Inside No. 9

Continuing Tuesday / 7:00pm BBC Two 30 min.
Inside No. 9 invites viewers into six very different No. 9s, where the ordinary and mundane rub shoulders with the extraordinary and macabre. From a grand country house where a game of 'sardines' leads to some chilling revelations in a wardrobe; to a very oddly haunted house; to a blood-soaked actor's dressing room in London's West End; to the flat of an apparently happy primary school teacher who becomes the victim of a good deed; these unpredictable tales feature high comedy and claustrophobic horror by turns.

Season 8

6 Episodes

Joe and Chas have been together for nine years. It's a long time to be truly in love with someone. But how long does it take to properly say goodbye?
May 25 2023
3 by 3 8x05
In a replacement to the advertised programme, three threesomes compete for the big cash prize in this new general knowledge quiz presented by Lee Mack.
May 18 2023
You get to meet all sorts when you go online dating, as Vicky�s about to find out. Will she finally meet her perfect match? Or will she be talking to the Lonely Hearts Killer?
May 11 2023
Gareth is definitely going to be working from home today. Just to be on the safe side. He doesn�t want to push his luck. Because today just happens to be Friday the 13th.
May 04 2023
East End villains Harry and Annie Blackwood were rotten to the core and did some truly horrible things when they were alive. What secrets did they take to their grave? Their sons plan to find out.
Apr 27 2023
It�s Christmas Eve and Dr Parkway has booked an overnight stay in a reputedly haunted church. Why is he keen to be away from his other guests? A twisted ghost story for Christmas.
Dec 22 2022

Season 7

6 Episodes

Everyone remembers the Wise Owl, of course - the bossy cartoon bird keeping children safe back in the 1970s. Those old information films had a lasting effect on all of us, especially Ronnie, who has spent his entire life trying to do the right thing. But what is right? And what is wrong?
Jun 01 2022
Helen and her teenage son Zach don�t really get on, until a random act of kindness brings the mysterious Bob to their front door. He seems to understand their problems and offers to help. But what effect will spending time with this kindly stranger have on their lives?
May 25 2022
Kid/Nap 7x04
Shane and Clifford have a plan to abduct the wife of a wealthy hedge fund manager. If he won�t pay them the money, they�ll snip her ears off to prove they mean business. Everything in the plan depends on everyone playing their part right to the end. It�s totally foolproof - isn�t it?
May 18 2022
Hard-as-nails detective inspector, divorcee and single mum Katrina is determined to crack the case of the missing boy. But there�s also her drinking, her love life and her inner demons. She doesn�t want help, but it turns up anyway.
May 11 2022
Alan arrives at a small village primary school in rural Wales, and throwing himself into his new job, he still finds himself overshadowed by his much-loved predecessor, Mr King.
Apr 27 2022
Laurence has arranged a special reunion on a boat for his old university friends. As they strike out across the remote lake, their conversation takes them into troubled waters.
Apr 20 2022

Season 6

6 Episodes

Dawn and Mick are hosting their annual Last Night of the Proms party, the perfect antidote to post-Brexit Britain. But not everyone is singing from the same song sheet.
Jun 14 2021
Webster, the famous barrister, is not well and not an easy man to look after. His carer Urban knows how to take the rough with the smooth, dishing out the drugs or appealing to the old man�s vanity. But on this particular night, something is coming that will test Webster�s resolve and legal skills to the very end.
Jun 07 2021
Actor James is waiting for his big moment on the set of ITV�s prestigious new crime drama, and this holding area should be the ideal place to relax and go over all three of his lines - except he�s actually in a static caravan owned by Oona and Stan. The more he learns about this couple and their strange daughter, the more disconcerted he becomes.
May 31 2021
Felix is pretty certain his wife is up to something with her boss Dmitri, so he decides to hire some help to prove things one way or the other. When professional lip-reader Iris arrives with her powerful binoculars, the couple stake out a hotel bedroom and start to gather their evidence.
May 24 2021
Everyone says the Season 7 finale of fantasy epic The Ninth Circle was pretty disappointing; even show-runner Spencer Maguire is keen to move on to new projects. But not everyone thinks that it has to be the end of the matter. In fact, Ninth Circle obsessive Simon Smethurst decides to visit his hero to help put things right. Because that�s what the fans would want�
May 17 2021
Pantalone is planning the heist of the century � a tasty twelve mil in rough cut diamonds. But if you�re going to hire a bunch of complete clowns to carry out a robbery, and half of them are planning to double-cross the other half, you�ve not just got a recipe for disaster, you�ve actually got the ingredients of a Tarantino Commedia dell�Arte.
May 10 2021

Season 5

6 Episodes

Two police officers have time to get to know each other on the night shift. But PC Thompson's previous partner died in a brutal attack less than a month ago, the forensics have gone missing and PC Varney is beginning to ask a lot of awkward questions.
Mar 09 2020
Seven disparate characters share their stories with a camera, their fates inevitably, inextricably and unknowingly set for a head-on collision.
Mar 02 2020
World-famous magician Neville Griffin is extremely protective of his secrets, but student journalist Gabriel is determined to get an interview nonetheless. Griffin actually believes that stealing a magic trick is probably worse than murder. How would he know that, exactly?
Feb 24 2020
Trevor and Julia always want to make Christmas really special for their family but this year, with money so tight, things aren't going to be easy. As each door of the advent calendar opens, everyone will have to do their bit to make Christmas happen.
Feb 17 2020
Young couple Beattie and Sam are finally on the property ladder, but the only flat they can afford has a dark and sinister past - one that demands to be heard.
Feb 10 2020
The beautiful game. The crunch-clash between United and Rovers in the last match of the season, all safely in the care of the four match officials. A tale of promotion, relegation, corruption, and so, so much more.
Feb 03 2020

Season 4

6 Episodes

A dead hoarder's flat, a blood-stained floor, a dead rat, and a terrible, inescapable curse from beyond the grave. All in an ordinary day's work for council contractors Keith, Nick and Maz.
Feb 06 2018
We join the jury of a television awards company as they decide on who is going to win the Best Actress award. But only one of the eight actresses can be chosen.
Jan 30 2018
When Adrian's career as a wedding photographer starts to get in the way of his own marriage, his wife Harriet is determined to find out why.
Jan 23 2018
According to the Holmes & Rahe Stress Scale, the three most troubling experiences in life are the death of a spouse, divorce and imprisonment. Moving house is only 32nd on the list. But anything could happen in the last 10 minutes of this episode. Or the 10 minutes before that. Or the first 10 minutes for that matter.
Jan 16 2018
It's been 30 years since Northern double-act Len and Tommy last appeared on stage together, that fateful night at the Glasgow Pavilion. Then Tommy walked out on Len, and that was curtains for Cheese & Crackers. Until now - and one last gig in front of an invited audience.
Jan 09 2018
Welcome to London's Hotel Zanzibar. Our varied guests have travelled from afar. Proposals, plots and prostitutes combine. It's a comedy of errors on floor nine.
Jan 02 2018

Season 3

5 Episodes

A group of strangers are invited to attend a private exhibition at an art gallery, but none of them knows why they were invited.
Mar 21 2017
After finding a lost shoe in the street, a man becomes fixated on trying to trace its owner.
Mar 14 2017
At a karaoke party to celebrate a colleague's promotion, a group of office workers decide to express their feelings through their choice of songs.
Mar 07 2017
A professor at the University of Cambridge attempts to teach a student how to solve a cryptic crossword.
Feb 28 2017
A group of friends go for a night out at a local restaurant. Soon an argument erupts about who is going to pay the bill.
Feb 21 2017

Season 2

6 Episodes

Having never consulted the spirit world before, Tina isn't quite sure what to expect. Her visit to the spiritualist medium Madam Talbot has been arranged by her sister. Hives, Talbot's assistant in the mundane world, seems quite helpful, but there's something already waiting for Tina on the Other Side, and Hives knows all about it.
Apr 30 2015
It is Nana's special day: it isn't every day you get to be 79. She is excited about spending the afternoon with her whole family - even Pat and Jim, who both love a great practical joke. Her Angela has put on a lovely spread, including a huge cake. But as Nana says, 'Don't worry about the future: you can't predict it'.
Apr 23 2015
It's Andy's first day as a volunteer at the Comfort Support Line call centre, which offers the lonely and desperate a chance to talk about their problems. All the CSL counsellors have their own ways of dealing with clients, coping with the emotional stress and killing time between phone calls. But is Andy really prepared for what's to come?
Apr 16 2015
Two of England's most notorious and feared witch-finders are summoned by Sir Andrew Pike to the unassuming village of Little Happens in order to try an old woman. Elizabeth Gadge stands accused of consorting with the Devil, most lewdly and on divers occasions. If she is found guilty, she will burn. It is very definitely the most exciting event in Little Happens since the business of the escaped cow.
Apr 09 2015
Christine Clarke brings a new man back to her flat from a New Year's Eve party, and immediately her life starts to unravel. Who is the terrifying stranger that keeps appearing in the flat at night?
Apr 02 2015
On board the sleeper from Paris to Bourg St. Maurice, a motley collection of passengers try to get a quiet night's sleep as the train makes its way across France. But as the sleeping compartment fills up, the chances of that begin to look highly unlikely. In Deuxi�me Classe, everyone can hear you scream...
Mar 26 2015

Season 1

6 Episodes

Ordinarily, Hector and Tabitha never go out as they have to look after their disabled elder brother. But tonight's event is so special that they are going to need a carer. And Katy's not going to turn down �88, is she?
Mar 12 2014
Tony Warner's performance as Macbeth is the toast of London's West End. It would be very bad luck indeed if he was suddenly indisposed in some way. Except for Jim, his ever-hopeful understudy, of course.
Mar 05 2014
Tamsin is a very sick little girl, so Jan and Graham asked WishmakerUK to brighten up their daughter's birthday. The charity is bringing along a very special guest indeed - none other than the legendary singer Frankie J Parsons.
Feb 26 2014
Tom is a primary school teacher with ambitious ideas of becoming an author. When he tries to repay a good turn from a late-night caller, he gradually becomes the victim of his own generosity. As time passes, his new friend - Migg - becomes an increasingly dominant part of Tom's life, threatening his relationship with his aspiring actress girlfriend, Gerri.
Feb 19 2014
Gerald owns a beautiful house with lots of beautiful things in it. Beautiful things that are also extremely valuable. The kind of things that might just become the target of an audacious criminal enterprise.
Feb 12 2014
It is the day of Rebecca and Jeremy's engagement party, and everyone (well, nearly everyone) has turned up to the old house to wish them well. Except that one of the bedrooms, the one with all the old baggage in it, has been left unlocked...
Feb 05 2014