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Two cops must learn to work together to catch the world's most-wanted drug dealer, whose face has never been revealed.

Season 1

6 Episodes

As Millán and Cardona finally close in on Santo's location, they draw everyone around them — including their loved ones — into danger.
Sep 16 2022
Guilt 1x05
Cardona and Bárbara try to evade police custody while Millán navigates an internal affairs investigation into his past conduct.
Sep 16 2022
In the past, Cardona journeys to the depths of hell while working undercover in the cartel. In the present, he ends up in Millán's crosshairs.
Sep 16 2022
O Pai 1x03
As Cardona recalls more about the terrifying rituals he endured while held hostage, Millán investigates one of Santo's men who was operating in Spain.
Sep 16 2022
Eyelids 1x02
After being rescued in Madrid, Cardona tries to remember what happened to him and Bárbara while they were kidnapped. Millán investigates the Norwegians.
Sep 16 2022
In Salvador de Bahía, Agent Cardona hopes Santo's mistress might reveal the narco's whereabouts. In Madrid, Inspector Millán tracks down a suspect.
Sep 16 2022