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A raucous dramedy that tells the story of the Finley-Cullens, a dysfunctional clan of adult half-siblings battling for control of the ancestral business, The Moonshine, a ramshackle summer resort, two stars on a good day � and that day was in 1979. It�s an epic tale of lust, legacy and lobster, set against the backdrop of financial hardship, insane tourists, small-town intrigue and a long-buried secret that threatens to annihilate the Finley-Cullens once and for all.

Season 3

8 Episodes

Wes' Dad, Dick, comes to town and lives up to his name as Ken's old treasure chest of forgotten narcotics proves useful in getting the Finley-Cullens everything they could've ever wanted.
Sep 03 2023
Gale and Lidia are reunited, but it's not a happy ending yet. They must escape to the American border on an elaborate road trip with the cops and Nora and Rhian hot on their tail.
Aug 27 2023
The entire family is holding Lidia responsible for the Moonshine's impending demolishment. When Lidia finds out Nora might have a serious health problem, nothing matters more than helping Nora.
Aug 20 2023
Realizing her bad rap and ankle monitor is detrimental to her new career, Lidia sets out to clear her name. Rhian feels the pressure of planning her first event as FCBA prez.
Aug 13 2023
Lidia is evicted from the Moonshine grounds as Wes asks her to revise the rendering for the resort.
Aug 06 2023
As news starts to spread that Lidia is working with the enemy, she tries to do damage control to get her family onside, while the rest of the family tries desperately to stop the build.
Jul 30 2023
It's spa day for the Finley-Cullen sisters, and layers of dirty secrets and resentments are revealed; Ken and Ryan try to help Oscar get out of his funk via a ceremony involving a giant vulva.
Jul 23 2023
When a mysterious package arrives at the Moonshine, it makes the Finley-Cullens question their fates and whether the road to their destinies begin -- or end -- at the Moonshine.
Jul 16 2023

Season 2

8 Episodes

As Gale and the Marauders take the Moonshine by force, Lidia has to release the Finley-Cullens' enemy Jill from prison to help. Only two options to win this war -- dance their asses off or die trying.
Nov 20 2022
As Lidia�s plans to break up with Gale implode, a shell-shocked Sammy meets his birth parents, and Bea and Ken air their relationship issues on-stage -- it's opening night of Call of the Kraken!
Nov 13 2022
The Finley-Cullen women kidnap Lidia in an attempt to knock some sense into her, while Lidia's ex, Daniel, and her hot biker boyfriend Gale have an unlikely bonding session back at the Moonshine.
Nov 06 2022
Lidia helps Gale with a shady truck-jacking as Rhian arranges an SOS intervention for her twin, Ryan; Bea crushes on a much younger man; Lidia disappears.
Oct 30 2022
Needing her earnings from Bingo night to pay off a tax debt, Lidia enlists Crystal's help to break into the biker lair, as Ryan and Sammy's search for Sammy's bio-mom hits a literal dead end.
Oct 23 2022
Lidia discovers the family needs to pay a $15k tax installment ASAP, giving her no choice but to team up with her hot biker boyfriend in an elaborate money-laundering scheme involving� Bingo?
Oct 16 2022
Rhian and Lidia are determined to get the Moonshine into the Foxton Cove Business Association even if it means sucking up to an old high school frenemy at the Moonshine�s annual Lobsterpalooza event.
Oct 09 2022
When a mysterious package arrives at the Moonshine, it makes the Finley-Cullens question their fates and whether the road to their destinies begin � or end � at the Moonshine.
Oct 02 2022

Season 1

8 Episodes

With the truth finally out in the open, the Finley-Cullens have made peace with each other. But things are far from over. Now they must face their biggest challenge of all: find the missing drugs, reason with the shady buyers, and frame Jill � all the while hosting the annual cop fundraiser. As the RCMP closes in, Lidia must step up and risk everything to save the Moonshine. Can she pull it off in time, and while in lederhosen?
Nov 02 2021
After Bea admits to Lidia she�s been orchestrating a drug drop and standing in her way of revitalizing the Moonshine, Lidia is out. At least now she can boot it back to New York City, guilt-free. Only, the unearthing of a skeleton buried under Ken�s favourite Maple tree, means she ain�t going anywhere. As questions are asked, we learn the origins of the Moonshine, and unveil what everybody�s wondering. Who�s the dead guy?
Oct 26 2021
The Moonshine is literally in the shitter, with a bum septic and bills to pay, forcing them to shut their doors for the first time in 40 years. But now that Lidia is resolved in her decision to leave New York and her marriage for good, she�s more determined than ever to get the campground back on its feet, no matter what it takes � but it�s her parents who need fixing.
Oct 19 2021
Love isn�t in the air and it�s not just because the Moonshine is hosting a pirate-themed wedding complete with a mermaid-adorned chuppa and a missing bride and groom. But not every relationship is doomed. Daniel is back in town and ready to go all-in with Lidia and the kids, but is Lidia aligned? Meanwhile, Rhian is having the best sex of her life with� Oscar, who � unbeknownst to her � has Crystal on the case, wired up to eavesdrop on the family. But is Rhian�s heart the only thing he�s going to break?
Oct 12 2021
Still in the red, Sammy locks the sisters up in the Shore Club in an effort to force reconciliation and survive the summer. A seemingly impossible task, the bickering only gets worse until they are reminded of a time they worked together to sneak into a punk show. As flashbacks ensue, they realize if they did it then, they can do it now. It doesn�t take long until Lidia, Nora and Rhian craft a plan involving a local millionaire that might just get the Moonshine the cash it needs� and Lidia some action.
Oct 05 2021
The aftermath of the Goddessfest finds Rhian on the warpath, still reeling over the loss of her finger and the revelation that her husband Terry has been sleeping with her sister Nora. As Lidia watches Rhian exact revenge on various members of the family, she wonders whether she�s next.
Sep 28 2021
The annual Goat Roast is here: a free-love, greet-the-first-summer-sunrise bash, complete with a sin-eating goat. When Lidia takes the reins of this year�s event, insisting on a glamp-y upgrade and a fancy new name, Rhian draws a bloody line in the sand. This is war � a war that ends with an angry goat, a severed finger and the family business on the brink of ruin.
Sep 21 2021
When Lidia, the eldest of the dysfunctional Finley-Cullen clan, returns home from New York for her Aunt�s funeral, her whole life is torn down in a weekend. Her marriage implodes, her kids turn on her, and a surprise inheritance kicks off a family feud with her rival sister. There�s only one rational move � leave. Instead, Lidia doubles down. She�s going to stay and she�s going to make her new life work (or die trying).
Sep 14 2021