Kim's Convenience

Ended Tuesday / 7:00pm CBC (CA) 30 min.
The funny, heartfelt story of The Kims, a Korean-Canadian family, running a convenience store in downtown Toronto. Mr. and Mrs. Kim ('Appa' and 'Umma') immigrated to Toronto in the 80's to set up shop near Regent Park and had two kids, Jung and Janet who are now young adults. However, when Jung was 16, he and Appa had a major falling out involving a physical fight, stolen money and Jung leaving home. Father and son have been estranged since.

Season 5

13 Episodes

Jung gives Appa and Umma a business presentation for the store. Shannon and Kimchee's office teasing leads to a meaningful discovery for Kimchee.
Apr 13 2021
Appa and Janet take a first aid course. Umma worries that her prayers may be backfiring. Shannon and Jung are finalists for a reality TV show.
Apr 06 2021
Umma tries to set Janet up with their new mason. Jung and Appa struggle to cope with a simple, kind gesture. Kimchee and Shannon can't get on the same page for employee evaluations.
Mar 30 2021
Kimchee tries to impress the Handy district manager. Shannon inadvertently insults Umma's soup. Appa starts a prank war with Janet.
Mar 23 2021
Appa makes a controversial call when umpiring pastor Nina's baseball game. Janet gives Umma a sweater that turns out to be a bad fit. Jung and Kimchee babysit Gwen's niece.
Mar 16 2021
Appa worries about Umma after a minor household accident. Janet uses Jung's past to boost her reputation with students. A high school reunion has Kimchee thinking about an old flame.
Mar 09 2021
Appa and Kimchee enjoy an impromptu hangout together. Janet and Umma find an envelope of money in the store. Jung and Shannon struggle to watch TV together.
Mar 02 2021
Appa finds marijuana in the house. Shannon throws a staff party that doesn't go as planned.
Feb 23 2021
Appa's nerves are tested when Nayoung arrives with a furry friend. Umma shares an uncomfortable lunch with Jung and Shannon. Bad timing makes Kimchee neglect a co-worker in need.
Feb 16 2021
Umma and Appa try to fit in at an upscale tennis court. Shannon helps Omar deal with his over-eager family. Janet misjudges a co-worker.
Feb 09 2021
Appa destroys a piece of Gerald's childhood; Umma misrepresents herself to her support group. Shannon gets in the way of Kimchee's plan to visit Jung in California.
Feb 02 2021
A new church member makes Umma feel cast aside; Appa becomes jealous of Janet's journaling. Shannon's decision to allow shorts in the office allows Terence to come out of his shell.
Jan 26 2021
Umma's new parking pass gives Appa an idea. Janet searches for more meaningful work. Shannon's mixup leads to an awkward situation for the Handy staff.
Jan 19 2021

Season 4

13 Episodes

Appa and Umma's plans for the future push Appa out of his comfort zone. Janet gets an internship overseas, and Jung and Kimchee explore new living arrangements.
Mar 31 2020
Umma believes she has discovered a murder weapon, as Janet realizes she and Nathan have nothing in common. At Handy, Kimchee struggles to fit in with the other regional managers.
Mar 24 2020
Jung shows Shannon his nurturing side while Chelsea and Gerald get in the way of Janet's summer plans. Appa is invited to lead a business seminar but is forced to share the spotlight.
Mar 17 2020
Appa and Umma come up with a new sleeping arrangement. Jung pursues a new career and tries to get Janet involved. Shannon and Kimchee discover a new, slightly terrifying side of Terence.
Mar 10 2020
Umma re-evaluates her role as a mother. Appa comes into money and tries to do a good thing with it. Jung and Shannon discover they have different concepts of what is sexy.
Mar 03 2020
Chammo! 4x08
Janet is commissioned to take portraits of Shannon's cats. Umma entrusts Jung to pick Appa up from the dentist, but things don't go as planned. Kimchee is threatened by Terence, and a spice challenge ensues.
Feb 25 2020
A lie from Janet's past hurts Appa's feelings but Umma wants Janet to keep the truth to herself. At Handy, Shannon and Jung struggle with workplace dating dynamics.
Feb 18 2020
Appa unwittingly becomes Jung's soccer coach. Umma insists that Janet should learn how to cook. Shannon forces a birthday party on Stacie.
Feb 11 2020
Janet considers getting a new tattoo; Jung and Shannon exchange "five-week-iversary" gifts. Umma and Appa discover some juicy gossip about Pastor Nina.
Feb 04 2020
Jung and Shannon try to hide their relationship from the rest of the Handy gang, but their cover may be blown after Shannon gets a little \handy\ at a staff meeting.
Jan 28 2020
Umma is mistaken for a server at a school event for Janet; Appa takes up math tutoring to prove his teaching prowess. Shannon is finally single, but Jung is unsure if he will make a move.
Jan 21 2020
While Appa is reluctant to have a houseguest, Umma is the one who ends up having problems with their visitor. Jung accuses Janet of being cold-hearted; Shannon tackles an office bullying problem.
Jan 14 2020
Appa and Umma are at odds over a wedding dress, while Shannon and Jung struggle with cultural sensitivities after a visit to a burger joint. Janet grapples with the fallout of Raj's canceled engagement and faces an awkward night out with Nathan.
Jan 07 2020

Season 3

13 Episodes

Umma loses something valuable and doesn't want Appa to know. Jung threatens to ruin Janet's prospects with a cute yoga instructor. Shannon and Kimchee win a BBQ, and canít decide who gets to keep it.
Apr 02 2019
Umma and Appa accidentally damage a close friend's car. Janet discovers that Gerald isn't as loyal a friend as she thought. Jung worries that his birthday message to Shannon might be too personal.
Mar 26 2019
Appa gets into trouble when heís too honest with Umma. Janet takes Gerald to the hospital and meets an old friend. Jung wants to audition for his favourite reality show but double books audition partners
Mar 19 2019
Appa's caught in the middle when Janet and Umma fight. Jung and Shannon offer conflicting advice when Kimchee develops a crush on Handy's courier, Gwen.
Mar 12 2019
Appa and Umma accidentally invite friends on their vacation. Janet accepts a job taking engagement photos for her ex. The Handy gang are all enjoying teasing each other until Jung takes things too far.
Mar 05 2019
Kimchee's mom is visiting from out of town. Jung looks forward to seeing her, but the feeling might not be mutual. After Appa makes a spelling mistake, Umma takes over sign duty at the store. Janet intervenes when Gerald asks Appa for a reference letter.
Feb 26 2019
Appa and Umma find new ways to spice up their love life, while Janet learns more about her parents than she bargained for. Kimchee tries to prepare for his first corporate presentation while Jung can't help helping.
Feb 19 2019
Appa and Jung try out the old family ping pong table; Umma's feelings get hurt when Janet refuses to hang out with her; a gift basket causes problems.
Feb 12 2019
Appa becomes the star of Gerald's photo essay. Umma realizes that her family doesn't completely trust her; Jenny makes a social faux pas.
Feb 05 2019
Appa tests neighborly boundaries when he tries to get cheap wifi. Umma forces Janet to do a questionable reading at Church and Jung hits it off with Shannon's friend Katie.
Jan 29 2019
Appa and Umma unwittingly end up in marriage counseling. Jung learns more about Shannon's boyfriend than he bargained for. Janet debates whether or not to share a potential mentor with Gerald.
Jan 22 2019
Appa tries to convince Umma that he's still attractive. Jung returns to Handy. Gerald's girlfriend makes herself at home.
Jan 15 2019
When Umma wants a new dishwasher, Appa's determined to get the best deal. Janet adopts a new name as Jung tries to get his job back at Handy.
Jan 08 2019

Season 2

13 Episodes

At a party to celebrate getting his GED, Jung can't ignore his feelings for Shannon. Meanwhile, Janet grows tired of standing in her brother's shadow.
Dec 19 2017
Appa inherits his daughter's old smartphone. Umma finds a stray dog in the store. Janet and Kimchee bond over dim sum.
Dec 12 2017
Kim's Convenience gets a noisy new neighbor. Jung becomes smitten with a new co-worker. Gerald's new girlfriend rubs Janet the wrong way.
Dec 05 2017
Janet struggles to keep her parents from learning about her relationship with Raj. Meanwhile, Jung and Kimchee plan a party.
Nov 28 2017
New TV 2x09
Kimchee tries to keep his new girlfriend from meeting Jung. Janet speaks her mind in class. Appa scores a new TV.
Nov 21 2017
In hopes of claiming a winning lotto ticket, Janet searches for a legal loophole. Jung has a tough talk with Shannon. Umma covets a fancy coat.
Nov 14 2017
Appa and Umma learn that selling illegal face cream has a downside. Janet adopts an alternate identity to get into a film festival.
Nov 07 2017
While visiting their future burial plots, Appa and Umma make an unfortunate discovery. A faux fight between Jung and Kimchee is caught on video.
Oct 31 2017
Janet urges her dad to step up his romance game during a date night with Umma. Jung stains Kimchee's collector-item sneakers and hunts to replace them.
Oct 24 2017
When Nayoung visits, a white lie leads to romantic chaos. Meanwhile, Umma brings a life-size cardboard cutout of Jung to the store.
Oct 17 2017
Umma invites Pastor Nina to move in while her apartment is renovated. Jung crashes Janet and Gerald's trivia night.
Oct 10 2017
With a local business award up for grabs, Appa is feeling a little jumpy. Jung tries to get Shannon into cycling.
Oct 03 2017
Jung worries his time to ask Shannon to go on a date is running out. Janet and Gerald are forced to put their apartment plans on hold.
Sep 26 2017

Season 1

13 Episodes

Umma tries to recruit Jung -- not Janet -- to sing at the church festival. Appa takes a shine to his swanky new ride.
Dec 27 2016
Appa receives some distressing news, which he struggles to share. Jung accompanies Shannon to a work event.
Dec 27 2016
A mysterious gentleman pays Umma a surprise visit. Kimchee asks Appa for help with his broken toilet.
Dec 20 2016
When Janet lands a new job that actually pays, Gerald steps in to fill her shoes at the convenience store.
Dec 13 2016
Are "Best Before" dates on canned food meaningless? Appa is about to find out. Meanwhile, Jung surprises his mom by helping out at church.
Dec 06 2016
Service 1x08
A new female pastor strikes a chord with Appa. Jung's worlds collide when his friend starts dating his sister.
Nov 29 2016
Hapkido 1x07
Jung runs into an old flame at work. Meanwhile, Appa is less than impressed with the methods used by Janet's hapkido teacher.
Nov 22 2016
Curious how Kimchee suddenly has money to spare, Jung does some sleuthing. Appa gets into a dispute with Janet's professor over parenting styles.
Nov 15 2016
Wingman 1x05
Eager to see Mr. Chin in a relationship, Appa offers to be his wingman. Janet asks Jung for help with a leaking pipe at the store.
Nov 01 2016
With his air conditioning on the fritz, Appa hires a repair person -- who's very chatty. Jung scores a bonus for a job well done. Janet's cousin visits.
Oct 25 2016
Appa is skeptical when Gerald asks to take his photo for an assignment. Jung clashes with Kimchee at work.
Oct 18 2016
Appa gives Janet unsolicited tips on taking better photos, much to her annoyance. Jung tries for a promotion at the car rental agency.
Oct 11 2016
Appa's plan to offer customers a "gay discount" hits a few snags. Meanwhile, Umma pressures Janet to get a boyfriend.
Oct 11 2016