Professor T

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Jasper Tempest, a criminology professor, finds himself reluctantly acting as an advisor to the police when Diana Tyson is violently attacked on Cambridge campus. British adaptation of the 2015 Flemish Belgian series.

Season 3

6 Episodes

When a body is found at the scene of a car crash, Professor T investigates and finds some uncomfortable resemblances to his own situation.
May 01 2024
Professor T must prove his innocence when he comes under suspicion after a murder at a criminology conference.
Apr 24 2024
Professor T is desperate to get back to his work when he is called on by the police to investigate a series of unexplained deaths.
Apr 17 2024
Professor T is up in court and must decide whether to save himself or his former lover, and there are no end of suspects in a prison officer's death.
Apr 10 2024
When a body is found floating in a hotel swimming pool, the police suspect foul play and decide to get Professor T's help.
Apr 03 2024
When Professor T is jailed and finds the sights, sounds and smells of prison hard to take, Dan and Lisa try to distract him with a murder case.
Mar 27 2024

Season 2

6 Episodes

After discovering the body of an undercover police officer, the CID team blunder into a Drugs Squad operation against a major trafficker.
Oct 28 2022
Professor T lectures his students about the murder trial of a caretaker who appears to have been caught red-handed in the act of shooting his employer.
Oct 21 2022
When an artisan baker is found dead after receiving death threats, the police appear to have an open-and-shut case against a convicted murderer's son.
Oct 14 2022
Professor T is asked to decipher a macabre puzzle when a doctor and her family are found dead in a grisly tableau on their living room sofa.
Sep 30 2022
A barrister and his second wife are found shot to death in a crime that has uncanny parallels to a double murder that he prosecuted 15 years ago.
Sep 23 2022
When a student is left badly burnt and in a coma after a house fire, the CID team overcome their reluctance to call in Professor T as it emerges that the fire was intentional.
Sep 16 2022

Season 1

6 Episodes

When an attempt is made on a billionaire businessman's life, Professor T suspects the culprit may be much closer to home than the police suspect. Plus, it's Professor T's birthday.
Aug 22 2021
Professor T befriends a vulnerable girl and is convinced she is the key witness to a murder. When Lisa's boss confronts her about her relationship, Lisa makes a bold decision.
Aug 15 2021
When Professor T helps investigate the disappearance of a six-year-old girl, tensions rise between DI Paul Rabbit and Jasper until they come to blows.
Aug 08 2021
Professor T becomes embroiled in a hostage situation, but his unconventional negotiating tactics go down badly with the police. Old flame Christina reveals all is not well at home.
Aug 01 2021
When a blameless librarian is poisoned at a drinks reception at a museum, Professor T is called upon to narrow down the list of possible suspects.
Jul 25 2021
Professor T is persuaded by a former student - now a police detective - to help her investigate a serial rapist.
Jul 18 2021