Miss Scarlet and the Duke

Continuing / 7:00pm Alibi 45 min.
When Eliza's father dies, he leaves her penniless in a time where marriage is her only option for financial security. But the headstrong Eliza is determined to find another way. Luckily, she has an ace up her bonnet � her father's business � a private detective agency. Eliza knows all the tricks of the trade but as a genteel 19th century lady she's never been allowed to put them into practice. To operate in this man's world, she needs a partner. Step forward Detective Inspector William Wellington of Scotland Yard, who is also known as "The Duke;" drinker, gambler and womaniser. Eliza and The Duke strike up a mismatched, fiery relationship that will crackle and smoulder with sexual tension as they team up to solve crime in the murkiest depths of 1880's London.

Season 4

6 Episodes

Eliza is on the trail of a fugitive who is charged with murder. She must find him before the police do or risk losing everything.
Mar 13 2024
Eliza and Nash are still struggling to work together when an explosive case takes them into a cutthroat industry where people will kill to keep their secrets.
Mar 06 2024
Things are going well for Eliza until a familiar face shows up to question her role at Nash & Sons. Meanwhile, Duke receives an offer that brings their relationship to a crisis point.
Feb 28 2024
Origins 4x03
The story of how it all began. It�s twelve years earlier and Duke and Eliza meet for the very first time.
Feb 21 2024
When a close friend of Mr. Potts is murdered, Eliza finds herself investigating the dark and macabre world of Victorian undertakers.
Feb 14 2024
Elysium 4x01
Eliza teams up with Duke to investigate a burglary at a high-end brothel whose clients include important members of the British government.
Feb 07 2024

Season 3

6 Episodes

Eliza receives a bomb in the morning post and must team up with Duke, Moses and her old enemy Patrick Nash to find out who is behind the deadly delivery.
May 16 2023
Eliza finds the heir to an unclaimed fortune and needs Duke's help, but the revelation about his personal life makes working together impossible.
May 09 2023
When Detective Fitzroy sees one of his colleagues plant evidence on a suspect, he hires Eliza to look into a case of police corruption in Scotland Yard.
May 02 2023
Eliza tracks down a notorious con-man at a remote hotel in the French countryside, but she's not the only hotel guest who wants to claim the reward.
Apr 25 2023
Eliza and William go undercover after a string of crimes all point to one restaurant, and Eliza bumps into a girl who made her life a misery growing up.
Apr 18 2023
When a famous magician does the ultimate disappearing act and vanishes into thin air, Eliza is hired to investigate - despite the fact that Duke is already on the case.
Apr 11 2023

Season 2

6 Episodes

While Eliza and the Duke struggle around the edges of their relationship, private investigator Nash is shot just as Eliza agrees to work with him.
Jul 19 2022
A famous mystery writer is at the centre of Eliza's investigation when a series of murders copy scenes from his books. Meanwhile, the Duke juggles problems at work.
Jul 12 2022
Eliza investigates a case of blackmail and finds herself with a new rival - Patrick Nash, the owner of a large private detective agency who wants to hire her or crush her agency.
Jul 05 2022
Eliza is forced into hiding when she is the prime suspect in a series of break-ins at city mortuaries. While the Duke tries to find other suspects, Eliza turns to Moses for help.
Jun 28 2022
A valuable sketch by the recently deceased Charles Darwin has been stolen, and Eliza is hired by an insurance company to find it.
Jun 21 2022
The sister of a missing woman hires Eliza to find her, but the case was already closed by the police - creating new tensions between Eliza and the Duke.
Jun 14 2022

Season 1

6 Episodes

Eliza pieces the puzzle together to find out what really happened to her father, while Duke looks past his prime suspect to investigate a surprising lead.
May 05 2020
Cell 99 1x05
The final entry in Henry Scarlet's casebook takes Eliza and Duke to a seemingly abandoned prison on the outskirts of London.
Apr 28 2020
Eliza is hired by a Death Photographer who is receiving bizarre and threatening messages from beyond the grave, and later makes a surprising discovery about her late father.
Apr 21 2020
Eliza is hired to go undercover and infiltrate a potentially disruptive gang, but is less delighted when she learns she will be spying on a group of suffragettes campaigning for the vote.
Apr 14 2020
Eliza takes a seemingly impossible case: proving the innocence of a man found at a murder scene with a bloodied knife in his hand, who has already pleaded guilty.
Apr 07 2020
After headstrong Eliza Scarlet inherits her father's detective agency, she is obliged to find a male business partner to operate in Victorian London.
Mar 31 2020