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Follows the Wolfe family, trying to survive and make a living while keeping their family secret. They are werewolves.

Season 2

8 Episodes

As Gale and the Marauders forcibly take Moonshine, Lidia has no choice but to free the Finley-Cullens' archenemy Jill from prison to help win the fight.
Nov 20 2022
As Lidia's plans to break up with Gale go down the drain, a shocked Sammy meets his birth parents.
Nov 13 2022
The Finley-Cullens kidnap Lidia to make her see reason. At Moonshine, Daniel, Lidia's ex, has a strange bond with motorcyclist Gale.
Nov 06 2022
Lidia helps Gale with a shady truck-jacking as Rhian arranges an SOS intervention for her twin, Ryan. Bea crushes on a much younger man. Lidia disappears.
Oct 30 2022
Needing her earnings from Bingo night to pay off a tax debt, Lidia enlists Crystal's help to break into the biker lair, as Ryan and Sammy's search for Sammy's bio-mom hits a literal dead end.
Oct 23 2022
Lidia discovers the family needs to pay a $15k tax installment ASAP, giving her no choice but to team up with her hot biker boyfriend in an elaborate money-laundering scheme involving Bingo.
Oct 16 2022
Rhian and Lidia are determined to get the Moonshine into the Foxton Cove Business Association, even if it means sucking up to an old high school frenemy at the Moonshine's annual Lobsterpalooza event.
Oct 09 2022
When a mysterious package arrives at the Moonshine, it makes the Finley-Cullens question their fates and whether the road to their destinies begin -- or end -- at the Moonshine.
Oct 02 2022

Season 1

8 Episodes

In a last attempt to save the Moonshine, the Finley-Cullens need to negotiate with bikers, resolve a smuggling deal and host a cop fundraiser.
Nov 02 2021
Knowing Bea wants her gone, Lidia packs up to leave; a dark family secret reveals the true origins of the moonshine and forces Lidia to confront her own truth.
Oct 26 2021
The Moonshine is forced to shut its doors for the first time in 40 years. Lidia is resolved to fix the campground once and for all.
Oct 19 2021
The Moonshine is hosting a pirate-themed wedding. Lidia's ex is back in town. Rhian has the best sex of her life. Ryan and Crystal take a hostage.
Oct 11 2021
With The Moonshine in financial chaos, Lidia, Nora and Rhian craft a plan involving a local millionaire that might just get them some cash.
Oct 04 2021
The aftermath of the Goddessfest finds Rhian reeling over the loss of a body part and a betrayal by her cheating husband. Lidia wonders if she's next.
Sep 28 2021
Lidia takes the reins of the annual Goat Roast and insists on a glamp-y upgrade and a fancy new name. Rhian draws a bloody line in the sand.
Sep 21 2021
Lidia returns home from New York for her aunt's funeral when a surprise inheritance ignites a family feud with her rival sister.
Sep 14 2021