Harkin travels to Georgia to meet voters.
Dec 16 2020
Full Frontal predicts the lasting effects of Trump's pardoning spree, basks in the warm glow of Congresswomen-elect Cori Bush's optimism, and makes a strong case for treating housing like a human right...because it is!
Dec 09 2020
Full Frontal suggests giving the gift of social distance this holiday season! Plus, NY Attorney General Letitia James reassures Sam that even former presidents aren't above the law, and Infinity Song performs "Mad Love".
Nov 18 2020
Full Frontal celebrates a Biden victory while keeping an eye on the work that still needs to be done. Plus, Sam sits down with the newly elected Rep. Jamaal Bowman to talk about the success of progressive candidates.
Nov 11 2020
Full Frontal summons all of its strength to deliver a response to the election...whatever the results may be! With the help of special guests, Sam delivers the post-Election Day episode we've been anxiously awaiting the last 4 years!
Nov 04 2020
Full Frontal warns of the potential end to democracy if Trump wins reelection, highlights the newest addition to the nightmare that is Trump's family separation policy, and interview voters ahead of Election Day from our brand new studio!
Oct 28 2020
Full Frontal reacts to the horrifying voter suppression occurring around the country, interviews a panel of former political hopefuls who lost extremely close races, and runs through the not-so-highlights of the last four years.
Oct 21 2020
Full Frontal responds to the first presidential debate, gives a failing grade to the idea of "school choice", and sends Amy Hoggart into the world of roller derby to see how an effective COVID-19 plan is being put into action.
Sep 30 2020
Full Frontal offers an important message in response to the loss of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, elaborates on the horrifying for-profit industry that is private detention centers, and sends Mike Rubens to find out how to anticipate this election’s October Surprise.
Sep 23 2020
Samantha Bee argues the importance of down ballot races this November, while Naomi Ekperigin gets a lesson in effective social media activism that deserves to go viral. Plus, Black Pumas perform!
Sep 16 2020
Sam dons her best lab coat blazer to deliver an in-depth look at the politicization of the COVID-19 vaccine and the history of vaccine science. Plus, Mike Brown goes back to school to argue for the removal of School Resource Officers.
Sep 09 2020
Full Frontal reacts to the police shooting of Jacob Blake and their sanctioning of militia violence in response to the protests. Sam also investigates why women turn to pseudoscience.
Sep 02 2020
Full Frontal addresses the Republican party's alarming support of far-right fringe candidates, details the country's most cringe-worthy racist monuments in "The Amazing Disgrace", and interviews Rep. Pramila Jayapal to get some pointers.
Aug 26 2020
Full Frontal offers some sage advice on what to expect out of the 2020 election, investigates the lack of diversity in journalism, and enjoys a performance from Sylvan Esso.
Aug 19 2020
Full Frontal takes a page from Guy Fieri's cookbook and taste tests the different ways state governments have responded to COVID-19. Masha Gessen returns to give us a hopeful look at the future and MisterWives delivers a joyful performance!
Jul 22 2020
Samantha Bee, who like most of the country is still working from home, is broadcasting new episodes from her backyard! Executive Producer Jason Jones, Bee's husband and quarantine roommate, will film the episode from a socially distant six feet away - and even further away if it's a better angle for Bee.
Jul 15 2020
Full Frontal highlights the president's continued war against the free press and pushes a new campaign to support the endangered Postal Service!
Jul 01 2020
Full Frontal delves into all the ways our country has continuously harmed its trans citizens and calls on its audience to show their support for the Black Trans Lives Matter movement!
Jun 24 2020
Full Frontal highlights the rampant Republican-led voter suppression targeting black and brown communities, solves the mystery of "Reference Man," and enjoys a performance from Dirty Projectors!
Jun 17 2020
Full Frontal delivers full-throated support to the BLM movement in response to years of police brutality and recognizes that ineffective police reforms are a thing of the past. It's time to defund the police!
Jun 10 2020
Samantha Bee, who like the rest of the country is still adjusting to working from home, is broadcasting new episodes from her backyard! Executive Producer Jason Jones, Bee's husband and quarantine roommate, will film the episode from a socially distant six feet away - and even further away if it's a better angle for Bee.
May 13 2020
Samantha Bee, who like the rest of the country is adjusting to working from home, is broadcasting new episodes from her backyard! Executive Producer Jason Jones, Bee's husband and quarantine roommate, will film the episode from a socially distant six feet away - and even further away if it's a better angle for Bee.
May 06 2020
Samantha Bee, who like the rest of the country is adjusting to working from home, is broadcasting new episodes from her backyard! Executive Producer Jason Jones, Bee's husband and quarantine roommate, will film the episode from a socially distant six feet away - and even further away if it's a better angle for Bee.
Apr 29 2020
Sam "gets her sweat off" in her woodland gym, argues that the country is nowhere near ready to reopen, and interviews frontline health care workers facing a massive shortage of PPE. Plus, Mt. Joy performs from Sam's shed!
Apr 22 2020
Sam exposes how coronavirus is affecting people of color and then basks in the glow of real leadership that emanates from Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Plus, Author Michael Lewis gives Mike Rubens reasons to regret not stockpiling hand sanitizer.
Apr 15 2020
This week, Sam exposes all the shady acts committed by the Trump administration that have been overshadowed by COVID-19, gets a lesson in "legislating from home" from Katie Porter, and opens her wood shed to find musical guest, Jewel!
Apr 08 2020
Sam gets the hang of this 'doing a show from the woods' thing with an episode that's full of the impact coronavirus has had on women, a discussion with Stacey Abrams, and a tune that's the perfect accompaniment to filling out the census.
Apr 01 2020
From the socially-isolated comfort of the woods in her backyard, Sam brings her audience up to speed on how the current quarantine efforts are impacting American workers, what ER doctors are seeing on the front lines of this pandemic.
Mar 25 2020
Full Frontal covers the harmful side effects of COVID-19 and rates the nature of our current gig-based economy at 0 stars. Then Mike Rubens heads south to learn how Trump's border wall is definitely messing with Texas.
Mar 11 2020
Despite long lines, the Democratic party’s identity crisis, and Mike Bloomberg, voter turnout surged in most Super Tuesday states. Let’s keep that energy going for the rest of 2020!
Mar 04 2020
Full Frontal watches from a safe distance as the president embarks on a revenge tour and highlights the new right-wing propaganda site targeting Gen-Z. Plus, Sam meets the MVPs of the impeachment trial.
Feb 12 2020
Full Frontal ponders this week's myriad failures of democracy, argues that the state of dental care in America could use a good check up, and bravely takes on the terrifying world of healthcare costs.
Feb 05 2020

Season 4

34 Episodes

Full Frontal busts the myth that there's a social media bias against conservatives, argues that the only thing scarier than coronavirus is the defunding of the CDC, and finds out why we let Iowa tell us who's going to be president.
Jan 29 2020
Full Frontal profiles the guy gunning to play Gossip Girl in the upcoming reboot, Lev Parnas, makes the case for paid family leave, and offers a brief explainer about the current situation with Iran that is (spoiler alert) still happening!
Jan 22 2020
Jan 15 2020
Full Frontal celebrates Impeachmas with special guest David Alan Grier! Plus, Sam brought back a souvenir for everyone from her trip to Hong Kong. It's a lesson in how to protest for our democracy!
Dec 18 2019
Dec 11 2019
Full Frontal continues the wild ride aboard the impeachment express and makes a case for finally firing Stephen Miller based on everything he has ever said and done! Also,Sam hosts a Thanksgiving feast for the women she's most thankful for.
Nov 20 2019
In the spirit of the holiday season, Full Frontal recaps the start of impeachment hearings for all to enjoy! Plus, we get a lesson in the "prosperity gospel" from Trump's very own spiritual advisor Paula White!
Nov 13 2019
Nov 06 2019
Oct 30 2019
Oct 23 2019
Oct 02 2019
Sep 25 2019
Samantha Bee relives all the stomach-turning details of Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation in light of recent news; how the Koch Brothers ruined the planet.
Sep 18 2019
The latest acts of corruption in the Trump administration; efforts to get the electoral college #canceled; meeting with undocumented workers formerly employed at Trump properties.
Sep 11 2019
Full Frontal takes a dip into the bizarre mystery surrounding Jerry Falwell Jr.'s pool boy, fills up on southern grub and reproductive justice, and welcomes Betty Who to take this summer out on a good note.
Aug 14 2019
Full Frontal reflects on the latest wave of gun violence and white nationalism. Then, as a much needed break from the news of the week, Allana Harkin hits the beach to bask in the sunny hopefulness of first time female voters.
Aug 07 2019
Full Frontal wades into the debate surrounding student loans, makes the case for decriminalizing migration alongside Julián Castro, and travels to the home-state of everyone's favorite swamp monster, Mitch Mcconnell.
Jul 31 2019
Full Frontal reacts to all the mind-blowing moments from the televised event of the summer, the Mueller testimony, tries to remember a time when someone wasn't trying to hack our elections, and sends Mike Rubens to a party at the border!
Jul 24 2019
Full Frontal covers the most racist of the President's racisms this week, trudges through the horror of Jeffery Epstein's pedophilic past, and adds one more lady to late night!
Jul 17 2019
Full Frontal questions the news media on their non-existent coverage of the latest rape allegation against President Trump, reveals the real culprit behind the border crisis and travels to Miami for the presidential debates.
Jun 26 2019
Samantha Bee hits the thumbs down button on Youtube's algorithmic woes and warns women about the sinister motives behind multi-level marketing schemes. Plus, Patti Harrison helps throw a pride party like it's 1969!
Jun 12 2019
Full Frontal gets to know the McConnell-shaped clog in the government's drain, offers some sage advice to the millions of democrats running for president, and celebrates Juneteenth by exploring the first steps down the road to reparations.
Jun 19 2019
Sam addresses the dire state of journalism in America and offers advice for Democrats feeling the need to appear on Fox News: just say no! Sam sends her correspondents out to help pick their brand of Democratic presidential candidate.
May 22 2019
Full Frontal offers an important Sex Ed class for Senators, discusses the "electability" of Joe Biden, and sits down with the very electable Kamala Harris.
May 15 2019
Full Frontal gleefully examines the crumbling infrastructure of the NRA and enlists the help of guest correspondent Naomi Ekperigin in uncovering the key to unlocking Black Twitter.
May 08 2019
Featuring Bee's signature comedy and celebrity guests, the second not-annual "Not the White House Correspondents' Dinner" will bring together journalists, members of the media, and all those who are committed to reaffirming the First Amendment.
Apr 27 2019
Full Frontal uncovers the gross truth about Kellyanne and George Conway, unpacks the latest Trump administration purge at DHS, and meets the people hit the hardest by Trump's Muslim Ban.
Apr 10 2019
Full Frontal responds to the anti-abortion rhetoric seeping into the box office and state legislatures, makes getting vaccinated cool again, and unearths a huge white lie with the Lucas Brothers.
Apr 03 2019
Full Frontal bids farewell to the Mueller investigation, traces Mick Mulvaney's ooze-covered path to the White House, and examines the battle that immigrants in the military are fighting... to stay in the military.
Mar 27 2019
Full Frontal reminisces on 2017's greatest hits, starting with that Muslim ban that is totally still a thing! Plus, Sam does a lightening round intro of the approximately 5,000 dems who have announced their 2020 presidential campaigns.
Mar 20 2019
Full Frontal covers Tucker Carlson's naughty nature, unpacks the real motivation behind the attacks on Rep. Ilhan Omar, and tells the story of a group of female animators who put their own MeToo movement into motion.
Mar 13 2019
Full Frontal meets a family whose "American Dream" led to the opioid crisis, tracks the Fox News evolution into state TV, and sends Amy Hoggart to answer the question that's on all of our minds: what's the deal with Brexit?
Mar 06 2019
Full Frontal attempts to calm some of the Green New Deal-induced hysteria, calls out fatphobia in the media, and sends some love to the lonely billionaire hearts of the world.
Feb 13 2019
Full Frontal offers its own rebuttal to the SOTU, explains why US involvement in Venezuela is already in bad hands, and celebrates black history month!
Feb 06 2019

Season 3

33 Episodes

Full Frontal does a deep dive into former Trump adviser and probable Bond villain, Roger Stone. Plus, Sam teams up with Nyle DiMarco to teach police officers an important lesson on not shooting unarmed civilians!
Jan 30 2019
It's Full Frontal's first episode of the new year but it seems like nothing has changed! The government is still shut down, Mitch McConnell is still a dweeb, and women in politics are still having to prove they're "likeable".
Jan 23 2019
A holiday special packed with Christmas cheer, celebrity cameos and a reminder that Christmas is a time for all families to be together, even the ones that the Trump administration has forcibly separated at the border.
Dec 19 2018
Full Frontal reviews a new streaming service created especially for your racist grandparents and takes a trip to the future to look back on 2018: the year American democracy began to crumble.
Dec 12 2018
Full Frontal is back just in time to kick off the holiday season! We've got updates on the Mueller investigation, rich white men getting away with stuff, a UFC unionizing effort, and a sneak peek at the Christmas on Ice special.
Dec 05 2018
Discussing the results of the many historic 2018 elections.
Nov 07 2018
Election Day Eve special episode; all one needs to know about this week's election; the importance of voting.
Nov 05 2018
Checking in on America's horrifying history of anti-Semitism and, because it's Halloween, covers the white supremacists who choose to wear their sheets year-round.
Oct 31 2018
Full Frontal is jam-packed with news about a migrant caravan headed to the U.S., an assault on transgender rights, and the kick-ass story of gubernatorial candidate Christine Halquist.
Oct 24 2018
With less than a month separating Americans from the midterm elections, Samantha Bee unboxes a few more weapons in the GOP arsenal: voter suppression and a culture war.
Oct 17 2018
Full Frontal covers all the infuriating news of this year-long week. Will our white hot rage melt our new set? We're gonna try!
Sep 26 2018
In preparation for the midterms, Full Frontal offers the Democrats some advice on generating voter excitement with just three little words: Universal Healthcare, Bitches!
Sep 19 2018
Full Frontal is back from summer vacay and hotter than ever! With the midterms fast approaching, Full Frontal debuts a new look and gets ready to bring its A-game (literally) to help get out the vote.
Sep 12 2018
Looking back on the not-so-good old days of rampant workplace harassment and how little things have improved since then in a special #MeToo episode.
Aug 22 2018
Presenting a who's who of the country's up-and-coming fascists; cooking up a lesson on undocumented food workers with Padma Lakshmi; enjoying a good, healing cry while listening to Brandi Carlile.
Aug 15 2018
Full Frontal examines another way women get screwed over in the workplace and discovers the one thing all of Donald Trump's scandals have in common: Donald Trump Jr. Plus, the correspondents take a page out of Sean Spicer's book ... literally.
Aug 08 2018
Full Frontal introduces the world to #MenToo with a little help from Terry Crews. Then, Amy Hoggart interviews a group of people who want to leave the planet and form a new space nation--we can only wonder why.
Aug 01 2018
It's just another week in this, The Year of Our Satan, 2018, when we found out that a real-life Russian agent infiltrated the NRA with sex and examine whether we have a Watergate reboot.
Jul 25 2018
Full Frontal says goodbye to Roe v. Wade and hello to new Russian overlords; correspondent Amy Hoggart gets the royal treatment in the UK.
Jul 18 2018
Jun 20 2018
Get your foil hats and self-care kits ready! Full Frontal discusses the repercussions of the NK summit and dives deep into crisis actor conspiracy theories. As a palate cleanser, Allana Harkin basks in the joy of Ireland's recognition of women's rights!
Jun 13 2018
America, thanks for all the comments and suggestions! We're back with a freshly cleaned mouth and some thoughts on civility.
Jun 06 2018
ICE "misplaced" 1500 children, howler-monkey Rudy Giuliani is on the loose, and Ashley is on a mission to save democracy in California. Cover your ears, America, this episode is gonna be a loud one.
May 30 2018
Full Frontal reminisces about the good ol' days when abortion rights still existed, ICE didn't, and we were in a war we actually knew about.
May 23 2018
Full Frontal addresses the newest addition to the "Dirtbag Hall of Fame" and checks in with the #MeToo movement. So pop a couple throat lozenges and get ready to scream along with us!
May 09 2018
Full Frontal welcomes Sarah Huckabee Sanders into the Feminist Herstory club, posts its last bratty Facebook status, and sends one unlucky correspondent to a Trump rally in Michigan.
May 02 2018
Getting to know the future Secretary of State; checking in on Steve Bannon's study abroad trip; Sam interviews Preet Bharara.
Apr 25 2018
Floating a radical idea for helping out Syrian refugees; bidding adieu to the Pride of Janesville; breaking out the Sean Hannity conspiracy yarn; Allana Harkin rounds up the Reefer Sanity Army to help vets get the healthcare they need.
Apr 18 2018
Samantha travels to Puerto Rico to see how fellow Americans are doing post-Hurricane Maria and to remind the government that Puerto Ricans are Americans; stories from the Puerto Ricans who have endured the longest blackout in American history.
Mar 28 2018
Using the gift of hindsight for the Iraq War's 15th birthday; celebrating Women's History Month with help from Laurie Metcalf.
Mar 21 2018
Talk about "March madness"... Full Frontal rounds up all of the latest threats to our democracy.
Mar 14 2018
Samantha gets to know the bully that's been targeting Congress for decades, the NRA.
Mar 07 2018
Honoring Black History Month by exposing the racist origins of some of the U.S.' most beloved heirlooms.
Feb 07 2018

Season 2

33 Episodes

Samantha Bee covers everything the President forgot to mention in his State of the Union address.
Jan 31 2018
Correspondents dash around the globe in an Apology Race to try to make amends for any deeply embarrassing comments made by President Trump.
Jan 24 2018
First came the shitty men, then came the garbage hot takes. Full Frontal addresses the recent backlash to #MeToo.
Jan 17 2018
Full Frontal salutes a week full of Fire and Fury, but most of what we are furious about has nothing to do with a book.
Jan 10 2018
In true Full Frontal-style, Samantha Bee celebrates the long-awaited end to The War on Christmas.
Dec 20 2017
Is this real life? Full Frontal celebrates the results of the Alabama special election and the return of our ability to feel joy.
Dec 13 2017
Samantha Bee tests her lung capacity in tonight's roundup of sexual harassment allegations. Hope you brought your earplugs!
Dec 06 2017
Looking at the possible future President and First Mother in "Meet the Pences."
Nov 15 2017
Taking a look at what's happened in the 365 days since the 2016 election.
Nov 08 2017
Samantha swallows the red pill and dives deep into the matrix of election integrity.
Nov 01 2017
Serving up the scariest Halloween fright - an entire show on climate change.
Oct 25 2017
Correspondent Amy Hoggart seeks refuge from America's fake news pandemic in Finland.
Oct 11 2017
Exploring America's other favorite pastime- screwing over Puerto Rico.
Oct 04 2017
"Full Frontal" stuns the nation with its second sports-related segment in just two weeks.
Sep 27 2017
Full Frontal joins progressives at the Netroots Nation conference to try to answer the burning question: can the left pull it together by 2018?
Sep 20 2017
Sam goes over hurricanes, fires and Nazis.
Sep 13 2017
Sam meets Kurdish women who've taken work-life balance to a new level.
Aug 09 2017
A musical tribute to Kris Kobach's unconstitutional laws, with help from Javier Munoz.
Aug 02 2017
Sam offers up a warning to the newest member of the Trump administration: beware the spreading taint!
Jul 26 2017
Checking on an impeachment rally to see how the left is using its time and energy to combat the Trump administration.
Jul 19 2017
Samantha sits down with Senator Elizabeth Warren to grab some secondhand hope.
Jun 28 2017
A walk through the "Upside Down," or as it was known before Donald Trump, the English language.
Jun 21 2017
Sam tries to prove civil discourse isn't dead with a discussion about Rikers Island.
Jun 14 2017
Reluctantly revisiting the 1980s to discuss the War on Drugs.
Jun 07 2017
Former White House Counsel John Dean helps Sam settle the debate of "Who Wore Corruption Better," Nixon or Trump.
May 31 2017
Between religious freedom and healthcare reform, Republicans have been very busy, so Samantha examines the fruits of their labors.
May 10 2017
From the DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C., Samantha Bee hosts an alternative event to the official White House Correspondents' Dinner. Proceeds benefit the Committee to Protect Journalists.
Apr 29 2017
Full Frontal inducts a new "she-leader" into the Great Feminists in Feminism Herstory Hall of Lady Fame.
Apr 05 2017
Remember that Georgia Rape Kits story? Well, get ready for Rape Kits 2...
Mar 29 2017
Sam sets out to save journalism one small-town newspaper at a time.
Mar 22 2017
Full Frontal discusses the Deep State; destroying the spy microwave in the kitchen.
Mar 15 2017
Full Frontal takes a look at the Department of... well, it used to be Justice. We're not quite sure what it is now.
Mar 08 2017
Full Frontal finally takes a look at all the bullshit we've been missing since the White House of Horrors opened.
Feb 15 2017

Season 1

39 Episodes

A trip across the pond to explore Donald Trump's policies.
Feb 08 2017
Discussing the real "bad dudes" in the White House who are rushing to ruin America.
Feb 01 2017
A visit to the nation's capital to see a taping of America's finale.
Jan 25 2017
Sam interviews author-journalist Masha Gessen. Topics include how to survive an autocracy.
Jan 18 2017
Sam explores deportation and detainment policies under the Obama administration.
Jan 11 2017
Sam interviews Glenn Beck.
Dec 19 2016
A study of a vindictive Big Brother.
Dec 12 2016
Issues and politics in North Carolina are explored.
Dec 05 2016
Sam addresses America's empathy failure.
Nov 14 2016
Sam heaves a sigh of relief at the end of the 2016 election with some very special guests.
Nov 09 2016
Sam travels to Moscow and decides not to move her show there.
Nov 07 2016
Sam takes on trolls, conspiracy theories and the alt-right movement; a conversation with President Obama.
Oct 31 2016
Sam visits the U.N. and speaks with female leaders from around the world.
Oct 24 2016
Full Frontal presents an extra-large post-debate episode.
Oct 10 2016
Rigged! 1x25
Correspondents Allana Harkin and Amy Hoggart visit a Trump rally to see if his supporters think the upcoming election is rigged against him.
Oct 05 2016
Recapping the first presidential debate of 2016.
Sep 28 2016
To better understand the Democrats' optics problem, Sam speaks with a superdelegate who doubles as a lobbyist.
Sep 19 2016
- Latinos for Trump
Sep 12 2016
- Democratic National Convention
Aug 01 2016
- Republican National Convention
Jul 25 2016
- We Got a Bus! - Nice to Meet You, America - A Very Special Pep Talk - Hello, Cleveland!
Jul 20 2016
- The Not- Ready-For-Primetime Party - Born Again in the U.S.A. - Cleveland Braces for Impact - A Very Special Full Frontal Special
Jul 18 2016
- Rue Britannia - Oh Shit, Brexit - Saw Something Said Something - The Supremely Busy Court - The Many faces of Charlie Rose
Jun 27 2016
- From Their Cold Dead Hands - Looking Under the GOP's Hood - Indian Bummer - Something Nice for a Change
Jun 20 2016
- Again? Again. - Florida's Mental Health - The Many Faces (and Crotches) of Libertarians - Pat Kiernan: National Treasure
Jun 13 2016
- A Man, A Sam, and A Tiny Horse - The Bed We've Made - #passMJIA - Gary Johnson - The "Ted Cruz Caress" Challenge
Jun 06 2016
Vaping 1x13
- Feel The Turn - The Religious Right: Part Two - Big Tobacco vs. Little Vape - Whatever Happened to Full Frontal?
May 23 2016
- The Religious Right - The Seattle Seawards - The Victims of Super PACs
May 16 2016
- Cruz Bows Out / Michelle Branch - 2010 Election: Part Two - Crisis Pregnancy Centers - Play Us Out, Michelle
May 09 2016
- Kasich and Cruz: Brothers in Hopelessness - Twenty-Dollar Tubman - The Wrong Guy - Sanders and Superdelegates - Sam's Fashion Consultant
Apr 25 2016
- New York Primaries Part 1 - New York Primaries Part 2 - The Worst Person in Tennessee 1 - Bernie "Bros" - The Worst Person in Tennessee 2 - Blame Katie Couric
Apr 18 2016
- What the Hell Are Superdelegates? - Poor Babies Don't Deserve Diapers - Eddie Eagle - Gun TV
Apr 11 2016
- Sam and Gloria Steinem - Supreme Court Battle - Rape Kit Backlog - There is No God at CPAC - In Case You Missed It...
Mar 21 2016
- Hillary, No! - Cruz 101 - Matt Bevin - Greetings, Trump Supporters - North Korean Missiles
Mar 14 2016
- Great Job, Sam! - R.I.P. G.O.P. - Democrats Debate in Flint - Duck and Cover - Women Business Owners
Mar 07 2016
- The Office Tour - 2010 Elections - Abortions, Texas-Style - Black History Month - The Archbishop Vs. The Girl Scouts
Feb 29 2016
- Republicans in South Carolina - The Real Kasich - Job Fair for Future Women - Syrian Refugees Part 2 - Kasich Defunds Planned Parenthood
Feb 22 2016
- Scalia Dies, Republicans Debate - The Democratic Debate - Syrian Refugees Part 1
Feb 15 2016
- Ask Her Anything - A Modesty Proposal - A Jeb in Winter - New Hampshire Primary Part 1 - New Hampshire Primary Part 2
Feb 08 2016