Plan B (2023)

Continuing / 7:00pm CBC 44 min.
An ambitious young lawyer discovers a way to travel through time to fix his relationships, and create his perfect life, but even when he knows what�s going to happen next, he can�t control everything.

Season 1

6 Episodes

When Philip's perfect world is hit hard by reality, he decides on a very different plan B.
Apr 10 2023
This time Philip's sure he has the perfect Plan B to make his dreams come true.
Apr 03 2023
Despite Evelyn's obvious love for him, Philip can't shake his jealousy.
Mar 27 2023
Philip finds himself resentful about what he knows is about to happen in the future.
Mar 20 2023
Despite working hard to make it perfect, Philip's life still isn't going according to plan.
Mar 06 2023
A mysterious hotline gives Philip the chance to go back in time to fix his relationship.
Feb 27 2023