Imma Tataranni Deputy Prosecutor

Continuing Sunday / 7:00pm Rai 1 114 min.
Imma Tataranni is a deputy prosecutor with a prodigious memory, used to solving the cases entrusted to her with unorthodox methods. Accompanying her in her investigations across Basilicata is the police officer Ippazio Calogiuri, a shy and insecure boy, with whom a relationship of great complicity is established. But Imma is also a wife and mother and her husband Pietro, who is the exact opposite of her, and her daughter Valentina, struggling with a rebellious adolescence, are waiting for her at her house.

Season 3

4 Episodes

Oct 16 2023
Oct 09 2023
Oct 02 2023
Sep 25 2023

Season 2

8 Episodes

Baroness Giuseppina Antonini de Raho is found dead on the driveway leading to her villa. She was in motion and her head is detached from her body, as if she had been decapitated. Imma tries to find her way around this murder with singular modalities and which leads her to discover the wizards of those who would like to build a waste-to-energy plant in Matera. At Imma's house she still hasn't found the desired equilibrium so much so that she wonders what's behind Pietro's sudden back pain that takes him away from her conjugal duties, once a source of joy and mutual satisfaction.
Oct 13 2022
The bargaining chip that Romaniello gave to Imma to get out of prison and enjoy the advantages of the law on the protection of pentiti is the head of Mazzocca, the head of the 'Ndrangheta clan to which Romaniello himself was affiliated. The boss is arrested but is quick to tell Imma that whoever sold it is a rattlesnake. Imma receives an unsolicited and not so unexpected warning: she knows that Romaniello did not have Mazzocca arrested for the sake of justice but only for personal gain.
Oct 06 2022
Can time heal wounds? If Imma asks, while she hopes that sooner or later her husband will be able to put a stop to the story of the compromising photo with Calogiuri. Apparently it would seem not, given that Pietro takes advantage of the forced coexistence in the house of Brunella, Imma's mother left without a carer, to go to her parents' house. A temporary solution which, however, Imma doesn't like at all. Meanwhile, Calogiuri seems happy in the face of his new condition, even if he is not convinced that Jessica is the woman of his life. As per the regulations, he plans the transfer of one of the two to another location, possibly not far away.
Sep 29 2022
It is the morning of Good Friday and it is a bitter awakening for Pietro De Ruggeri. While Imma is with Calogiuri in the house where she lives with Jessica, busy meeting with the collaborator of justice Giulio Bruno, willing to frame the mafioso Saverio Romaniello, photos of Imma and Calogiuri arrive on Pietro's cell phone. In one, in particular, Calogiuri has his lips very close to those of Imma. Pietro feels the hair on his head stand on end. Already the night before her Imma had lied to him, telling him that she had work to do and then he had seen her enter a private house with Calogiuri to do who knows what all night long. And in fact it is dawn and Imma hasn't returned yet.
Sep 27 2022
Imma investigates a strange theft in the house of a friend of her mother-in-law, whose stolen goods reappear intact a few days later while a man, Ulisse Delillo, is found dead in his workshop. The two cases are connected and the yellow solution comes thanks to the proverbial memory of Tataranni. Meanwhile an act of courage, which proves to be decisive in the trial of Romaniello, forces Samuel to leave Matera, a fact for which Valentina blames her mother.
Nov 09 2021
The scientist Marta Ventura, a friend of Diana, is found murdered at the Geodesy Center of Matera. Accompanied - by Bartolini, the new reinforcement of the PG, Imma begins to investigate several leads but the truth, which came to light thanks to a casual discovery by Diana, will however be completely different from the hypothesis initially pursued. Tempers are in turmoil in the prosecutor's office, Diana is shocked by the death of her friend, Imma thinks that Calogiuri is cheating on Jessica with the newcomer, Bartolini, and she lectures him. In the meantime, Samuel returns to Matera for Valentina and discovers that the girl he still loves is being courted by Gabriele, while Pietro is happy as never before, he has realized his dream, but it is a happiness that does not last long.
Nov 08 2021
It's Halloween evening and Pietro has taken Imma to see the family lamione where he wants to open the jazz club when two gunshots reverberate in the air. Shortly afterwards, the two come across a woman who emerges from an alley near Palazzo Sinagra, a building in which a murder is discovered the following day. Between ghost stories, ex-lovers, ex-friends, s´┐Żances, village gossip and misanthropic elders, Imma investigates supported by a Calogiuri who is a little distracted by her relationship with Jessica.
Nov 02 2021
He moved to America and made his fortune by exporting products from Basilicata, but he returns to his land every year at the beginning of the transhumance. And along the paths of transhumance he is killed. Imma Tataranni (Vanessa Scalera) investigates his murder in the first episode of the second season, broadcast last Tuesday by Raiuno.
Oct 26 2021

Season 1

6 Episodes

Imma receives an urgent call summoning her to a meeting, but by the time she arrives the caller is dead.
Oct 27 2019
Imma's past returns to haunt her when an old classmate is found murdered.
Oct 20 2019
Imma investigates when a journalist who claimed to have dirt on a local politician turns up dead.
Oct 13 2019
The mummified corpse of an architect, missing for 15 years, is found in a ravine outside Matera.
Oct 06 2019
Imma investigates when the body of a boy is found by the road in Nova Siri.
Sep 29 2019
While swimming in Metaponto on vacation, Imma finds a female finger floating in the sea.
Sep 22 2019