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Set in the fictional small Northern town of Chadder Vale, Former Met Police Detective Riya Ajunwa investigates a series of strange and inexplicable crimes that have the townsfolk spinning on an axis.

Season 1

6 Episodes

When heart-breaking revelations push Riya to Manchester, Ali and Nish must continue investigating on their own.
Apr 08 2024
John's illness provides Riya with a vital clue, Eddie and Joanne struggle to connect and Lilly confronts her dad with unexpected consequences.
Apr 07 2024
Riya confronts someone, new evidence shines a light on what happened to Mehmet, and Katie heads back to the forest for answers.
Apr 01 2024
As Chadder Vale reels in grief, Riya struggles to juggle the pieces of her rapidly escalating investigation and pressure mounts on Derek and Kane.
Mar 31 2024
Riya is desperate to find out what happened to Katie - but she just wants to talk to Mehmet about plans for the future - and someone's return reopens old wounds.
Mar 25 2024
A missing woman, a dead stag - DI Riya Ajunwa knows something is not right in Chadder Vale. There must be a connection between the two, but what is it?
Mar 24 2024