Ride (2023)

Ended / 7:00pm Hallmark Channel 43 min.
The series follows the McMurrays, part of a rodeo dynasty going back a generation, as they try to keep their ranch afloat and save their land. A tragic loss leads to everyone going on an empowering journey of transformation and self-discovery, but a twisted web of secrets threatens to not just tear apart the family, but their small town in Colorado as well.

Season 1

10 Episodes

The day has arrived for Cash to win the Frontier deal at the National Cheyenne Rodeo, but his fight with Tucker has landed him in jail. The family must race to get him out in time to compete, in hopes of saving the ranch. But some unexpected news awaits that will shock the McMurrays to the core.
May 28 2023
Valeria finally reveals the secrets of her past, and the full truth of Austin's secrets come to light, causing Cash to spiral into a dark and dangerous place.
May 21 2023
Romance is in the air when the McMurrays prepare to host a Booker family wedding at the ranch. Everyone has a role to play in preparing for the big day.
May 14 2023
Missy heads to Denver to judge a pageant. Isabel and Hank realize selling the town on the stadium deal will prove harder than expected.
May 07 2023
Isabel and Hank decide to woo Gus's dad, Daniel Booker, to invest in their new business venture. Missy tries to meet with the strange woman from the Frontier BBQ.
Apr 30 2023
Missy brings Cash as her plus-one to the Frontier BBQ, but Cash feels out of place when his biggest competition, Hudson Cooper, shows up too.
Apr 23 2023
Estella 1x04
Missy and Gus get closer when she agrees to give his niece a tour of the ranch, and Valeria works her way into the ranch hand boys club via their traditional Poker game.
Apr 16 2023
The McMurrays gear up to host the annual Bull Riders League Gala. Isabel must spiff up the barn and her son Cash to impress judges, Missy is anxious about returning to trick riding.
Apr 09 2023
Cash's ride at Boulder Rocky Mountain Rodeo puts the McMurrays back in business. Tuff and Valeria are forced to work on their friendship as they work to save the ranch.
Apr 02 2023
Following a tragic event, a renowned Colorado ranching family must pick up the pieces to save their ranch.
Mar 26 2023