Killer Camp (US)

Continuing / 7:00pm The CW 60 min.
A group of campers compete to expose the "killer" among them for a share of cash prize.

Season 1

6 Episodes

A TASTE OF DEATH - Camp Counselor Bobby (Bobby Mair) shocks the camp with yet another a new addition, while campers compete for money against the killer in one of the worst challenges yet.
Sep 09 2022
MOST AND LEAST - A new camper disrupts the group dynamic at Camp Pleasant, and just as meaningful relationships begin to form, a sudden event sends the campers reeling. Camp Counselor Bobby arrives to remind everyone that one of them is responsible for all of the devastating deeds and presents their new challenge where the campers must rate themselves from most honest to least... just as everyone forms stronger opinions about who the killer is.
Sep 02 2022
SAVE THE LAST DANCE - The previous week's dramatic vote-and-kill-off sends shockwaves through the camp, and tensions reach a boiling point as campers take to the lake and attempt to "get their ducks in a row" for cash. As a surprising new romance blossoms, the brutal immunity challenge has the bunkmates throwing spears at each other to guarantee their own survival. When all gather by the campfire for another of Camp Counselor Bobby's (host Bobby Mair) terrifying tales, one unlucky camper will face their last dance.
Aug 26 2022
BURN BABY BURN - It's vote-off day at Camp Pleasant! The remaining campmates have their first opportunity to expose the killer (or killers?!) in their ranks. Then more unhinged camp activities await: each camper has the opportunity to win some cash in a game of brutal honesty. And in the midst of a shocking new arrival, the campers attempt to win vital clues to the Killer's identity by entering Camp Handyman Bruce's terrifying House of Horrors.
Aug 19 2022
Oct 17 2021
Oct 10 2021