Pretty Hard Cases

Continuing / 7:00pm CBC 44 min.
Offering a fun and honest portrayal of two radically different female detectives in their early 40s, this action-packed series follows Guns and Gangs detective Sam and Narcotics detective Kelly, who by day are true action heroes in their own particular way: skilled, tough, determined, and ruthless. But by night, they’re both grappling with loneliness, dysfunctional families, screwed-up love lives, and a sense that their professional ambitions may not be totally in line with their personal needs. Their friendship could help to balance each other out, if only they didn’t drive one another utterly insane.

Season 3

7 Episodes

Kelly goes to Guelph on her own in search of the chemist behind purple rain, as Sam's health issues have her trailing behind. Sam finds Kelly trapped in an explosive situation.
Feb 15 2023
Sam, Kelly, Naz, and Nathan stage a purple rain take-down at a roller-skating rink. On her way there, Kelly is shaken by an eye-opening altercation with the police.
Feb 08 2023
Sam weasels her way into an undercover play as a koi aficionado. Kelly forges a crucial new gang connection.
Feb 01 2023
Kelly is put on the purple rain case with Nathan, leaving Sam in a vulnerable situation when she has to go undercover with Naz's girlfriend at a nudist colony.
Jan 25 2023
A surge in gun violence in a community undergoing gentrification brings Sam and Kelly to a Caribana mas camp. Tensions rise when a shooting leaves them searching for those responsible.
Jan 18 2023
Sam and Kelly investigate a ketamine theft at an animal sanctuary. Naz and Nathan work to catch the dealer of a dangerous new synthetic drug.
Jan 11 2023
After long eight months apart, Sam and Kelly reunite on a high-stakes assignment, going undercover as bridesmaids to secure a murder confession.
Jan 04 2023

Season 2

12 Episodes

Sam and Kelly zero in on the Coyote alliance as they prepare to infiltrate a ribbon cutting ceremony at a new private airport terminal, suspected of transporting more than rich passengers.
Apr 13 2022
Scrambling to get back on the job, Sam and Kelly’s mission to find the real corrupt cop becomes personal when Sam’s career is put on the line and Kelly’s reputation is at stake.
Apr 06 2022
With key evidence destroyed and suspicions of a dirty cop amid their case, Sam and Kelly participate in workplace mental health training to try to get to the bottom of it.
Mar 30 2022
In pursuit of Adeline French, Sam and Kelly find themselves at the doorstep of a fraudulent psychic, who opens their eyes to mysteries they need to solve within their own lives.
Mar 23 2022
With Michaels eager to take over their Coyote case, Sam and Kelly set off on an impromptu road trip to cottage country in a last-ditch effort to find their suspected drug kingpin.
Mar 16 2022
Naz gets in deeper with the Coyotes, earning him an invite to Adeline’s party, but when Naz finds himself in hot water, it’s up to Sam and Kelly to pull him out before events get deadly.
Mar 09 2022
Naz goes undercover as shady smuggler Scarborough Stu to infiltrate the Coyotes via Will French. Sam and Kelly must act fast when Will’s sister Adeline shows up, unexpectedly jeopardizing Naz’s cover.
Mar 02 2022
Kelly and Sam pursue different leads to exonerate an innocent teen accused of shooting their colleague. Both of their investigations end up informing the Coyote case in an unexpected way.
Feb 23 2022
Sam and Kelly’s friendship is put to the test when they’re forced to work with Kelly’s ex-boyfriend, whose intel gives them their biggest lead yet on the pink cocaine and 3D guns.
Jan 26 2022
When Elliot and Jackie return from a road trip across the border, trouble follows them, wreaking havoc on Sam and Kelly’s search for who shot a police officer.
Jan 19 2022
Sam and Kelly investigate the origin of a 3D gun used to shoot a police officer. As a last resort, they team up with Kelly’s ex-boyfriend to get ahead of their lead suspect.
Jan 12 2022
Sam and Kelly take their partnership to new heights when they go undercover as flight attendants to infiltrate a Central American gang’s drug route.
Jan 05 2022

Season 1

10 Episodes

Sam and Kelly are forced to team up with the enemy in order to take down an even bigger threat. When their undercover sting takes a dangerous turn, Sam and Kelly must give their best performances yet in order to escape with their lives.
Apr 07 2021
Gliders 1x09
In the aftermath of their shocking discovery, Sam & Kelly embark on a border-crossing mission to take down the new Stockwood boss.
Mar 31 2021
Flowers 1x08
Tracking the source of a new MDMA brings Sam and Kelly into the unlikely world of flower deliveries, as they narrow in on a new Stockwood player.
Mar 24 2021
Ritz 1x07
With Sam's promotion on the line, Sam and Kelly stake out an autobody shop, hoping to reel in Stockwood's last big fish, Randy Bowen.
Mar 17 2021
Guns 1x06
When a cooler full of guns puts Sam and Kelly on the trail of 77 more black-market firearms, the pair find themselves in a life or “death-trap” situation.
Mar 10 2021
Kids 1x05
Kelly enlists Elliot's help to investigate an MDMA dealer in his school. Meanwhile, when Sam's investigation into a father's missing guns takes a turn, she's surprised by who gets caught in the crossfire.
Mar 03 2021
Sam gets Kelly's help for a high-stakes sting to get them closer to catching the Bowen Brothers, but Kelly is put in danger when Sam's power play takes an unexpected turn.
Feb 24 2021
Nuts 1x03
Sam helps Kelly raid a Stockwood stash house, but a key piece of the puzzle goes missing.
Feb 17 2021
Dealz 1x02
Sam calls on Kelly’s undercover skills when she gets a lead on a gun-dealing dollar store. But when Kelly’s cover is blown, Sam’s forced to get out of her comfort zone to expose the supplier.
Feb 10 2021
Bananas 1x01
After a failed drug bust, Sam and Kelly discover they’re after the same dealer, forcing them to team up to take down a major Stockwood player.
Feb 03 2021