Run the Burbs

Continuing / 7:00pm CBC 23 min.
The series follows the Phams, a young, bold Vietnamese-South Asian-Canadian family taking a different approach to living life to the fullest, while changing the way we think about contemporary family values and life in the burbs.

Season 3

13 Episodes

Andrew is elated when his personal hero, Vernon Park, offers him advice on a dream plan to expand Rockridge�s summer camp program, only to discover that Park�s interests may not align.
Apr 02 2024
Andrew's vasectomy plan strains his friendship with Hudson, while Camille and Khia clash over buying a car.
Mar 26 2024
As Camille's cookbook launch day unfolds in chaos, the Phams rally to save the event in a surprising and colorful twist.
Mar 19 2024
On their long-awaited date day, Camille and Andrew meddle to prevent Hudson and his ex from rekindling their romance.
Mar 12 2024
It's Lunar New Year, and Andrew must mediate a fight between his mom and sister on the topic of having kids.
Mar 05 2024
Camille confronts her old bully at Leo's taekwondo school, while Andrew tries to bond with Khia at life drawing class.
Feb 27 2024
Camille tries to provoke Khia's teenage rebellion while Andrew tests his parents' skills to be guardians for Khia & Leo.
Feb 20 2024
On Halloween, the Phams face a choice: cling to old traditions or embrace new ideas of family fun.
Feb 13 2024
Camille wages a war on her noisy neighbors, while Andrew tries to start an early hours nightclub at Bubble Bae.
Feb 06 2024
Andrew struggles to train Leo for the basketball team tryouts, while Camille discovers the cooking gene skipped Khia.
Jan 30 2024
Andrew struggles to create a core Canadian memory on the Phams' first cottage getaway.
Jan 23 2024
Andrew and Camille search for a new family doctor. Khia meets her ex's new girlfriend.
Jan 16 2024
The annual yard sale brings an unexpected moral dilemma for Andrew, as Camille deals with Ramesh's overbearing presence.
Jan 09 2024

Season 2

13 Episodes

Camille's big TV audition reveals a rift with Sam. Andrew has a tough choice to make about which career path to follow.
Mar 29 2023
Andrew and Camille hope to enjoy a wedding responsibility free, but get pulled into family drama and old beefs.
Mar 22 2023
Andrew and Camille have different techniques in teaching Khia how to drive. Sam uses Leo to network for a job.
Mar 15 2023
Camille and Andrew help family look for a new place to live. Their memories differ about when they bought their current home.
Mar 08 2023
Andrew organizes Rockridge's Lunar New Year festival, and an unwanted guest shows up. Camille starts a curry war.
Mar 01 2023
Andrew tries to leave with the kids so Camille can do an important live stream. A snowstorm doesn�t make that easy.
Feb 22 2023
Camille can't handle it when Ramesh wants to sell her childhood home. Andrew tries to improve things at Hudson's office.
Feb 15 2023
Camille hosts a menu tasting for famous guests. Andrew refuses money from his parents, even though times are tight.
Feb 08 2023
The Phams help the adult child of a beloved neighbor deal with her passing. Barb intrudes on Ramesh and Leo's fun.
Feb 01 2023
Andrew creates a DIY speed bump to protect the community, but it does the opposite. Camille takes on internet trolls.
Jan 25 2023
Andrew and Camille differ on how to help Khia get over a breakup. Sam teaches Ramesh to play golf to impress Barb.
Jan 18 2023
Camille struggles with her Indian identity when a cousin visits. Andrew's on a cold case. Khia returns from Paris early.
Jan 11 2023
Andrew interviews for his dream job in community development. Camille holds a focus group for her business launch.
Jan 04 2023

Season 1

12 Episodes

Andrews brings together the neighbourhood as his perfect graduation plans are threatened. Camille wants to quit her job. Khia gets bad news from Mannix.
Apr 13 2022
Determined to prove they're cool, Andrew and Camille have a night on the town. Leo helps Hudson face the music. Ramesh and Sebastian play backgammon.
Apr 06 2022
Andrew and Camille use game nights to help Hudson. Ramesh worries Barb doesn't think he's expressive enough. Khia plans a movie night for Mannix.
Mar 30 2022
Li Xi 1x09
As they celebrate Vietnamese Lunar New Year, Andrew worries about his parents� relationship. Camille pitches her business to Andrew�s mother and the kids get into trouble with their business start up.
Mar 23 2022
Khia�s guidance counsellor helps Andrew make a big decision. Camille struggles to cater an event. Hudson and Ramesh help Cathy with her taxes.
Mar 16 2022
Khia�s guidance counsellor helps Andrew make a big decision. Camille struggles to cater an event. Hudson and Ramesh help Cathy with her taxes.
Mar 09 2022
Andrew and Camille try to relive their very first date as Sam babysits Leo. Khia struggles with what to write in Mannix�s birthday card.
Mar 02 2022
Andrew tests Leo�s ability to walk to school alone as Camille takes a reluctant Khia bra shopping. Ramesh takes a stand at Bubble Bae when he learns he�s not a regular customer.
Feb 23 2022
Andrew and Khia play matchmaker for Sebastian. At work, Camille struggles with a firing spree and Ramesh helps Leo unclog his �mind palace.�
Jan 26 2022
Andrew competes with his sister Carol as Camille worries about Ramesh online dating. Khia enlists Leo�s help with chores.
Jan 19 2022
Camille and Andrew are invited to the new neighbours� pool but must cancel on Hudson first. At Bubble Bae, Khia paints a mural and seeks validation. Andrew struggles when Leo goes to overnight camp.
Jan 12 2022
Camille seeks out a permit for the neighbourhood block party while Andrew asks an elusive neighbour to perform as the surprise musical guest. At Bubble Bae, Khia discovers new feelings for Mannix.
Jan 05 2022