Rebus (2024)

Continuing / 7:00pm BBC Scotland 46 min.
In Edinburgh�s murky underbelly, DS Rebus is drawn into a violent criminal conflict that turns personal.

Season 1

6 Episodes

Lives are at stake, with John�s loyalties torn and more revelations to come, while Rhona questions Chrissie, but home truths prove more dangerous.
Jun 21 2024
Michael has motivation to kill Cafferty, as has John, while Darryl Christie tries retaliation, using Siobhan to help his plan.
Jun 14 2024
John is frustrated at family gatherings, unaware that the Cafferty and Christie rivalry is viciously escalating, with Michael at its heart.
Jun 07 2024
John's words come back to haunt him, while his brother abducts drug dealer Darryl Christie and recruits ex-army comrades for a risky raid. John hears his paralysed former partner�s confession.
May 31 2024
Hard-up Michael Rebus�s rash act in Fife has bloody consequences for his brother John, who faces a fatal confrontation. Meanwhile, Siobhan finds out who stopped the street attack, and John confesses to contact with criminal Cafferty.
May 24 2024
A violent street attack is investigated by DS John Rebus and new detective Siobhan Clarke. However, it's John�s family that pose unexpected problems, along with an awkward affair.
May 17 2024