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This is a series about community, connection, and, yes, only-in-Florida characters, Panhandle pairs an eccentric, agoraphobic arm-chair detective with a reluctant traffic cop. Together, Bell Prescott and Cammie Lorde wrestle with personal demons, shocking twists and a few gators on their journey to heal themselves and their town.

Season 1

8 Episodes

Bell struggles with his lack of closure; Cammie faces a tense mediation.
Nov 07 2022
Bell and Cammie attempt to steal highly confidential files; Bell calls a family dinner.
Oct 31 2022
Cammie takes Bell on a road trip; Millicent is left alone for the first time in years.
Oct 24 2022
Bell and Cammie learn another person has been killed; Cammie is pressured to turn over evidence.
Oct 17 2022
Cammie finds evidence that could implicate Bell; Bell ventures off the property.
Oct 10 2022
Bell is visited by one of Vida's family members; Cammie checks out the Perez's beach home.
Oct 03 2022
Cammie and Bell search for clues to Vida's final days; Cammie receives a surprise visit.
Sep 26 2022
When a dead body is found on his property, Bell suspects it is connected to an unsolved murder.
Sep 26 2022