Lopez vs. Lopez

Continuing / 7:00pm NBC 21 min.
A working-class family comedy about dysfunction, reconnection and all the pain and joy in between.

Season 1

7 Episodes

Jan 06 2023
To get Mayan's divorced parents to spend Nochebuena together, she must convince Rosie to hand in her Christmas crown and George to give up the thing he loves most: beer.
Dec 16 2022
Mayan discovers Rosie has spent years secretly blaming George for parenting mistakes she made. George coaches Chance's T-ball team to always play fair unless you're losing.
Dec 09 2022
On Chance's birthday, George throws a party, and Rosie's sisters throw shade.
Dec 02 2022
Mayan lies about speaking Spanish to be seen as a real Lopez in George's eyes, but the results are no bueno. Rosie attempts to teach a stubborn Chance Spanish.
Nov 18 2022
George believes he can fix Mayan's anxiety by building her a special Lopez security system built with items from the dollar store.
Nov 11 2022
Pilot 1x01
When Mayan deals with a difficult client at work, George teaches her how to handle her the Lopez way.
Nov 04 2022