Percy Jackson and the & Olympians

Continuing / 7:00pm Disney+ 39 min.
Percy Jackson is on a dangerous quest. Outrunning monsters and outwitting gods, he must journey across America to return Zeus' master bolt and stop an all-out war. With the help of his quest mates Annabeth and Grover, Percy's journey will lead him closer to the answers he seeks: how to fit into a world where he feels out of place, and find out who he's destined to be.

Season 1

8 Episodes

Mount Olympus beckons... and Percy must face his greatest battle yet.
Jan 30 2024
Our heroes journey across the Underworld, and bargain for their safety with the god of the dead.
Jan 23 2024
Percy, Annabeth, and Grover must resist the alluring draw of a casino that feels outside of time.
Jan 16 2024
The quest deepens as Percy, Annabeth, and Grover are tasked with a favor from a fearsome opponent.
Jan 09 2024
Our heroes search for a refuge in St Louis, and come face to face with the mother of all monsters.
Jan 02 2024
Percy sets off on the quest to return Zeus´┐Ż master bolt and stop a war between the gods.
Dec 26 2023
Percy finds his place at Camp Half Blood, where he learns just how special his origins may be.
Dec 19 2023
Expelled from school, Percy Jackson unravels who he is, confronting a world of gods and monsters.
Dec 19 2023