Hudson & Rex

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Detective Charlie Hudson, a cunning Major Crimes detective for the St. John�s Police Department, teams up with an unusual partner � Rex, a former-K9 German Shepherd, whose heightened senses keep Charlie hot on the trail of his suspects. Together, they investigate puzzling crimes, from a kidnapping which reveals a much larger conspiracy at play to an art theft murder which runs deep into the world of high society. With Charlie�s deft detective work and Rex�s keen canine senses, this crime-fighting pair is unstoppable.

Season 6

16 Episodes

When Jesse's music teacher is killed at his recording studio, Charlie and Rex link the crime to a seemingly unrelated murder.
Apr 30 2024
When a so-called time traveler warns Major Crimes about a bomb threat, Charlie and Rex are enlisted to protect a prominent political figure at risk of assassination.
Apr 23 2024
Charlie and Rex's home turns into a crime scene when they find a stranger dying in their kitchen.
Apr 16 2024
When Sarah's old friend suffers an attack that leaves him in a coma, she travels to Toronto to confront his wife, while Charlie and Rex find suspects closer to home.
Apr 09 2024
A convicted killer resorts to drastic measures to avoid deportation, leading Charlie and Rex to re-open his case.
Apr 02 2024
Charlie fears the worst after Rex goes missing while investigating the theft of a champion horse.
Mar 26 2024
Jennica Malouf, a wealthy socialite, turns up dead on a golf course.
Mar 12 2024
When a police officer is killed in the nightlife district, the case narrows on a group of Navy officers.
Mar 05 2024
Charlie and Rex go undercover in prison to investigate the murder of David Aziz.
Feb 28 2024
An instructor at a prestigious Ballet School dies mysteriously, and Charlie and Rex discover he has ties to Russian spies.
Feb 20 2024
Charlie and Rex investigate the murder of a wealthy man who leaves only his three dogs to his estranged friends.
Nov 08 2023
A murder in a local park points to someone dressed as The Night Keeper.
Nov 01 2023
In a case that unfolds in real-time, Charlie and Rex have one hour to disarm a masked gunman holding the employees of an insurance office hostage.
Oct 25 2023
When a prominent Judge disappears, Charlie and Rex piece together the crime with the help of a blind true crime podcaster who insists she heard a murder but could not see the culprit.
Oct 18 2023
As a pair of armed robbers rip through St. John's, Charlie and Rex work fast to stop them by uncovering the truth behind the spree.
Oct 11 2023
When a local whale watching boat mysteriously returns to harbor without its passengers, Charlie and Rex must race against time to find the missing tourists.
Oct 04 2023

Season 5

20 Episodes

Charlie and Rex try to take down a car theft ring after one of the team is seriously injured trying to stop a theft in progress.
Apr 25 2023
Charlie and Rex sniff out the suspects when the Chief Superintendent of the St.John's Police Department dies at a popular restaurant and all signs point to poison.
Apr 18 2023
An imprisoned killer forces the station into lockdown by taking a hostage and attempting escape.
Apr 11 2023
Charlie gets a break in a long-unsolved kidnapping case that has haunted him, but runs into trouble when the abductee refuses his help.
Apr 04 2023
Rex seeks help from Detective Sidney Scott to save his stranded and injured friends.
Mar 28 2023
When Jesses' sister contacts him for help, he, Sarah and Rex head to Northern Ontario and find themselves in the middle of a deadly situation.
Mar 21 2023
When a famous starlet is killed onstage during a preview performance of abeloved Newfoundland play, Rex takes on a starring role while Charlie goesbehind the scenes.
Mar 07 2023
When Charlie's beloved Aunt Miranda and her friends are caught investigating an investment fraud scheme, it's up to Charlie and Rex to get to the source of the fraud.
Jan 31 2023
After a popular physiotherapist is murdered, the team must investigate the victims of his alleged sexual assaults in order to track down the killer before they strike again.
Jan 24 2023
When Rex finds a body with signs of foul play during Charlie and Sarah's romantic weekend getaway, they discover the idyllic community they're staying in may be more hostile than it looks.
Jan 17 2023
When the maid-of-honor winds up dead after a bachelorette party, it s up to Charlie and Rex to untangle the events of the night.
Nov 27 2022
When an important trial is jeopardized after Sarah s testimony is challenged by a former rival in court, it s up to Charlie, Rex, and the rest of the Major Crimes team to uncover new evidence to save the case before time runs out.
Nov 20 2022
When Supt. Donovan's journalism student daughter investigates the story behind a murder on her university campus, the team races to find the killer before someone else becomes the next victim.
Nov 13 2022
Charlie and Rex respond to a women's prison break allowing a convicted murderer and an incarcerated ex-cop escape. During the investigation Sarah discovers systemic abuse in the prison infirmary.
Nov 06 2022
When the co-owner of a successful board game company is found dead of a snake bite, the team has to not only catch the killer but also the deadly venomous snake still on the loose.
Oct 30 2022
When Rex is accused of attacking a decorated former police officer, Charlie enlists the help of an unorthodox ally to uncover the truth in the hopes of restoring Rex's position on the team.
Oct 23 2022
After a severed hand is found in a box of frozen cod, the team must uncover the identity of both the victim and the killer behind the grisly crime.
Oct 16 2022
When Superintendent Donovan transports an inmate, who happens to be his former partner, he finds himself confronting the past and caught up in a daring and dangerous escape.
Oct 09 2022
When Charlie's estranged brother is accused of the death of his recent boxing opponent, Charlie and the team wrestle with the possibility of his guilt.
Oct 02 2022
When a young woman goes missing in The Barrens, suspicion turns to the woman's boyfriend. It's up to the team to uncover the truth behind her disappearance.
Sep 25 2022

Season 4

16 Episodes

When Officer Maya Power and her K9 partner Rebel are violently attacked responding to a call about a warehouse break-in, Major Crimes is at the ready.
Apr 19 2022
While St. John's celebrates Mardi Gras, Charlie and Rex investigate a targeted killing spree.
Apr 12 2022
After the owner of a construction company is found dead, Charlie and Rex track the killer to an underground casino. Major Crimes goes undercover to solve the case.
Apr 05 2022
Rex's starring role in a television commercial is interrupted by the murder of one of the agency's ad executives.
Mar 29 2022
Charlie, Rex and Sarah travel to an isolated island community caught up in a resettlement dispute. Donovan tries to stop a British police officer from derailing the investigation.
Mar 22 2022
Charlie and Rex receive an award for heroism while Major Crimes investigates an extremist threat.
Jan 20 2022
After a raw diamond is found at the crime scene of a murder, Major Crimes sets up a stakeout to take down the suspected gem smugglers. An undisclosed team connection threatens to derail the investigation.
Jan 13 2022
The Major Crimes team is forced to turn against Jesse when he becomes the prime suspect in a bank robbery.
Jan 06 2022
After an elite hockey prospect is found dead, Charlie and Jesse disagree over the prime suspect in the case.
Nov 25 2021
As Major Crimes investigates a dark web marketplace, Charlie and Rex protect a witness in their home.
Nov 18 2021
After a truck transporting liquid explosive is hijacked by criminals, Charlie and Rex find themselves in a race against time to prevent the case from blowing sky high.
Nov 11 2021
A stock market guru's fortune is stolen, setting Charlie and Rex on the trail of a very surprising thief.
Nov 04 2021
While Sarah embarks on a wilderness adventure, Charlie and Rex investigate the murder of a college professor.
Oct 28 2021
Charlie and Rex dig deep into the competitive world of treasure-hunters to unearth a killer.
Oct 21 2021
The team uncovers the distorted loyalties that forms when personal ties meet the trappings of fame.
Oct 14 2021
When two hikers are discovered murdered near a remote coastal trail, the team is on the hunt for a fugitive duo wanted in a series of grisly campsite murders.
Oct 07 2021

Season 3

16 Episodes

Charlie and Rex witness an armed robbery during a trip to the bank. They discover a connection to a string of ingenious unsolved heists.
Apr 20 2021
A magician dies during a practice-run of her latest routine. Charlie and Rex must look beyond the smoke and mirrors to uncover the truth.
Apr 13 2021
Jesse's friend vanishes. Charlie and Rex discover the man was living two separate lives.
Apr 06 2021
Trapped in an isolated mansion during a storm, Charlie and Rex uncover a wannabe-killer after the hostess is drugged. Sarah fights to keep her alive.
Mar 30 2021
Top Dog 3x12
Charlie lets Rex take the lead as they investigate a murder at a prestigious dog show.
Mar 23 2021
When a murder appears to mimic an infamous crime spree from the past, Charlie and Rex rush to stop the culprit from continuing a serial killer's legacy.
Mar 16 2021
An arsonist begins terrorizing a neighborhood with car bombs. Charlie and Rex race to find the next target before the case goes up in smoke.
Mar 09 2021
Charlie and Rex are in grave danger as they find themselves captives of a kidnapper seeking vengeance.
Mar 02 2021
Charlie and Rex investigate a fairytale-turned-nightmare when a princess performer suspiciously dies at a child's birthday party.
Feb 23 2021
Rex is on trial after his DNA is discovered at the scene of the murder of Donovan's former police informant.
Feb 16 2021
When a young woman is abducted from the very spot her friend was murdered two years earlier, Charlie and Rex race against time as they trail the suspects from the original investigation.
Feb 09 2021
The near poisoning of a wealthy socialite throws the team into a perilous investigation that puts Charlie, Rex, and even Jesse in harm�s way.
Feb 02 2021
When a scuba diver washes ashore with his oxygen supply severed, Charlie dives into the Atlantic Ocean to uncover the secret he was killed to protect.
Jan 26 2021
After a mummified body is discovered in Newfoundland�s tundra, Charlie and Rex set off in search of a community of survivalists who may be harbouring a murderer.
Jan 19 2021
Manhunt 3x02
While on the hunt for an escaped murderer, Charlie and Rex are held hostage. But when a greater threat emerges, Charlie and his captor are forced to work together if they�re going to make it out alive.
Jan 12 2021
On the third anniversary of Charlie and Rex�s partnership, Charlie recounts how a high-stakes kidnapping brought the duo together on their first case.
Jan 05 2021

Season 2

19 Episodes

After a woman is found dead in the snow, Charlie and Rex have a pool of unconnected suspects with only one thing in common -- the victim was convinced they were all her family.
Mar 24 2020
When Sarah's former professor is seemingly framed for murder, Sarah calls Charlie and Rex to untangle the perfect crime.
Mar 17 2020
The Graveyard Shift. Charlie and Rex find themselves at the mercy of a dangerous crime kingpin from their past when they enlist his help on a case.
Mar 03 2020
On the trail of a serial arsonist, Charlie is hospitalized after a bombing breaks his leg. Unable to let the case rest, bedridden Charlie works the case, hoping to identify him before he strikes again.
Feb 18 2020
Charlie and Rex investigate the long list of enemies surrounding a vitriolic celebrity chef after a finger turns up in his Beef Wellington.
Feb 11 2020
Charlie and Rex head underground into a supposedly haunted mine after a crew member turns up dead during a horror film shoot.
Feb 04 2020
When the circumstances of a murder appear to mimic a contentious crime from twenty years earlier, Charlie and Rex must connect the past to the present while fending off a true crime podcaster.
Jan 28 2020
When a prominent member of an exclusive dating app is found with an arrow through his heart, Charlie is forced to go undercover in the online dating scene.
Jan 21 2020
Charlie and Rex follow the route of a killer after a tech engineer is found dead in her company's self driving car.
Jan 14 2020
Cultures clash when the death of a Parisian journalist has Charlie and Rex partnering with a French detective, in an investigation that whisks the team to Saint Pierre and Miquelon.
Nov 26 2019
Charlie and Rex are in deep water after a university rower is shot by a sniper during team practice.
Nov 19 2019
Charlie and Rex investigate a fantasy role-playing game turned deadly when a player is found slain by a sword.
Nov 12 2019
As Charlie and Rex head into the woods to track a missing photographer, a mysterious organization throws the investigation off its trail.
Nov 05 2019
Charlie and Rex are on the case after a social media star dies while livestreaming her wedding.
Oct 29 2019
The clock is ticking as Charlie and Rex attempt to find a murderer before their victim can succumb to the poison slowly killing them.
Oct 22 2019
Charlie and Rex pull apart the secrets of a local band when their lead singer is found dead on the beach.
Oct 15 2019
When a body is found in a shipping container, Charlie teams up with a female cop from his past to solve the crime, Rex is not a fan and keeps getting between the two, keeping the path clear for Charlie and Sarah.
Oct 08 2019
Charlie and Rex investigate the death of a figure skating coach who's found dead on her club's ice rink.
Oct 01 2019
Charlie and Rex discover a wanted criminal has been living in St. John's under a false identity for twenty years and end up in the crosshairs when the man's past catches up with him.
Sep 24 2019

Season 1

13 Episodes

When a deadly car accident has Charlie and Rex investigating reports of a mysterious blue light in the sky, they discover the truth is more science than fiction.
Jul 25 2019
The team moves quickly when Donovan's ex wakes up with blood on her hands and a dead roommate.
Jul 18 2019
A pair of activists break into a water bottling factory to get their message across when one is killed. But who did it? It's up to Hudson and Rex to find out.
Jul 11 2019
Charlie, Rex and Sarah are thrown into the world of high art when a gallery curator is found murdered on his showroom floor with a sculpture missing.
Jul 04 2019
A local morning show's host's husband is found dead.
Jun 27 2019
After a reviled restaurateur's food truck explodes, killing one of his employees, Charlie and Rex find themselves with a few too many suspects. A flirtation has Charlie torn between a possible new love and Rex's reaction.
Jun 20 2019
Sarah finds herself in the middle of a hostage situation at a medical testing lab. When the team realizes there's no way inside without aggravating the gunman, Charlie sends Rex in to monitor the situation.
Jun 13 2019
When the pharmacist at Charlie's aunt's retirement home is found dead, she alerts him to a mysterious string of recent fatalities among the home's residents.
Apr 29 2019
The animal lovers of St. John�s are under suspicion as Charlie and Rex investigate the death of a professional pet sitter. At home, Charlie finds himself in need of Sarah�s help.
Apr 22 2019
When a controversial university professor is found dead in his classroom, Charlie and Rex investigate leads while Jesse goes undercover and soon finds himself danger.
Apr 15 2019
When a woman is found comatose in a graveyard, Charlie and Rex dig up a cold case which may be connected. Donovan asks Charlie to spy on his daughter after she begins acting suspiciously.
Apr 08 2019
When a thrill-seeking daredevil falls to his death, Charlie and Rex unravel a conspiracy within the city's parkour community.
Apr 01 2019
Rex proves himself as a member of the Major Crimes team when he tails a kidnapper. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking as Charlie and the team realize the abduction is part of an elaborate plan.
Mar 25 2019