Rap Sh!t

Continuing / 7:00pm HBO Max 30 min.
Rap Sh!t will follow two friends away from the Miami college who get together to form a rap group.

Season 1

8 Episodes

After the show, Mia and Shawna find themselves questioning the group�s future. Later, Mia forms an unexpected connection, while Shawna considers an offer.
Sep 01 2022
Before heading to her first-ever live performance, Shawna faces off against a former friend, whose critical words about the pair�s lack of direction hit home.
Aug 25 2022
After the events in New York, Mia deals with hateful comments and trolls while Lamont has to step up. Meanwhile, Shawna decides to ditch work for the day.
Aug 18 2022
The girls take a trip to New York where Shawna finally reunites with Cliff and Mia meets up with a wealthy stranger.
Aug 11 2022
Shawna's boyfriend Cliff criticizes the pair's latest work; Chastity attempts to convince a club to play their song.
Aug 04 2022
As the duo get more serious about their music, Shawna dives deeper into a scheme to help cover costs. Meanwhile, Mia fields a proposal from her promoter friend Chastity.
Jul 28 2022
After their first video gains traction, Shawna and Mia�s second attempt at success leads to creative differences.
Jul 21 2022
Stuck at a dead-end hotel job while her long-distance boyfriend attends law school, aspiring rapper Shawna spontaneously invites her estranged friend Mia out for drinks � yielding surprising results.
Jul 21 2022