My Adventures with Superman

Continuing / 7:00pm Adult Swim 23 min.
Follows Clark Kent as he builds his secret Superman identity and embraces his role as the hero of Metropolis � and perhaps the world. Lois, now growing into a star investigative journalist, takes aspiring photographer Jimmy Olsen under her wing. All the while, Clark and Lois are falling in love, sharing adventures, taking down bad guys, stumbling over secrets, and discovering what it means to be Superman and Lois Lane.

Season 2

6 Episodes

Kidnapped and far from home, Superman bonds with his cousin Kara; he discovers the truth about Krypton from the last Kryptonians in existence.
Jun 23 2024
Lois and Clark's relationship is pushed to the breaking point when Superman is named Metropolis' most eligible bachelor! Meanwhile, Jimmy gives a cute girl a tour of the city ... a girl on a mission to find her long-lost cousin.
Jun 16 2024
When Jimmy is invited to speak at the S.T.A.R. Labs Symposium, Clark is happy to come along as support ... until Lex Luthor takes over! Meanwhile, The General goes on the run -- and Lois runs after him, visions of their past clashing with the present.
Jun 09 2024
Clark's life falls apart as The General goes into hiding ... in Clark's apartment! Meanwhile, Jimmy struggles with being a leader, and Lois goes toe-to-toe with Vicki Vale as they track down missing scientists!
Jun 02 2024
While Perry saddles Jimmy with a new "team" to run Flamebird, Clark and Lois investigate Stryker Penitentiary - and discover just how far Amanda Waller will go to rid the world of Superman!
May 26 2024
Clark agonizes over what to do for his and Lois' first Valentine's Day�until visions of his father lead him, Jimmy, and Lois to the remains of his Spaceship and the new villains of Task Force X!
May 26 2024

Season 1

10 Episodes

It's Thanksgiving, and Clark, Lois, and Jimmy are heading to the Kent farm to celebrate - but the holiday turns into a fight for survival as Task Force X, family, and Kryptonite collide!
Sep 01 2023
Superman finally gets answers to who he is and where he came from, while coming face-to-face with THE GENERAL, leader of Task Force X. Meanwhile, Lois and Jimmy must find Superman before DR. IVO destroys Metropolis!
Aug 25 2023
Lois meets her journalism idol, Vicki Vale - only for Vicki to make Lois question her loyalty to Superman. Meanwhile, Superman hunts down Task Force X while dealing with a new power!
Aug 18 2023
Clark tries to plan a normal date without any Superman problems - but gets interrupted when Mr. Mxyzptlk sweeps him, Jimmy, and Lois into a high-stakes, multiverse-hopping chase!
Aug 11 2023
When Jimmy gets kidnapped, it's up to Lois and Clark to save him - but rescuing Jimmy will lead them into danger as they deal with mad scientists, military secrets, and relationship woes!
Aug 04 2023
Lois uncovers a secret in Metropolis and is determined to get to the truth. Meanwhile, Superman tracks down dangerous weapons in the city�and finds himself in the crosshairs of mysterious organization Task Force X.
Jul 28 2023
Clark, Lois, and Jimmy cover a glitzy gala hosted by tech-billionaire Dr. Ivo - but while Clark and Lois wonder if this counts as a date, Ivo unleashes his newest invention: a creation that can bring down Superman!
Jul 21 2023
Lois wants to interview Superman for The Daily Planet, and Clark must figure out how to help her while protecting his identity! The criminal ring INTERGANG gets their hands on weapons, and a mysterious organization plots in the shadows...
Jul 14 2023
Clark returns to the Kent farm with questions about where he's from - and who he wants to be. Meanwhile, Lois and Jimmy track down the mercenary Livewire�and encounter "Superman" once again!
Jul 07 2023
Secret alien Clark Kent and his best friend Jimmy Olsen start their internship at The Daily Planet and meet fellow intern Lois Lane - who ropes them into investigating stolen military robots threatening Metropolis!
Jul 07 2023