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A dog named Honey runs group therapy sessions to help neighborhood animals manage the neuroses brought on by their owners and each other.

Season 2

19 Episodes

When Honey and Chief are sent to a herding camp, Honey's competitive spirit gets out of control. Max goes to a farm to research an upcoming acting role and learns something about himself. Elsa must confront a traumatic mistake from her past.
Aug 06 2023
Honey struggles with a lack of trust in Group when one of the members starts revealing the group's secrets. Chief refuses to take his urinary tract infection meds in a pill pocket, instead holding out for the "ultimate treat". The Gray One dreams of being the cat who sleeps atop the microwave.
Aug 06 2023
The Gray One fights for his human�s affection in a Bachelorette-style reality competition hosted by Chico. Honey chats with a mysterious animal in Van Nuys via her post-surgery head cone. Max enters Shel in a high-stakes, celebrity tortoise racing circuit.
Jul 30 2023
When Honey accompanies Shel to an animal sanctuary to find his father and repair their relationship, she runs into an ex-patient and is shocked to see where her advice led him. Chico thinks he can parent better than Darla.
Jul 30 2023
When Honey discovers she is a conduit between the living and the dead, she ends up tormented by the ghosts of dead pets who want her to deliver messages to members of the group. Diablo accidentally kills a squirrel and ends up falling for his mate.
Jul 23 2023
On her birthday, Honey is forced to deal with her resentful siblings and delusional mother. The Gray One helps Raccoon romance a koala at the zoo but The Gray One harbors a dark secret.
Jul 23 2023
When Jill has no choice but to put a shock collar on Chief, he assumes the "zaps" must be direct messages from god and dedicates himself to spreading the gospel. Nibbles attempts to befriend Tabitha by sucking her into a "Strangers on a Train" murder pact, and Max lands a role that was meant for his new owner, David Spade.
Jul 09 2023
It's Boomsday again, and Honey and Chief are sedated by Jill in order to calm their nerves from the booms (AKA fireworks). Chief dreams that he is a suit-wearing crusader in Washington D.C. on a mission to put an end to Big Boom once and for all. Honey dreams that she is a bipedal poodle going on a road trip, leaving destruction in her wake.
Jul 09 2023
Chief befriends a canine daredevil and joins his "Chaos Crew"; Tabitha returns to the fabulous world of cat beauty pageants, but is stunned to discover she's not there to compete; Diablo becomes a snooty purse dog and makes some fancy new friends.
Jun 04 2023
A fire forces the animals to stay at an elementary school evacuation center and Honey must make amends with Chico for abandoning the group during the fire; Chico becomes a bully in an attempt to hide the pain of his own abandonment issues.
Jun 04 2023
A sexy new playmate upends Honey and Chief�s relationship. Tabitha helps Chico find the perfect anniversary gift for Kevin. Nibbles goes on an adventure in search of her special someone.
May 28 2023
After Honey loses a clutch of baby possums she was supposed to be caring for, she and The Gray One set out on a nocturnal adventure to find them. Meanwhile, Shel and Nibbles team up �70s cop show-style to apprehend the nocturnal critter who�s been pooping on Shel�s shell at night. Diablo gets abducted by an owl with a special talent.
May 28 2023
Diablo gets testicular implants, which leads to a surprising power struggle. Tabitha battles with a rebellious teenage Kit Kat and Small Fun Racoon DJs.
May 21 2023
When Jill does ayahuasca and is able to communicate with animals, Honey tries to connect with her on a deeper level. Chief is shocked to learn that Jill isn�t his biological mother, and the three of them set off on an adventure to find his real mom. One of the other women on ayahuasca thinks The Gray One is her late husband reincarnated.
May 14 2023
Honey and Chief become status-obsessed when Jill buys them a fancy new dog mansion. Chico is reunited with his former owner who has a dark secret. Tabitha loses her fur, but possibly finds new love.
May 07 2023
When Honey attempts to cure Diablo�s irrational fear of basement monsters, she puts the whole group in jeopardy. Chico and The Gray One follow Kevin onto a plane to get to the bottom of why Kevin always abandons Chico. Chief faces off against the loud barking dog in the sky, more commonly known as thunder.
Apr 02 2023
When Chief joins a walking group, a beautiful dog named Ruby tries to get close to him, but her intentions are not what they seem. Elsa�s quest to make female friends gets derailed when she becomes suspicious of Ruby. Meanwhile, Chico befriends some bro fleas.
Mar 26 2023
Honey and Chief are home alone for the holidays, and when a mysterious intruder tries to break in, they team up with Raccoon to protect the family home. Meanwhile, Chico experiences hunger for the first time, and Elsa falls in love with a robot dog.
Dec 04 2022
Honey's holiday wish comes true when a mix-up at the vet sends her to a dream home, while her idiotic doppelganger goes to live with Chief. Meanwhile, Max has to hide from his new owner David Spade when he discovers that Spade wants to make him the holiday ham.
Dec 04 2022

Season 1

11 Episodes

Honey has a wild night out with Coyote, but in the light of day, she has a change of heart, leading to Chief having an adventure of his own. Soon, both Honey and Chief are in mortal danger, and it's up to the group to save them.
Aug 30 2021
Honey is excited to mentor the neighbor's new puppy, but when it�s clear the puppy prefers Chief, Honey is left feeling lonelier than ever. Shel thinks he will finally get to be alone with Darla, but Lindsay has other plans.
Aug 23 2021
Jill's mother is in town, and she's brought Nathan, her sociopathic parrot, who torments Honey. But after his cage gets knocked over during a blackout and Nathan goes missing, all of the animals are suspects in his murder.
Aug 16 2021
When Coyote asks Honey to run away with him to Altadena, she agonizes over the decision. Meanwhile, Diablo chooses to live with his carefree dad and Max learns he�s not the original �Max.� Also, Nibbles brings an annoying mouse back from the dead.
Aug 09 2021
After Chief eats Jill's vibrator, he's taken to the vet where he ends up leading his own version of group therapy. Tabitha goes to live with The Gray One and learns she has to sing and dance if she wants to survive. Meanwhile, Lindsay's constant lurking gets in the way of Shel's relationship with Darla.
Jul 19 2021
Honey agrees to officiate the wedding of Shel and Lindsay, as part of a bigger plan to manipulate Shel into calling off the wedding. Meanwhile, we meet Elsa's alter ego, and the guys engage in a wild bachelor party organized by Raccoon.
Jul 12 2021
On the 4th of July, Honey loses herself in an epic game of frisbee with a new best friend, while Chief goes missing. Elsa has a crisis of confidence after she discovers her vest is phony, and The Gray One, Tabitha and Chico must battle a flock of hungry, horny seagulls.
Jun 28 2021
Honey and Chief go on vacation, but instead of spending quality time with Chief, Honey becomes obsessed with a "perfect couple". Meanwhile, Elsa runs group and has to deal with some unexpected developments.
Jun 21 2021
Honey invites a raccoon to join the group, but his wild nature causes mayhem. Meanwhile, Tabitha decides to tap into her animal nature.
Jun 14 2021
Honey refuses to go outside after the groomer gives her a humiliating new haircut, which causes disaster. Meanwhile, Diablo is introduced to a strange new creature who causes him to break the cardinal rule of being a pet.
Jun 07 2021
Honey the poodle is thrown into a dog mid-life crisis after the death of her friend and the sudden appearance of a hot, mysterious coyote in the neighborhood. Meanwhile, Shel the tortoise finds love from an unlikely source.
May 31 2021