Ended / 7:00pm STARZ 56 min.
Jackie Qui�ones, a hard-partying National Marine Fisheries Service agent, has her free-wheeling life thrown into disarray when she discovers a body on the beach�another casualty of Cape Cod�s opioid epidemic. As a result of this trauma, Jackie takes the first steps toward becoming sober, until she becomes convinced that it�s up to her to solve the murder.

Season 3

7 Episodes

Ray and Renee are backed against the wall and must make a deal with the devil. Shane�s all-business approach brings sworn enemies together and a chance meeting helps Jackie pick a side in the coming battle.
Mar 08 2024
Owen is more dangerous than ever and he�s taking Sarah with him. Jackie unsuspectingly closes in on the prostitutes� killer and Charmaine and Osito resume their partnership.
Mar 01 2024
Shane has a new partner. Frankie has intel for Alan on Jorge�s murder. Ray and Renee�s relationship hits rock bottom and Jackie completes rehab - no more rogue hero bullshit.
Feb 23 2024
Jackpot 3x04
Jackie lays out her missing prostitute�s case and gets Alan�s cooperation to go after Swayzee. From behind bars, Frankie orchestrates his greatest coup yet.
Feb 16 2024
Tempers boil over and Ray and Alan explode at each other. Frankie learns valuable intel about Osito. Jackie learns there are even more missing or murdered prostitutes.
Feb 09 2024
Jackie fails a pee test and she is off the force - and it wasn�t even her pee! Renee unwittingly lets Frankie back into her life and Osito defends his turf.
Feb 02 2024
State cop Jackie Qui�ones is back to her wild partying ways, Ray Abruzzi is top cop after taking down the New York connection, and imprisoned Frankie Cuevas secures a new partner on the outside.
Jan 26 2024

Season 2

10 Episodes

The whole �Great White� operation is cracked open, but a few mysteries remain. Ray�s plan to get his job back has a complicated ending. Jackie goes from feeling like a hero after an important discovery to the zero who let something critical get away.
Dec 26 2021
Renee risks everything to change her world around. Alan sets a trap that covers the entire Cape.
Dec 19 2021
Ray is so close to getting everything he�s wanted, but he will have to maneuver things just right. Jackie�s met with a crossroad and must choose how to move forward.
Dec 12 2021
It�s Thanksgiving but the drugs and despair don�t let up. Frankie, riding an ocean of anxiety, takes Renee to the point of no return. Ray is going all in on a case no one wants him on, and Alan�s holiday dinner is interrupted.
Dec 05 2021
It�s the day before Thanksgiving on the Cape: things are looking up for Ray, and looking grim for Jackie. Frankie is filled with anxiety over his business with Jorge.
Nov 28 2021
Jackie and Ray both realize a distressing truth; Frankie feels threatened; Renee proves herself to be ruthless.
Nov 14 2021
Jackie and Leslie get deeper into the case, and with each other. Someone will make a decision they will regret.
Nov 07 2021
Jackie abandons her stakeout for a firey confrontation. Ray is once again humilitated, and does what he can to get back on the force.
Oct 31 2021
Jackie�s new partner Leslie matches her ambition perfectly as their relationship deepens on and off the force. Frankie and Jorge continue to move forward but Charmaine, their New York connection, is a wild card. Jorge sows distrust between Frankie and Renee; as Alan turns to Frankie�s old right-hand man, Ostio, to solve a case.
Oct 24 2021
Jackie is white-hot to prove herself as a cop and avenge the death of her best friend, Junior. Frankie teams up with his cousin while Rays off the force because of Renee. Theres a new deadly drug in town, Great White.
Oct 17 2021

Season 1

8 Episodes

Jackie and Ray try to return to business as usual after a depressing failure, only to learn the case might not actually be closed.
Jul 12 2020
When Jackie realizes Junior's involved with Sherry Henry's murder, she enlists Ray and the entire CCINU to track him down -- before Frankie has him murdered. Renee finds herself deeply questioning her budding relationship with Ray.
Jun 28 2020
Jackie and Junior struggle to cope in the wake of a traumatic event. Ray's investigation picks up speed. Ray is there for Renee when she really needs him.
Jun 21 2020
Jackie goes on a bender, threatening everything she's got going for her, throwing her sobriety out the window, and ultimately putting Krista Collins in danger like never before. Junior has to prove himself in a new way. Ray and Renee go on a date.
Jun 14 2020
B.F.O. 1x04
Jackie finds out where Krista Collins is staying, but gets pulled back into her own life. Ray comes face to face with Osito. Junior tries to reconcile with Donna's family.
Jun 07 2020
Jackie returns to rehab, but only to help further her investigation. Ray starts closing in on Osito at the same time he and Renee cross the line. Junior takes the first step to becoming a soldier.
May 31 2020
After discovering a lead on Sherry Henry's murder, Jackie becomes determined to solve the case. Junior finds himself trapped in a position he can't stomach, and Ray finds he's connecting with his CI Renee in ways that are not professional.
May 24 2020
NMFS (National Marine Fisheries Service) agent Jackie Qui�ones has a wrench thrown in her fun, free-wheeling, booze-addled life when she uncovers a dead body on the beach, plunging her into the center of a complicated -- and dangerous -- opioid ring investigation.
May 17 2020