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A group of less-than-perfect parents reveal the chaotic, crazy and hyper-competitive sides of middle-class motherhood while doing their best to keep up and stay the course.

Season 3

1 Episodes

Nit Blitz†(2021) Mark_a_Wood When a nit pandemic sweeps the school, Julia is accused of triggering a second wave. In the hope of getting back into everyone's good books she hosts a nit treatment party - bringing the other's dramas and head-lice into her home.
May 10 2021

Season 2

6 Episodes

Julia struggles to abide by the rules at sports day. Kevin is devastated that a work presentation means he will miss the dadsí race.
Nov 11 2019
The gang are delighted when Kevin books a cottage for them to spend half term in the countryside with all their kids.
Nov 04 2019
Kevin reluctantly hosts a last minute Halloween party. Julia takes the kids trick or treating in an attempt to meet a celebrity who has just moved into the neighbourhood.
Oct 28 2019
Julia finds that working from home is impossible due to all the other tasks loaded upon her. Liz finds herself at a loose end when her youngest starts nursery.
Oct 21 2019
Julia reluctantly agrees to help Amanda launch her new shop. But a careless online post threatens to destroy her good work.
Oct 14 2019
A new mum at the school gates attracts the attention of Julia, Liz and Kevin. Does high-flyer Meg really have it all? Meanwhile, Julia agonises over a promotion and the gang have a night out.
Oct 07 2019

Season 1

6 Episodes

Julia's childcare woes are over when she finds the perfect nanny, but her friendship with Liz becomes strained. Amanda keeps a low profile after Kevin blurts out her secret.
Dec 12 2017
Anne's carpool propels her into the limelight. Kevin finds himself in the role of confidant for Amanda, who shares a deep secret with him. Liz and Julia's friendship teeters on the brink.
Dec 05 2017
Julia's in-laws arrive to help while her husband Paul is away. Luckily, Kevin is around and loves old people. Amanda reluctantly gives Liz her old coat, which has a surprising effect on Liz.
Nov 28 2017
A pool party ruins Julia's plans right before an important event at work. Liz looks for a date, and Kevin gets annoyed by a new dad on the scene, who goes way back with Amanda.
Nov 22 2017
Julia gets involved in a school fundraiser, where she hopes to impress a former colleague. Kevin has a battle with the cloakroom, and despite Anne's protests, Liz takes care of the bar.
Nov 14 2017
Julia throws a birthday party for Ivy, but with her mom refusing to help, Julia must rely on Liz and Kevin's party skills along with her own event-organizing savvy to make it a success.
Nov 07 2017