Guilty Party

Continuing / 7:00pm Paramount+ 34 min.
Beth Burgess, a discredited journalist desperate to salvage her career by latching on to the story of a young mother who has been sentenced to life in prison for maiming and murdering her husband, crimes she claims she didnít commit. In trying to uncover the truth, Beth finds herself in over her head as she contends with Colorado gun-smugglers, clickbait culture, the doldrums of marriage and her own tarnished past.

Season 1

10 Episodes

TBA 1x10
Dec 09 2021
TBA 1x09
Dec 02 2021
As their lies and deceptions intensify, Beth and Toni confront each other during a revealing visitation and lay everything on the table.
Nov 25 2021
Feeling less confident of Toniís innocence after seeing her texts, Beth tracks down Toniís old best friend to get some answers while Marcoís patience and support wavers.
Nov 18 2021
With Wyatt and George temporarily skipping town, Beth takes the opportunity to look for more leads by breaking into Wyattís home. What she finds draws her closer to Toni, until she makes a sinister discovery.
Nov 11 2021
Beth and Toniís bond grows despite some setbacks in Beth's investigation. Meanwhile, Fiona gets the credit for busting the illegal gun ring and putting Tuna behind bars, giving Beth an opportunity to question him about Wallaceís murder.
Nov 04 2021
After getting a new lead from Toni and with an assist from George, Beth and Fiona attend a unique wedding in hopes of finding the notorious gun-trafficker, Tuna.
Oct 28 2021
Having landed Toniís story, Beth immediately runs into obstacles when given an expedited deadline from her editor and while investigating Wyatt's alibi at an unusual tanning salon.
Oct 21 2021
After realizing that Toni is courting other journalists, Beth tracks down Toniís unsavory brother-in-law, Wyatt, and his hotheaded business partner, George, to begin her investigation into the events that led to Wallaceís.
Oct 14 2021
Frustrated and stuck at an unfulfilling job, disgraced journalist Beth Burgess finds possible redemption in the story of a lifetime when Toni Plimpton, an incarcerated mother convicted of murdering her husband Wallace, reaches out to her to help prove her innocence.
Oct 14 2021