Lopez vs. Lopez

Continuing / 7:00pm NBC 21 min.
A working-class family comedy about dysfunction, reconnection and all the pain and joy in between.

Season 2

10 Episodes

Secrets rain down on the Lopez clan like candy from an exploding pi�ata when Mayan invites her therapist, Dr. Glenda Brenda, to mediate some family drama at Rosie's engagement party.
Apr 30 2024
George thinks Rosie's fianc� might be hiding an unholy secret, so he goes undercover to get him to confess and expose the truth. With wedding bells in the air, Chance puts pressure on Mayan and Quinten about why they're not married.
Apr 30 2024
Mayan worries when George gets into a hairy situation dating a hot hairdresser. Josu� gets locked into a competition with the other man in Rosie's life: her grandson, Chance.
Apr 23 2024
When George's vivid dreams reveal he has feelings for Rosie, he avoids sleeping and gets distracted at work. When Chance tests at a genius-level IQ, Mayan and Quinten fear that they're a couple of dum-dums.
Apr 23 2024
As part of Alcoholics Anonymous, George makes amends with everyone except Oscar, who seeks an apology at a football game, but a run-in with Marshawn Lynch fumbles the plan. Mayan and Quinten try to spark Rosie's love life but end up getting burned.
Apr 16 2024
George joins a meditation group led by Carlos the Curandero, a spiritual healer whose mantra is "let it go," however, Mayan worries her dad is letting go of too much, including their living room furniture. A burnout threatens to move next door.
Apr 16 2024
The stress of Mayan and Quinten's new jobs leads to an unexpected amount of conflict and pizza. George and Rosie find a way to benefit from the mayhem.
Apr 09 2024
When Quinten misses out on a promotion at the Apple Store for being too soft, George and Oscar take him to the swap meet to teach him how to get hard. A leopard-print-loving Rosie finds out that Mayan thinks she's tacky.
Apr 09 2024
When Mayan loses her job, she goes to work for George and discovers there's nothing easy about working for Lop-EZ Movers. Rosie gives Quinten a loan that comes with a whole lot of terms and conditions.
Apr 02 2024
Mayan discovers that sobriety hasn't made George any less annoying when he challenges the family to give up their own addictions. His new sponsor, Iggy, shows the Lopezes that sobriety is no piece of cake.
Apr 02 2024

Season 1

22 Episodes

George hits the bottle as Mayan hits her limit with his behavior. Rosie is drunk with jealousy when Chance announces George is his hero.
May 09 2023
An old grudge reaches a boiling point when George is forced to work with a longtime business rival. Mayan gets crabby when a stay-at-home mom makes her feel like a bad parent.
May 02 2023
There's no order in the court when George and Rosie ask a TV judge to resolve their dispute. Mayan and Quinten enroll Chance in folkl�rico dance classes.
Apr 25 2023
When Mayan's ex-Godfather, Don, returns to town, she's afraid he'll drag George back into a life of drinking, gambling, and womanizing. But just when Mayan's ready to send Don packing, he makes her an offer she can't refuse.
Apr 21 2023
When Chance gets into a fight at school, George and Rosie blame Mayan and Quinten's loosey-goosey parenting. Rosie tries therapy and is surprised to learn the source of her problems isn't George.
Apr 07 2023
When Churro the chihuahua turns 15, the Lopezes throw her a Quinceanera that quickly goes to the dogs. Quinten tries to help Oscar find his soul mate or, at the very least, a date.
Mar 31 2023
When a visiting veterinarian takes an interest in Mayan, she worries that she might be destined to repeat the Lopez legacy of cheating, dating all the way back to her Aztec ancestor, Tonto Tecate-Can.
Mar 24 2023
When her primos visit, Mayan and Quinten get a taste of what life could have been like had they made different choices. Rosie enlists the help of Oscar to help sell life insurance policies to her machista Latinx male clients.
Mar 17 2023
George believes all of Mayan's problems can be solved by taking a second job, while Mayan thinks her parents work too hard. Oscar and Momo compete for the title of George's best friend.
Mar 10 2023
George shows he is a less-than-perfect babysitter when he loses Chance at a discount department store. Quinten discovers Mayan's been holding out on him.
Mar 03 2023
Mayan and George disagree about how to handle a lucrative business opportunity. Rosie's ethics are put to the test in the kitchen.
Feb 17 2023
When George starts a prank war with a neighborhood rival, Mayan is torn between loyalty to "the Lopez way" and her desire to preserve a new friendship. Chance discovers the thrill of forbidden love.
Feb 10 2023
When Quinten joins George's fantasy baseball league, he hits a home run with the guys but strikes out with Mayan. Chance finds out Rosie's using him in her insurance ads and turns into a total diva.
Feb 03 2023
When Quinten's perfect dad, Sam, comes into town, George tries to prove to the family that Sam is as much of a dirtbag as he is.
Jan 20 2023
When Mayan becomes the brand ambassador for a human-grade dog food, George struggles to say he's proud of her for eating it. When Chance stops using his dad's last name at school, Quinten worries he's embarrassed of him.
Jan 13 2023
When the Lopez home is disturbed by an evil spirit, the family enlists a curandero who tells them the house isn�t haunted, it�s George! The ghost of his grandmother is hell-bent on righting a past wrong and will keep throwing chanclas at his big head until he does it.
Jan 06 2023
To get Mayan's divorced parents to spend Nochebuena together, she must convince Rosie to hand in her Christmas crown and George to give up the thing he loves most: beer.
Dec 16 2022
Mayan discovers Rosie has spent years secretly blaming George for parenting mistakes she made. George coaches Chance's T-ball team to always play fair... unless you're losing.
Dec 09 2022
On Chance's birthday, George throws a party, and Rosie's sisters throw shade.
Dec 02 2022
Mayan lies about speaking Spanish to be seen as a real Lopez in George's eyes, but the results are no bueno. Rosie attempts to teach a stubborn Chance Spanish.
Nov 18 2022
George believes he can fix Mayan's anxiety by building her a special Lopez security system built with items from the dollar store.
Nov 11 2022
Pilot 1x01
When Mayan deals with a difficult client at work, George teaches her how to handle her the Lopez way.
Nov 04 2022