Ride with Norman Reedus

Continuing Sunday / 7:00pm AMC 45 min.
The Walking Dead star and motorcycle enthusiast Norman Reedus hits the open road to explore local biker culture and celebrate the best and brightest collectors, mechanics and craftsmen around the country. Each episode features Reedus and a riding companion � a fellow actor, musician, friend or local chopper fanatic � as they journey to custom bike shops, tattoo parlors, collector�s warehouses, or a roadside smokehouse� with plenty of time for unplanned detours and tire changes.

Season 6

4 Episodes

Norman Reedus and artist Adri Law explore one of Europe�s hottest destinations: Portugal. On a scenic ride up the country�s western shoreline, they discover the impact the recent tourist boom has had on this old world country.
Oct 01 2023
Accompanied by actor Johnny Knoxville, Norman Reedus navigates his way through ancient Rome, the eternal city, taking in the cuisine and culture of the birthplace of Western Civilization.
Sep 24 2023
Actor Josh Holloway joins Norman Reedus for a ride through rustic Northern Italy. Navigating through some of the most scenic roads in Europe, they quench their need for speed in Motor Valley before exploring Josh�s old stomping grounds in Bologna.
Sep 17 2023
Norman Reedus and actor Keanu Reeves journey through the otherworldy landscapes of the Utah desert. From the Bonneville Salt Flats to Canyonlands Natural Park to a motorcycle bash in the canyons of Moab, it�s one epic adventure.
Sep 10 2023

Season 5

6 Episodes

Norman Reedus joins the crew as they revisit their most unusual and surprising experiences on the road throughout the years, telling behind-the-scenes stories and pulling the curtains back to reveal what it took to get there.
Apr 25 2021
From his travels, Norman Reedus has discovered it's the people who make the journey; he looks back on those he's met and the lessons he's learned throughout the world with guests Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Melissa McBride, Ryan Hurst, and Milo Ventimiglia.
Apr 18 2021
From the Pacific Coast Highway to the city of New York, Norman Reedus recalls his favorite experiences traveling America from coast to coast, on rides through the country with Steven Yeun, Austin Amelio, Sean Patrick Flanery, and Dave Chapelle.
Mar 28 2021
Norman Reedus looks back at his favorite moments from the previous four seasons, revisiting trips with Peter Fonda, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Melissa McBride, and Dave Chappelle and remembering time spent in Japan, Costa Rica, Europe, and Uruguay.
Mar 21 2021
Actor Dylan McDermott joins Norman Reedus for a scenic trip along New Zealand's majestic South Island; navigating dramatic mountain roads, they take in some of the most rugged, unpredictable landscape in a remote corner of the world.
Mar 14 2021
Norman Reedus explores the harbor city of Auckland before meeting up with actor Josh Brolin; together they discover a rich native Maori culture and an affinity for motor sports amongst the stunning North Island landscape.
Mar 07 2021

Season 4

6 Episodes

Norman Reedus and Clifton Collins Jr. ride from Louisville to the Red River Gorge, while embracing the quintessential Kentucky experience.
Apr 12 2020
Norman Reedus and Becky Goebel learn about the easygoing country of Uruguay while riding with locals to take in the rich culture it has to offer.
Apr 05 2020
Norman Reedus and Dom Rocket traverse the jungles and coasts of Costa Rica while doing some extreme riding, and exploring its natural beauty.
Mar 29 2020
Norman Reedus and Milo Ventimiglia travel from Kyoto to Osaka Japan, taking in its cultural traditions and meeting some creative locals along the way.
Mar 22 2020
Norman Reedus and Ryan Hurst tour modern Japan and explore it's technological history, ultimately arriving at the iconic and serene Mount Fuji.
Mar 15 2020
The Dixon brothers explore the historic city of Birmingham, Ala., and have fun in Atlanta before arriving in Senoia, Ga., for a "Walking Dead" reunion.
Mar 08 2020

Season 3

6 Episodes

Norman Reedus embarks on a melodic expedition through Tennessee, guided by a band of musicians who show him the heart and soul of the musical state.
Mar 18 2019
Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery saddle up and ride through the heart Texas to hang out with influential tattoo artist Oliver Peck in Dallas.
Mar 11 2019
Norman Reedus and Austin Amelio explore the desert wasteland of Arizona on a heavy metal adventure to meet some of the country's bravest heroes.
Mar 04 2019
Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride traverse rolling hills and castle ruins of Scotland to uncover the mysteries of Melissa's Scottish ancestors.
Feb 25 2019
Norman Reedus and Steven Yeun hit the Bay Area of California, navigating sprawling urban centers and lush green countryside to meet a group of motorcycle legends.
Feb 18 2019
Norman Reedus and Jeffrey Dean Morgan take in the sights and sounds of London, then roam mystic landscapes to meet an old friend and a rock icon.
Feb 11 2019

Season 2

6 Episodes

Norman rides around his home city of New York while visiting friends; eating pizza with Mario Batali; exploring the city�s art, food and culture.
Dec 04 2017
Norman and photographer Patrick Hoelck ride the Big Island of Hawaii; taking in local customs like fishing, ukulele music, and exploring volcanoes.
Nov 27 2017
Norman and musician Aimee Nash ride from Albuquerque to White Sands, N.M.; they ride ziplines, eat chili and test out government-grade weapons.
Nov 20 2017
Norman Reedus rides from Los Angeles to Joshua Tree; visits friends including Greg Nicotero; explores Southern California's hidden gems.
Nov 13 2017
Norman and comedian Dave Chappelle ride from Charleston to Savannah; stopping along the way to experience the culture and history of Lowcountry.
Nov 06 2017
Norman and his "The Walking Dead" castmate Jeffrey Dean Morgan ride through Spain; starting in Barcelona and ending at the Falles festival in Valencia.
Nov 05 2017

Season 1

6 Episodes

Norman hooks up with Peter Fonda for a ride down to The Keys. They check out some unique bikes, and meet some unique people.
Jul 17 2016
For this ride from Lafayette to NOLA, Norman and Brent Hinds fish for crawdads, meet an alligator whisperer and get tattoos.
Jul 10 2016
Norman meets a friend in Austin before hooking up with Robert Rodriguez and hitting Hill Country to discover the real Texas.
Jul 03 2016
Norman and his buddy Jason snake through the smokey mountains, hit the Dragons Tail, and party with the locals.
Jun 26 2016
Balthazar Getty and Norman Reedus spend a night in Las Vegas and then ride out to Death Valley, enjoying the epic scenery.
Jun 19 2016
Norman and his friend Imogen Lehtonen ride up the California Pacific Coast Highway to check out some dune buggies, ride a futuristic bike and do a podcast.
Jun 12 2016