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Sheila Rubin is a quietly tormented housewife in í80s San Diego, who behind closed door battles extreme personal demons and a vicious inner voice. But things change when she discovers aerobics, sparking a journey toward empowerment and success.

Season 2

10 Episodes

TBA 2x10
Aug 05 2022
TBA 2x09
Jul 29 2022
TBA 2x08
Jul 22 2022
TBA 2x07
Jul 15 2022
TBA 2x06
Jul 08 2022
Tyler and Bunny concoct a scheme. John confides in someone who was close to his father. Sheila and Greta get advice from Vinnie Green.
Jul 01 2022
Sheila solicits Bunny to fill in for her at promotional events. Greta and Ernie spice up their marriage.
Jun 24 2022
Pushing through haunting memories and physical pain, Sheila seeks relief in the class of a local fitness icon. Bunny visits someone from her past.
Jun 17 2022
Sheila is confronted as she performs an aerobics demonstration. Danny leads a group of young environmental activists.
Jun 10 2022
Sheila has replaced her former vice with a new one, while her frustration with Danny builds.
Jun 03 2022

Season 1

10 Episodes

With election day looming, Sheila entertains an intriguing proposition. Bunnyís finances and Tylerís health come to a head.
Aug 06 2021
Sheila is determined to put aerobics behind her but finds the pull too strong. Tyler contends with an unexpected health condition.
Jul 30 2021
In need of money, Sheila pays an unexpected visit to her parentsóand her past. Greta finally confronts Ernie.
Jul 23 2021
The Rubins head to Los Angeles, where they visit the Logans in hopes of fundraising at a party. Breemís demons surface.
Jul 16 2021
Sheila films two videosóone for aerobics and one for Dannyís campaignóplunging herself deeper into debt and deception.
Jul 09 2021
Sheila teams up with Tyler to show her newfound visionóand unearths a disturbing secret. Danny participates in a debate and Bunny has a visitor.
Jul 02 2021
Danny hires a campaign manager from their past who causes friction with Sheila. Greta opens up about a nagging suspicion in her marriage.
Jun 25 2021
Debt mounting, Sheila decides to teach a classóbut is tasked with recruiting new students. Danny hunts for enough signatures to get on the ballot.
Jun 18 2021
Desperate for more aerobics, Sheila struggles to get back to Bunnyís studio while also helping Danny lock down a much-needed endorsement.
Jun 18 2021
Sheila discovers aerobics as a new outlet for her body anxiety. Danny, her husband, pursues a calling in politics after bad news about his job.
Jun 18 2021