Harry Wild

Continuing / 7:00pm Acorn TV 47 min.
A recently retired English professor discovers a real knack for investigation and cannot help but interfere with the cases assigned to her police detective son.

Season 2

6 Episodes

The popular owner of Fergus's boxing gym is found murdered in the Dublin Mountains. The gym was in debt, and the dead man had trouble with both his future wife and his ex-wife. Fergus asks Harry to help him find the killer.
Nov 06 2023
Harry, Fergus, and Lola are invited to a murder-mystery party in a hotel on a secluded island. The fun quickly turns deadly as they realize a real murderer lurks among them, willing to kill everyone present.
Oct 30 2023
A face from Orla's past begs for her assistance: Ben Finnegan is on the run from the police, framed for murder, and being hunted by a killer with a crossbow. The only person Orla can turn to is the last one she ever wants to ask for help... Harry.
Oct 23 2023
The maid of honor is poisoned at a bachelorette party, even though others were sharing the same bottle of champagne.
Oct 16 2023
Harry and Fergus take on the case of a woman who has vanished from an Irish village that has a history of devil worship and sacrifice.
Oct 09 2023
After Ray Tiernan, Harry's ex and Charlie's mentor, is murdered while running a secret investigation, Harry and Fergus will stop at nothing to unmask the killer.
Oct 09 2023

Season 1

8 Episodes

Zoe McCann is a recovering addict fighting each day to slay her demons. But when she is abducted only to wake up in a forest wearing a vintage ballgown, her sanity and resolve are pushed to the limit. Terrified that her unknown abductor will return, Zoe seeks out the help of Harry and Fergus. After Zoe is kidnapped again, how far will they go to save her life?
Apr 25 2022
When a wealthy matriarch is strangled to death during a video call with her horrified relatives, the woman's daughter employs the services of the Wild/Reid Detective Agency. The agency being Fergus's brainchild, Harry is as surprised as anyone to discover it exists but agrees to indulge him. Money seems to be the motive for the murder, but everyone who stands to inherit was on the call.
Apr 25 2022
A violent storm traps Harry, Fergus, and Lola in the local pub. Cut off from the outside world by flooded roads and downed phone lines, the trio are put in even more peril when they discover a kidnap victim in a car. After freeing the man, they realize the kidnapper must be one of the handful of strangers trapped in the pub with them.
Apr 18 2022
A stuffy dinner party in the home of Harry's former colleague goes awry when a vomiting bug hits all the guests but Harry. After the cause of the sickness is traced to a dead body in the home's well, Charlie's sergeant, Vicky Boyle, leads the investigation. Too eager to prove herself, Vicky makes some rash choices and zeroes in on Harry as the culprit, leaving Fergus to prove her innocence.
Apr 18 2022
Harry and Fergus agree to help a local loan shark known as Happy find out who murdered his employee; in return, Happy will cancel the sizeable debt owed by Fergus's father. Harry notices links between the killing and Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment," which brings her to the attention of fledgling serial killer Billy Lund.
Apr 11 2022
When a body is pulled out of the river near Harry's local pub, something about the dead man feels familiar to Harry. When she remembers how she knows him, she realizes she's stumbled onto the ultimate misdirect. Harry and Fergus go undercover, with the assistance of Harry's teenage granddaughter, Lola, to find the truth. Along the way, Harry starts to grow closer to Ray, Charlie's boss and mentor.
Apr 11 2022
Harry and Fergus have become local celebrities, and the murdered man�s widow approaches asking for help. She doesn�t believe his death was a suicide, and she�s accumulated evidence��her late husband�s body cam, and newspaper clippings announcing cryptic games. But Harry isn�t interested in any more cases. Kayleigh, she tells Fergus, was a one-off. She�s his tutor, not one half of a dynamic duo.
Apr 04 2022
At a secondary school in Harry�s neighborhood, a burned-out teacher attempts to interest his class in Wuthering Heights. But class troublemaker, smart, mouthy Fergus shows what a hopeless task the teacher has.
Apr 04 2022