Home Before Dark

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When a young girl and her family move back to the small town her father left behind, her pursuit of the truth leads to the unearthing of a long-buried cold case.

Season 2

10 Episodes

Matt and Hilde finally get answers. The Liskos struggle to convince the town to join their fight.
Aug 13 2021
Tragedy strikes the Lisko family. Hilde loses her paper. Izzy takes a stand.
Aug 06 2021
As Hilde tries to make amends with Donny and Spoon, Grant closes in. Spirit Week brings up old fears for Izzy.
Jul 30 2021
Hilde and her friends face the consequences of their actions. The Liskos try to help Sylvester jog his memory.
Jul 23 2021
When they venture to a remote island, Hilde and Matt make a troubling discovery in the surrounding lake.
Jul 16 2021
The black box recordings shock Hilde. Matt realizes that he didn't really know much about his father.
Jul 09 2021
Hilde follows the money trail and is drawn to the most powerful company in Erie Harbor. Somebody comes back into Izzy's life completely unexpectedly.
Jul 02 2021
Hilde follows a lead in hopes of saving her grandfather. Matt and Bridget struggle with parenting a newly rebellious Izzy.
Jun 25 2021
A blackout complicates Hilde�s investigation. Matt and Bridget discover that Wott Management is not what it seems.
Jun 18 2021
Hilde struggles to let the mystery of Richie Fife go, even as a mysterious explosion leads her to new secrets buried in Erie Harbor�s past.
Jun 11 2021

Season 1

10 Episodes

Significant new evidence is dredged up from a nearby lake. Hilde discovers that it's the beginning of a much larger mystery.
Apr 03 2020
A break in the Richie Fife case results in a surprise arrest. Matt and Hilde take a road trip to learn more about the suspect.
Apr 03 2020
Hilde creates a movement to root out corruption in Erie Harbor. Matt and Bridget try to mend their relationship.
Apr 03 2020
When Hilde goes missing, Matt is forced to confront his worst nightmare.
Apr 03 2020
As the �80s dance looms, Hilde and Matt find a promising new lead in the investigation. Frank breaks rank to get to the root of the case.
Apr 03 2020
Convinced that the wrong person was convicted in the Richie Fife case 30 years ago, Hilde sets out to prove it.
Apr 03 2020
Hilde, Donny, and Spoon track down Birdman, a mysterious outcast who may have crucial information about the Richie Fife case.
Apr 03 2020
Chasing down a dangerous lead brings Hilde face-to-face with a potential suspect. Matt�s run- in with an old friend spirals out of control.
Apr 03 2020
Hilde learns more about Erie Harbor�s secrets. Her father, Matt, is forced to face his past and reconnect with his own father.
Apr 03 2020
Young reporter Hilde Lisko and her family are settling into their new life in a small town�until a shocking event changes everything.
Apr 03 2020