Outside Beyond the Lens

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Outside Beyond the Lens leads viewers on a uniquely immersive television experience exploring travel destinations that are well off the beaten path and away from the crowds. Executive Producer Jeff Aiello leads a team of talented outdoor videographers that capture stunning cinematic landscapes and wildlife in amazing locations around the world.

Season 4

10 Episodes

An epic road trip into the Scottish Highlands continues as Jeff, Zack, Dave, and Jon discover the Isle of Skye, the legendary Loch Ness, the city of Inverness and a sobering look at the Culloden Battlefield where the Jacobite uprising of 1745 was smashed.
May 21 2024
Jeff and the crew land in Glasgow, Scotland to begin a 10-day road trip into the Scottish Highlands. Fall colors are captured in Scotland�s lower countryside and farmlands as the team moves north toward Glencoe and the Isle of Skye.
May 07 2024
Jeff takes us to some of his favorite places close to home in California. From a new discovery in Yosemite National Park to tuna fishing off the coast of Mexico and a fun weekend hanging out at his cabin, special friendships shine against breathtaking land and seascapes.
Apr 16 2024
Jeff and the team return to one of Europe�s top travel destinations to explore the historic town of Basel, Switzerland. Nestled on the Rhine River near Germany and France, Basel�s exquisite architecture and world-class art museums catch the crew by surprise.
Apr 02 2024
A lake high in the alpine setting of the Sierra Nevada is an unlikely place to find world-class sailboat racing. Jon leads Jeff, Zack, and Dave, with the help of a legendary sailor, on a journey to discover the secrets of Huntington Lake.
Mar 26 2024
After record setting rains in California, Jeff, Zack, and Dave return to the last remaining grassland preserve in the Golden State in hopes to time their trip with the rare and explosive Super Bloom of flowers.
Mar 19 2024
Jeff takes his family on a whirlwind summer vacation to northern Italy. Milan, Lake Como, Venice and Portofino are explored in this fun and cinematic capture of Italy�s northern destination hot spots.
Feb 20 2024
The contrasts of Tampa Bay�s bright lights right next to wild places to explore lure Jeff, Zack, and Dave to Florida�s west coast. A hike into the swamps to experience Florida�s wildlife turns into a search for the mysterious Skunk Ape.
Jan 30 2024
Jeff, Zack, and Dave, road trip to Grand Canyon National Park�s North Rim that only 10 percent of park visitors see each year. Rarely seen footage of the Grand Canyon is captured against a backdrop of strong summer thunderstorms and desert sunrises.
Sep 26 2023
In Eastern France in the mountain ranges called Vosges, explore the region and take a look behind the scenes of when the crew was here to shoot the World War II documentary, Unbroken Honor. Though the story that brought them there was tragic and heroic, they learn another lesson of lifelong travel.
Jan 09 2024

Season 3

10 Episodes

The Croatian road trip continues as Jeff, Zack, and Dave venture west to explore the seaside towns of Rovinj and Pula on the Adriatic Sea. The tales of an ancient Roman arena are told, and cinematic landscapes come to life on the centuries old cobblestone streets of these seaside towns.
Nov 22 2022
Croatia is becoming a top destination for travel but most who visit only see cities like Split and Dubrovnik in the southern part of the country. Jeff, Zack, and Dave set out to discover the history of Croatia�s capital, Zagreb before heading on a road trip to the hilltop villages, wine country and stunning seaside towns of the north in Croatia�s Istria region.
Nov 22 2022
Recently impacted by a massive wildfire, Jeff, Zack, and Dave travel to Kings Canyon National Park to see the aftermath. An unexpected rainstorm doesn�t dampen the spirits of an overnight camping adventure as morning brings blue skies and a meadow-side hike into the heart of this magical place. Hidden waterfalls and a walk through Giant Sequoia trees make this a trip to remember.
Jul 19 2022
Jeff, Zack, and Dave head to the tropics to discover why the Big Island of Hawaii is also known as The Adventure Island. This trip takes them to the blue waters of the Pacific to swim with sea turtles and on a sunset hike into the depths of the Kilauea Volcano on a night when its eruption lights up the sky.
Sep 06 2022
The central Sierra Nevada mountains in California are home to big name national parks like Yosemite and Sequoia-Kings Canyon. But a hidden grove of Giant Sequoia Redwoods can be found in the hills Jeff, Zack, and Dave all grew up in. They meet up with an old friend who now watches over Nelder Grove for a guided tour of the secret wonders found among the giants.
Jul 19 2022
Nashville isn�t the only thing rockin� in Tennessee. Jeff, Zack, and Dave explore the diverse state park system in Tennessee and discover how these parks combine history, natural wonders, and unbelievable accessibility to those ready to see the Volunteer State�s wild side.
May 24 2022
Jeff sets sail with family and friends on a Caribbean adventure in the British Virgin Islands.Two catamarans, gentle breezes, and the spectacular seascapes of the BVIs bring this journey to life. From hidden white sand beaches to the thrill of sailing a bareboat charter into open waters, the beauty of this run is all captured on camera.
May 17 2022
A lesser-known National Park in Utah�s red rock country, Capitol Reef National Park, is explored via a scenic drive considered to be one of the best in the world. Jeff, Zack, and Dave follow Utah�s Route 12 Scenic Byway to the majestic cliffs and slot canyons in search of the perfect frame.
May 10 2022
A southern Utah road trip leads Jeff, Zack, and Dave into a red rock photo safari to capture the beauty of Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks in early Spring. Blue skies, snow-covered sandstone and off-the-beaten-path discoveries reveal a side of these popular destinations rarely seen.
May 03 2022
The rugged beauty of Alaska and the glacial waters of its most popular river, the Kenai, set the stage for a powerful story of loss and healing for a family Jeff, Zack, and Dave encounter. The water, the salmon, and the temperate forests of the Kenai Peninsula all play a role in this unforgettable journey.
Apr 25 2022

Season 2

10 Episodes

Catalina and Channel Islands National Park are explored aboard a 40ft sailing catamaran. Up close contact with Spinner dolphins and the rare Giant Sunfish highlight this ocean adventure.
Jun 15 2021
The Sierra Nevada Mountains near Yosemite National Park are home to several small communities surrounded by scenic beauty. We discover how these landscapes inspire one local photographer who lives near Yosemite and how his art is calling others to the outdoors.
Jun 08 2021
California�s largest single wildfire burned up one of the Sierra�s true travel treasures, the Sierra Scenic Byway. The Outside team visits the aftermath of the fire to see how this beloved road trip route has changed and to learn how to look at fire in a different way.
Jun 01 2021
Known for being a winter playground to Hollywood stars, the glitz and glamour of Aspen, Colorado has a more rugged side not often seen. Hiking, fishing and top-notch locations for photography are revealed high in the Rockies.
May 25 2021
Jeff and Zack share their experiences from two separate journeys to Iceland. Zack shares incredible footage and travel tips from the island�s more popular destinations while Jeff reveals footage and experiences from the rarely seen �highlands� area of this remote and beautiful travel hotspot.
May 18 2021
Famous national parks in the mountains and stunning beaches on the coast are where most travelers head to when planning an outdoor adventure in the Golden State. But the often-overlooked foothill regions on both sides of the great San Joaquin Valley hold their own kind of unique beauty. Jeff, Zack and David explore these areas as spring returns.
May 11 2021
It�s the hottest, driest and lowest place in the United States but a rare, winter storm changes Death Valley National Park into a photographer�s dream. The Outside crew explores the trails and unique rock formations in tough conditions and finds a unique surprise in the desert.
May 04 2021
A road trip to northern California reveals the beauty of old-growth coastal redwood groves, rugged shorelines and a series of state and national parks.
Apr 27 2021
Just a short drive from Las Vegas, Nevada, the bright lights of the strip are replaced with the fiery glow of ancient sandstone formations in this one-of-a-kind state park. Jeff, Zack and David explore the stunning landscapes of this rare geologic treasure.
Apr 20 2021
A drive along the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway through Mt. Lassen National Park in northern California takes Jeff, Zack and David to hidden waterfalls, deep inside mysterious lava tubes and to breathtaking vistas near to the top of a dormant volcano. Outside brought to you by Visit Fresno County, Hedrick's Chevrolet, Fresno-Yosemite International Airport, Visit Yosemite - Madera County.
Apr 13 2021

Season 1

10 Episodes

The Beyond The Lens camera crew visits one of the most scenic locations on Earth. Jeff, David and Jon wrap up a year of exploration with their cameras in the heart of the Swiss Alps. A road trip into the green valleys and snow-capped peaks reveals a side of Switzerland that is sometimes overlooked by all the scenic wonders�the people and food.
Dec 27 2019
It�s been the backdrop for Hollywood films for nearly 100 years. From Hop-Along Cassidy to Iron Man, the Alabama Hills and its unique geologic formations have been the backdrop to more than 100 films. But this is also an amazing place to explore and shoot landscapes like nowhere else on Earth. Jeff, David and Zack set up camp and discover a different side of this movie-making hotspot.
Dec 17 2019
In southeastern Colorado, scattered among the small towns and wind-swept plains two National Grasslands areas remain. Open to visitors but rarely seen, these wide open spaces protect a part of America�s heartland frozen in time. Jeff, David and Jon take their cameras into these remote grasslands and discover the remains of a WW2 Japanese internment camp.
Dec 04 2019
Southern Utah is home to some of America�s top national parks. Zion, Bryce and Arches National Parks attract millions of visitors each year. But a 50-mile drive through Utah�s remote Cottonwood Canyon delivers curious travelers into a world with landscapes that will rival any national park on Earth but a lonely camper they encounter along the journey becomes the real treasure of this adventure.
Dec 04 2019
About every 10 years, heavy winter rains in California lead to a phenomena called the �Super Bloom.� Mountain ranges and sprawling valley floors erupt in colors that are almost impossible to believe. Jeff Aiello, his son, Jett and David Boomer wander through southern California�s Carrizo Plains National Monument down a long dirt road that leads to discovery.
Nov 05 2019
Home to some of the most incredible landscapes on Earth, the south island of New Zealand is explored by the Beyond The Lens crew in search of the perfect frame. But Jeff, Jon & David quickly realize there�s a lot more to New Zealand than meets the eye. An overnight stay in the amazing lakeside city of Queenstown & a helpful local they meet leads to an unforgettable off-the-beaten path discovery.
Oct 29 2019
The east side of California�s Sierra Nevada Mountains is home to high deserts and towering peaks. Each fall, this region�s aspen groves explode in color as winter approaches drawing landscape photographers from around the world. Jeff Aiello explores the eastern Sierra at the peak of the fall color show and discovers why this part of the Golden State is becoming a favorite place to bring a camera.
Oct 22 2019
Every spring, the heartland of America gets hit with severe storms. �Tornado Alley� draws a storm chaser and his twin daughters through the Texas panhandle to see the power of Mother Nature. Beyond the lens, another side of this extreme hobby is revealed as we pass through the dying towns of a forgotten part of America.
Oct 15 2019
In a remote part of Alaska�s Aleutian Peninsula, accessible only by floatplane, a single camp sits on the banks of a river. Every summer, fishermen come here to catch salmon in a place where brown bears roam free and wolves howl in the wind. Jeff Aiello tells the story of this �family run� camp, friends that�s come to fish and captures the rarely seen beauty of a part of Alaska far off the grid.
Oct 07 2019
Australia is a popular destination, but most never visit the rural southeastern coastline. A group of friends, Jeff Aiello, David Boomer, Jon Neely, that are award-winning landscape cinematographers set out on Princes Highway to film a different side of a land down under. Small fishing towns, stunning rain forests and advice from the locals about where to explore leads to unplanned adventures.
Oct 01 2019