Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet

Continuing Friday / 7:00pm Apple TV+ 27 min.
Meet the team behind the biggest multiplayer video game of all time. But in a workplace focused on building worlds, molding heroes, and creating legends, the most hard-fought battles don�t occur in the game�they happen in the office.

Season 3

10 Episodes

Ian tries to repair his partnership with Poppy. David hits an impasse with the movie. Dana has a realization about Grimpop.
Jan 06 2023
David�s motion-capture session with Joe Manganiello gets hijacked. Dana helps Poppy prepare her PlayPen VC pitch.
Dec 30 2022
Ian�s and Poppy�s clashing office preferences put them at odds. Jo and Brad team up to get rid of a pest in David�s office.
Dec 23 2022
Sarian 3x07
Two kids from across the globe find their passions in a world that doesn�t understand them.
Dec 16 2022
In the first holiday season since Ian and Poppy�s departure, David grabs the reins and tries to infuse the team with Christmas spirit.
Dec 09 2022
Playpen 3x05
Poppy begrudgingly takes feedback from Dana about her work. Carol, Brad, and Rachel navigate the aftermath of their monetization gambit.
Dec 02 2022
When David gets stuck in traffic, Jo takes his place to meet with a famous actor for the movie. Brad tries to help Carol raise money through NFTs.
Nov 23 2022
David uses exciting news about MQ to make Ian jealous. Poppy, Rachel, and Jo go to brunch.
Nov 18 2022
Ian feels adrift in his new partnership with Poppy. David and Jo are suspicious of an employee�s return. Dana and Rachel meet the new testers.
Nov 11 2022
As David stewards Mythic Quest, Ian and Poppy consider offers for their offshoot game. Jo assembles the entire team for C.W.�s celebration.
Nov 11 2022

Season 2

9 Episodes

TBD 2x09
Ian and Poppy collaborate again, Rachel and Dana figure out their next move, and Brad looks to settle a feud once and for all.
Jun 25 2021
Ian presents his half of the expansion and ends up in the hospital. David ponders his legacy.
Jun 18 2021
Peter 2x07
Rachel accompanies C.W. on an acrimonious visit to his former friend turned rival.
Jun 11 2021
A fresh-faced young man discovers what it takes to become one of the world�s greatest science fiction writers.
Jun 04 2021
Carol tries to wrangle Mythic Quest employees as they refuse to sign the results of a simple workplace assessment.
May 28 2021
Brad attempts to convince the development team that his brother Zack is not the nice guy he�s pretending to be. Rachel does Ian a favor.
May 21 2021
#YumYum 2x03
Ian and Poppy work separately on the expansion, Jo helps C.W. deal with his publisher, and Brad sets out to find a romantic partner for David.
May 14 2021
Brad wants to launch a mobile game. Poppy is pulled away from working on the expansion with Ian to speak at a luncheon for women in gaming.
May 07 2021
With Ian on sabbatical, Poppy must come up with a title for the new expansion. Dana and Rachel take their relationship to new heights.
May 07 2021

Season 1

11 Episodes

The team returns to the office for their annual Everlight party. Poppy and Ian rig a LARP tournament in an underdog's favor.
Apr 16 2021
As the MQ staff works from home, Poppy struggles with solitude while Brad and David start a charitable competition.
May 22 2020
With his workforce unionizing, Ian faces a looming departure, the game�s future, and the meaning of two words: Blood Ocean.
Feb 07 2020
Brendan 1x08
As Poppy weighs a difficult decision, Ian whisks her away on a mysterious road trip.
Feb 07 2020
Ian challenges a hacker to an epic in-game showdown.
Feb 07 2020
Poppy steps out for a meeting and Mythic Quest headquarters descends into chaos.
Feb 07 2020
From inception to demise, the life cycle of video game Dark Quiet Death.
Feb 07 2020
When Pootie_Shoe announces that he�s no longer playing Mythic Quest, the team needs to find a new star streamer to promote it.
Feb 07 2020
The development team must take decisive action when the internet discovers a dark group of gamers congregating in Mythic Quest.
Feb 07 2020
Brad takes the day off to prove a point, leaving Poppy and David to keep the game afloat. Dana and Rachel have a girls� night in.
Feb 07 2020
Pilot 1x01
As the hit video game Mythic Quest prepares to launch its newest update, creator Ian Grimm obsesses over a seemingly minor detail.
Feb 07 2020