Joe Pickett

Ended / 7:00pm Paramount+ 50 min.
A game warden and his family navigate the changing political and socio-economic climate in a small rural town in Wyoming. Surrounded by rich history and vast wildlife, the township hides decades of schemes and secrets that are yet to be uncovered.

Season 2

10 Episodes

Joe makes an uneasy truce in his pursuit for justice. Shannon encounters an unexpected band of militia men hell-bent on silencing her. Marybeth and Cricket arrange a long overdue reunion and McLanahan receives an unexpected promotion.
Jul 30 2023
In a desperate bid to set things right, Marybeth makes a decision that will change her life forever. Shannon grieves her murdered husband while on the run from the law. Joe comes face-to-face with trauma from his past when he follows Marybeth into the woods.
Jul 23 2023
In the aftermath of catching the serial killer on Bermuda Mountain, Marissa Left Hand's story is revealed as the truth behind her appearance comes to light. Joe and Marybeth make a shocking discovery about the murdered men and rush to help before it's too late. Shannon strikes a risky deal with Sheriff Barnum.
Jul 16 2023
As the focus shifts to a new suspect, Joe makes the hard decision to trust an old enemy as he searches for answers in the murder investigation. Cricket delivers much-needed information to Charlie Left Hand about the missing persons investigation. Meanwhile, the killer is lured back to the crime scene.
Jul 09 2023
Joe searches for the truth in Cheyenne when Sheriff Barnum and Deputy McLanahan shut him out of the murder investigation. Nate and Cricket seek answers to questions of their own in Idaho. Sheridan and April do a school project about their families and Derek Longbrake makes his intentions clear to Missy.
Jul 02 2023
While the Governor shuts down hunting season, Joe searches for truth in the aftermath of the new murders at the crime scene. Meanwhile, Marybeth digs deep into Stop The Slaughter and Klamath Moore and discovers a disturbing pattern of events. Nate and Cricket search for answers -- and safety while on the run. Missy re-examines her relationship with McLanahan.
Jun 25 2023
Joe heads to the crime scene to lay a trap for the killer with the help of radio personality and master tracker Buck Lothar. Anti-hunting activist Klamath Moore continues to stir up trouble in Saddlestring. Sheridan has a run-in at school and connects some unexpected dots for Marybeth. Meanwhile, Nate drops in on an old friend from his past and learns his future with Cricket is in jeopardy.
Jun 18 2023
An anti-hunting activist, Klamath Moore, stirs up trouble in Saddlestring when he hears about the tragic death of a local hunter. Joe grapples with what really happened on Bermuda Mountain and searches for answers as he investigates the death. Sheridan gets angry with Marybeth after she discovers the truth about what happened to Joe on Bermuda Mountain. Marybeth joins the search for a missing woman from the Wind River Reservation...
Jun 11 2023
Injured and alone on Bermuda Mountain, Joe encounters a mysterious cabin as he tries to escape the grim threat stalking him through the night. Marybeth grows increasingly desperate for answers and makes a choice that will affect her whole family. Meanwhile, Cricket entertains an unexpected visitor and Sheriff Barnum and Deputy McLanahan search for answers of their own.
Jun 04 2023
One year after the violent attack on the Pickett family, Joe and Marybeth try to pick up the pieces and move forward together. Joe journeys deep into the forest on the mysterious Bermuda Mountain in search of a lost hunter and makes a grim discovery. Meanwhile, Marybeth throws herself into her legal work in an effort to forget the loss her family suffered.
Jun 04 2023

Season 1

10 Episodes

In the final showdown, the Picketts face their toughest battle yet; when the dust settles, those who live will have to learn to move on and cope with the sacrifices they have made.
Dec 27 2021
While Joe frantically rushes to the hospital, Sheridan tries to recall her survival skills to escape an unhinged predator.
Dec 20 2021
In need of some breakthrough evidence, Joe calls in a favor from an unexpected ally; Marybeth and Sheridan remain vulnerably close to danger.
Dec 27 2021
Joe connects an important piece of the pipeline mystery, but it may cost him; the Pickett's find themselves in a luxurious new home.
Dec 20 2021
Joe begins to wonder if there's anyone in this town who isn't connected to the deeply rooted corruption, and Marybeth works around the clock to try and free Nate.
Dec 20 2021
Joe and Marybeth are spooked after the incident at Clyde's trailer and must decide whether or not they want to continue looking for the truth; Sheridan gets an expected visitor.
Dec 13 2021
Joe enjoys newfound praise after dispatching the presumed murderer, but he isn't convinced the investigation is over; someone is attempting to clean up all the loose ends.
Dec 13 2021
As Joe and some other her brave locals embark on a dangerous trek, Marybeth contemplates going back to the courtroom for what seems like a worthy cause.
Dec 06 2021
Joe weasels his way into a local murder case and finds himself at odds with some important townsfolk; Marybeth manages the rest of the family at a motel and does some digging of her own.
Dec 06 2021
On his first day as game warden in Saddlestring, Wyo., Joe Pickett finds himself in an unexpected situation with a local poacher.
Dec 06 2021