Most Dangerous Game

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Desperate to take care of his pregnant wife before a terminal illness can take his life, Dodge Tynes accepts an offer to participate in a deadly game where he soon discovers that he’s not the hunter… but the prey.

Season 2

12 Episodes

As the hunters close in on Victor and Josie, their chances of leaving the game alive dwindle with each passing moment; Miles feels the pressure as well when the board chairwoman forces him to make an impossible choice.
Mar 10 2023
As the hunt careens to a close, Victor just might win the game; however, with Josie's unexpected arrival, he might lose everything he loves; Miles fears his off-book plays have put him squarely in the crosshairs of the Tiro Fund Board.
Mar 10 2023
With his injuries increasing, Victor's hometown knowledge of New York becomes his best defense, and his only chance for survival; Josie gets the jump on Victor's location and rushes to find him, placing herself at risk.
Mar 10 2023
Victor is in the most intense fight for his life yet with new games and old faces; the surprises keep on coming as the hunt takes a shocking turn, and Victor learns the truth about his chance meeting with Miles and the Tiro Fund.
Mar 10 2023
Following Victor's arrest, both he and Miles are on the edge of a razor; the integrity of the hunt is spiraling out of control, and Miles presents Victor a game-changing offer, thanks to a new player to uphold the spirit of the game.
Mar 10 2023
Busted 2x07
Victor ditches the protection of crowds for isolation at the city's fringes; however, he's not alone for long; as the cops and hunters encircle him, Victor is on the verge of becoming a permanent player in the game.
Mar 10 2023
Cornered and desperate, Victor is forced to relive his childhood trauma; Josie and Mr. Dupree's attempts to help are inadvertently putting Victor in even more danger; the NYPD puts out a BOLO for Victor's arrest.
Mar 10 2023
Miles is in the hot seat when the Tiro Fund Board gets word of Victor's impending arrest; meanwhile, Victor is in an even hotter seat across town, after the first hour of the game ends and the hunters are all given his exact location.
Mar 10 2023
Victor's rash actions come back to haunt him, and now he must avoid the NYPD along with the hunters looking to kill him; the rules of the hunt are beautifully simple, yet brutally strict, get arrested during the hunt, and the hunt never ends.
Mar 10 2023
The game is on; Victor suspects all New Yorkers of being hunters, including subway passengers and the hot-dog vendor on the corner; Victor won't know for sure until they go in for the kill; he gets a one-minute head start.
Mar 10 2023
Having sworn to protect his sister after the death of their parents, Victor makes a last-ditch effort to get out from under the mob debt; with nowhere left to turn, Victor has no choice but to accept Miles' offer to join the game.
Mar 10 2023
Auction 2x01
The previous game's complications make the stakes higher than ever for Miles to deliver an exceptional hunt to his clients; he searches for the perfect prey to whet the appetites of clients bidding for the chance to be the predators.
Mar 10 2023

Season 1

15 Episodes

It’s the final showdown. With the game spiraling out of control, Dodge gives everything he has to bring it all to an end.
Apr 22 2020
Dodge uncovers a truth that reveals the game isn’t what it seems. And nobody is to be trusted. Not even those closest to him.
Apr 21 2020
The game gets complicated when Dodge encounters a gang in the projects. And if they don’t believe his story, there may be even more bloodshed.
Apr 20 2020
Hard times can bring out the worst in us all. Dodge continues to fight for his life in the face of what he’s become. But how long can he keep it up?
Apr 17 2020
A bad move brings Dodge to the brink of the Detroit boundary. He’s determined to bring the fight back to the city, but the hunters are right on his heels.
Apr 16 2020
The stakes get higher the longer Dodge survives. He tries to blend in at a hockey game while Valerie digs deeper into the bank deposits.
Apr 15 2020
Not all games are fair. Dodge learns a painful lesson when it's revealed that the hunters have a secret advantage.
Apr 14 2020
Dodge tries to find sanctuary in a new location. Meanwhile, Valerie questions the source of newfound money in her bank account.
Apr 13 2020
Dodge's location is revealed to the hunters. Can he escape before it's too late?
Apr 10 2020
Crowds are your friend. Dodge ducks into a bustling business center to stay in public sight and out of danger.
Apr 09 2020
The game is on. Paranoia, panic, and fear settle in for Dodge as the hunters could be anywhere. Or anyone.
Apr 08 2020
The rules are set. The prize is tempting. And the situation is dire. All Dodge has to do is accept…and the game begins.
Apr 07 2020
A trip to the hospital reveals a life-changing diagnosis. With nowhere to turn, Dodge is tempted to make a deadly decision.
Apr 06 2020
Debt and a baby on the way make for desperate times. Dodge grows increasingly concerned about the future of his family.
Apr 06 2020
Struggling and desperate, Dodge accepts an offer to get back on his feet financially. But it comes with a price.
Apr 06 2020