Power Book III: Raising Kanan

Continuing / 7:00pm STARZ 55 min.
Set in the 1990s, the series chronicles the early years of Kanan Stark and how he got into the drug game.

Season 3

10 Episodes

Feb 09 2024
Feb 02 2024
As a despondent Lou becomes a liability for the family, Raq and Marvin work to get the new heroin operation up and running amidst new competition from Kanan and Ronnie.
Jan 26 2024
Lou�s drinking creates a problem for the whole family when Shantel goes looking for justice. Kanan assimilates into Ronnie�s crew, and Raq formulates a new plan for Unique�s former heroin operation.
Jan 19 2024
Dangerous secrets are revealed as Famous unburdens himself to Kanan, and Raq finally tries to make amends with Lou. Marvin struggles with his role as stage dad, and Howard attempts to get closer to the Task Force.
Jan 12 2024
Tension between Ronnie and Unique comes to a head while Kanan clashes with both Raq and Famous. Juke bonds with her bandmate, and Lou works to revitalize Cafe Vous. Howard�s attempt to manipulate the Task Force backfires.
Dec 29 2023
New business ventures take shape for the Thomas family, but the outlook is bleaker for the Mathis brothers as Ronnie�s patience runs out. Raq makes a risky move for Kanan�s obedience.
Dec 22 2023
As paranoia sets in for Raq and Howard over the Task Force, Kanan and Famous launch their weed delivery business, Jukebox prepares for her audition, and Ronnie grows impatient with Unique.
Dec 15 2023
Raq continues her farewell tour with one last job for the Mafia while Kanan dives further into the drug game with an innovative business idea. Howard faces a new threat at the precinct.
Dec 08 2023
Raq makes a life-changing decision in the aftermath of the Mafia�s ambush, but its too little, too late for Kanan, as he looks to pave his own path free of his mother�s lies.
Dec 01 2023

Season 2

10 Episodes

Decidedly his own man, Kanan strays further from his mother and sets up shop on his own on the corners of South Jamaica. Worried about retaliation, Raq questions Unique. Lou�s rift with Raq grows when he makes a discovery.
Oct 23 2022
With his living situation threatened, Famous reaches out to Lou as a last-ditch effort. Raq receives a new business proposal and must eliminate a threat. Burke closes in on what really happened in Baisley Park.
Oct 16 2022
The rift between Raq and Kanan grows and Kanan seeks comfort elsewhere. Marvin lies low, waiting for the consequences of his actions to blow over. Raq sees dark clouds on the horizon.
Oct 09 2022
Raq searches for a new home. Lou finds himself on the other side of his partner�s unpaid debts. Burke gains traction in her investigation on Howard. A botched agreement with Marvin and an associate threatens everything.
Oct 02 2022
Raq assures everyone they need to follow orders and keep working as planned. Kanan takes on more responsibility, but things go wrong when he runs into neighborhood kids. Lou feels the pressure in his partnership with Crown.
Sep 18 2022
Raq turns to her attention to bonding with Kanan in the Catskills, but business follows them despite her best efforts; tension between Crown and Lou boils over; Burke snoops into Howard�s private life.
Sep 11 2022
Kanan and Jukebox search for answers in family matters. When Raq�s push into new territory is stalled, she proposes a meeting. Crown helps Famous get settled. Still investigating Howard�s shooting, Burke questions Unique.
Sep 04 2022
A surprise encounter with Howard leaves Kanan rattled. Raq tries to expand into new territory, but when an associate and valuables go missing, she is reunited with an old adversary. Lou continues to butt heads with Crown.
Aug 28 2022
Raq learns she may have a snitch and tasks Marvin with confirming the rumor. Lou brings in a potential new artist, but he and Crown disagree. Kanan helps Famous sell mix tapes. Jukebox tracks down her estranged mother.
Aug 21 2022
Kanan returns to Queens where Raq is trying to mend the many fractures in the Thomas family. As Raq expands her empire, Kanan doubts his future in the drug game. Meanwhile, Detective Howard is released from the hospital.
Aug 14 2022

Season 1

10 Episodes

As the situation in the neighborhood turns dire, Raq scrambles to get Kanan out of harm�s way.
Sep 26 2021
As Marvin seeks revenge, Raq turns to Kanan for assistance only he can provide.
Sep 19 2021
Kanan struggles with a harsh truth after word gets back to Raq that he�s behind the bad crack on the streets.
Sep 12 2021
Kanan and Marvin�s side hustle goes awry. Raq seeks revenge for the attack on Scrappy. Jukebox suffers a devastating blow.
Sep 05 2021
Lou�s new artist showcase becomes the nexus of the rivalry between Raq and Unique. At the same time, Kanan cooks up a drug-selling scheme with Marvin.
Aug 29 2021
Eager to transform her business after the stash house is hit, Raq overhauls her operation. Meanwhile, Kanan is detained after a fight with Scrappy.
Aug 15 2021
All bets are off when a police raid clears out Raq�s competition. Promises are broken, secrets are revealed, and revenge is swift.
Aug 08 2021
Still reeling from a shocking death, Kanan pushes his way into the drug game with Marvin�s help while Raq plots to take down her competition.
Aug 01 2021
After a rival crewmember is killed, Raq does whatever is necessary to get the target off Kanan�s back.
Jul 25 2021
It�s 1991 in South Jamaica, Queens, and 15-year-old Kanan Stark is eager to join his family�s growing drug business, led by his mother, �Raquel Raq� Thomas.
Jul 18 2021