Goosebumps (2023)

Continuing / 7:00pm Disney+ 41 min.
A group of five high schoolers who unleash supernatural forces upon their town and must all work together � thanks to and in spite of their friendships, rivalries, and pasts with each other � in order to save it, learning much about their own parents� teenage secrets in the process.

Season 1

10 Episodes

The teens return home to find their loved ones and all of Port Lawrence in grave danger.
Nov 17 2023
The teens go on a weekend trip while Mr. Bratt looks for his perfect ending.
Nov 10 2023
The group follows Nora to her remote cabin to save her from an old friend.
Nov 03 2023
Trapped in a strange reality, the teens work together to get back to the real world.
Oct 27 2023
A story from the past sheds light on the teens' current predicament.
Oct 20 2023
Margot is given a scrapbook in which she uncovers a terrifying secret about the Biddle House.
Oct 13 2023
Lucas discovers he can't feel pain after an unexpected encounter with his pet worms.
Oct 13 2023
James hits his head on a cuckoo clock and gets stuck in a time loop.
Oct 13 2023
A mask gives Isabella the courage to speak her mind, but it starts to take over her life.
Oct 13 2023
Isaiah rushes to stop a cursed camera's chilling predictions from becoming reality.
Oct 13 2023