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In 1970s Los Angeles, Joyce, an earnest young feminist, joins forces with a low-rent publisher to create the first erotic magazine for women.

Season 2

8 Episodes

At the Minx International launch party, Doug confronts Constance, while Joyce starts to lose control of her magazine. Shelly and Lenny look towards an uncertain future.
Sep 08 2023
Constance, Joyce, and Tina head to a wilderness retreat to pick Minx International publishers. Back at Bottom Dollar, Richie has to replace a centerfold and scrambles to redo the new issue.
Sep 01 2023
Shelly joins Joyce on her victory-lap trip to Vassar. Doug accompanies Tina to her mom's retirement party and learns some surprising news. Bambi connects with Richie on a trip of their own.
Aug 25 2023
Joyce and Doug head to Vegas to sell the international rights to Minx. At Bottom Dollar, Tina aims to let loose and host a watch party for the Billie Jean King vs. Bobby Riggs tennis match.
Aug 18 2023
Joyce takes her eyes off the ball(s) and ditches work for her new rock star beau.
Aug 11 2023
Six months later, Minx is front and center of the sexual revolution. Rolling Stone descends on the Bottom Dollar offices to interview the gang.
Aug 04 2023
Bottom Dollar hosts the west coast premiere of the controversial and illegal adult film, "Deep Throat." Doug tries to dazzle their new publisher while Joyce sets out to get a famed writer to contribute a piece for Minx.
Jul 28 2023
One year into launching Minx Magazine, Joyce struggles to pick a new publisher she can trust. Drowning in debt, Doug scrambles to keep his company afloat. Shelly goes back to the 'burbs to focus on her family.
Jul 21 2023

Season 1

10 Episodes

With all of the Valley seemingly pitted against Bottom Dollar, Doug flounders, while Joyce takes a stand. A men�s rights protest threatens the future of Minx.
Apr 14 2022
While Joyce takes it easy in New York, things back at Bottom Dollar only get harder for Doug, whose vision for Minx clashes with everything Joyce�s magazine stood for. Bambi helps Shelly get in touch with her sexuality.
Apr 14 2022
Joyce enjoys the spotlight as a guest on an iconic TV talk show while fighting against memories of her time in New York. Doug makes moves for Minx. Back home, Bambi and Richie discover Tina�s secret.
Apr 07 2022
While Doug celebrates Minx�s success, Joyce laments her newfound celebrity status. Councilwoman Westbury doubles down on her efforts to bring down Bottom Dollar, and Richie reluctantly enters the LA art scene.
Apr 07 2022
To help bolster Minx�s sales, Bambi and Shelly spread the word to local housewives, while Joyce and Glenn are accidental sources of chaos on a local campus.
Mar 31 2022
While Doug and Joyce work to placate the Mob, the Minx team scrambles to live up to their leader�s overly ambitious vision.
Mar 31 2022
While David and Tina deal with Bottom Dollar�s financial woes, Joyce helps a sexy coverboy prep for Minx�s first presser.
Mar 24 2022
The arrival of a new local politician disrupts Bottom Dollar�s status quo. Then, when her contributors pull out at the last minute, Joyce scrambles to fill Minx with articles that live up to her ludicrously high standards.
Mar 24 2022
Doug courts his usual advertisers, while Joyce looks for more conventional companies to do business with. Bambi looks to channel her newfound feminism into a new role.
Mar 17 2022
After a fateful meeting with low-rent publisher Doug Renetti, self-proclaimed feminist Joyce Prigger finally gets a shot at creating the magazine of her dreams � with one enormous catch.
Mar 17 2022