Scare Tactics

Ended / 7:00pm Syfy US 25 min.
Do you know what scares you? You will get to see what scares the living daylights out of average citizens just like you on Scare Tactics, the hit series from the Sci-Fi Channel and the producers of the hidden camera show Spy TV. The series puts a new spin on the hidden camera idea by featuring pranks inspired by science-fiction and horror films. Such pranks feature "victims" in situations involving haunted houses, alien abductions and more. As an added twist, throughout the seasons the different hosts of Scare Tactics take part in many of the show's pranks.

Season 5

13 Episodes

Two journalists learn the consequences of offending a satanic cult. A guard tries to fend off possessed treasure thieves. A reporter gets caught as he dresses like a woman to participate in a feminist club. A therapist's assistant must sing a lullaby to soothe a savage prisoner on the hunt.
Feb 06 2012
An exterminator's assistant learns that rat traps cannot contain the creatures living under a tunnel. The loser of a comedy awards show tries to kill his way to the top. Target practice turns deadly for a knife-thrower and a young man is forced to marry pair of freakish sisters.
Jan 30 2012
A vengeful garden gnome comes to life and attacks a babysitter. A man's "prank" results in a vehicular homicide. A psychiatrist murders his assistant after getting in touch with his inner-baby. A show assistant drives a co-host crazy, and it becomes deadly - All on Scare Tactics!
Jan 23 2012
An insurance investigation turns into a wild encounter with outer-space visitors. A morgue assistant learns that a corpse has a crush on him. The ghost of a legendary explorer guards his booty from searchers and a coma-ward is terrified when an awakened patient tries to murder her.
Jan 16 2012
A security guard is attacked by zombies, and a young man's with a gorgeous woman is spoiled by her demonic ex-boyfriend. Scientists get eaten alive by flies and a children's birthday becomes deadly.
Jan 09 2012
A party-planner becomes involved with extreme activists who plan to blow up a nuclear reactor. A cult guru and his assistant formulate a doomsday plan to kill his followers. One man's hospital "prank" kills an innocent patient and a ghost protects a rich woman from thieves!
Dec 19 2011
A mysterious deadly fog contaminates a family farm and threatens to kill everyone in its path.
Dec 12 2011
A sci-fi TV show host has to deal with angry aliens after he accidentally lures their spaceship down to earth.
Dec 05 2011
The clean-up crew on a boat with a cursed past come face-to-face with a terrifying mutant sea creature.
Nov 28 2011
An investigative journalist unearths the remains of an ancient alien-human hybrid, and incurs the wrath of the hybrid's bizarre ancestors.
Nov 21 2011
A warehouse worker is implicated when radical eco-activists rig the building with explosives.
Nov 14 2011
An accident at an old chemical plant causes a woman to give birth to a freaky mutant.
Nov 12 2011
Singer/Actress Brooke Hogan is all smiles in her Scare Tactics debut until a leak at a nearby chemical plant turns her into a ravenous zombie.
Nov 07 2011

Season 4

13 Episodes

A prank with a female robot that runs on blood; a babysitter summons evils spirits with a Ouija board; a beekeeper's ambition plays out; a plumber and his assistant encounter a bunch of snakes. Stunts: Buzz Kill, Electrocutie, Ouija Sitter, Snakes in a Drain
Nov 21 2011
A new dog collar is tested; a geological work crew is exposed to a dormant virus; a delivery worker becomes trapped in an asylum; a pregnant woman carries a belly full of snakes. Stunts: Hot Under the Collar, Insanity Virus, No Asylum, Voo Doo You Love?
Nov 14 2011
A giant reptile nest is found in an old facility where tests on animals were conducted; a farmer's organic soil has a dark secret ingredient; a temp worker gets spooked by a drug developer; a lab tech becomes entangled in a scientific rivalry. Stunts: Chill Out, Reptile Creature Revolt, Gang Green Thumb, Scary Development
Nov 07 2011
Stunts: If These Walls Could Bleed, Size Splatters, Zombie Town, Truthisodes
Oct 24 2011
A plant grown in space becomes a student's problem; a sister's prank on her brother goes awry; a television crew visits a house where an old butler still serves his dead master; a doorman considers drinking a magic elixir. Stunts: Uh Oh! It's Maggots, Ultimate Alien Fighter, Fountain of Youth, He Shoots He Spores
Oct 17 2011
A mummy menaces; a horror film actor goes on a rampage; a lab assistant encounters a deadly mist; a documentary film crew finds a winged monster. Stunts: Tracy the Tour Guide, Into the Mist, Horror on the Horror Set, Death from Above
Oct 10 2011
A demonic doll causes trouble for a babysitter; an actor's joke on a mobster does not end well; an old book that can summon spirits is used in a prank; a news crew's report on death cults goes awry. Stunts: Valet Violence, Cursed Book, Possessed Farm, Demon Doll
Nov 15 2010
A delivery guy, a temp worker and a production assistant play roles in pranks. Also: a witness in the witness protection program has a disturbing visitor. Stunts: Alien Road Block, Lend Me a Hand, Black OPTS, Murderer Still at Large
Nov 08 2010
An organ-harvesting prank is featured, along with segments involving a witch, aliens and a creature that caused an accident. Stunts: Life's a Witch, Revenge of the Werewolf, Alien Babysitter, Organ Harvesting Facility
Nov 01 2010
A singing telegram revives a dead man; a wine-maker's secret ingredient is revealed; a vampire gets "murdered"; a laundry worker encounters a psychopath.
Oct 25 2010
A prank is played on a model who thinks she's helping with an auction; a demonic baby becomes trouble for a caretaker; an actor meets a madman on a hidden-camera show; a missing girl reappears amid unusual circumstances.
Oct 18 2010
A medical experiment takes a sinister turn; pranks involving a séance and a freak show play out. Stunts: No Pain No Brain, Communicating With the Ghosts, The Freak Show, Blood on the Cosmos
Oct 11 2010
Host Tracy Morgan helps scare a caterer caught in the middle a deadly food rivalry. Stunts: It's My Party, The Squatters, Fear Antics: Check Yourself, Crop Circle Showdown
Oct 05 2010

Season 3

25 Episodes

A young woman working in a medical clinic suddenly finds herself the unwitting assistant in the delivery of Satan's baby. A young woman attends a screening of some scary short films where the director silences his critics with death. A young man playing a joke at a barbershop becomes the unwilling target of a hidden camera prank gone wrong.
Nov 04 2008
An employee of a housing community finds himself the target of an angry mob of cultists demanding that he vacate their sacred land.
Oct 28 2008
Alien pods are discovered in an abandoned garage; a retirement-home resident has a deadly gift; a patient wishes to be reattached to his formerly conjoined twin; a power-company employee confronts a scientist who is stealing power to create the ultimate weapon.
Oct 28 2008
WWE star Matt Hardy plays a criminal who terrorizes a doctor's assistant; a maid encounters a maniac with a chainsaw; an office employee meets two men who both meet the description of a wanted man. Also: an abandoned school-bus prank.
Nov 04 2008
A sunscreen experiment goes awry in the presence of a bikini-clad woman; an escaped mental patient seeks refuge in an office; the main course at an exclusive dinner party shocks a lady guest; partygoers encounter a crazed cult.
Oct 21 2008
A deadly radioactive ooze imperils the employee of a shady businessman; a caterer is hired for a mad scientist's party; a construction worker has a strange encounter; a handyman meets a female serial killer.
Sep 30 2008
A demented family covets a woman for a strange collection; the creator of a Web series about unsolved murders makes a shocking find; a wrong turn sends partygoers to an unusual underground rave; a ghost issues a special message to a woman.
Oct 21 2008
A young man cleaning the lab of a mad scientist discovers a human-sized cocoon has burst and its feeding time is about to begin. Then a man working video surveillance catches a thief on tape, but this thief is not human. In another scene, an appraiser working for an art collector finds himself at the wrong end of a cursed Samurai sword. Finally, a girl dresses up as a giant pickle and becomes the unwilling target of a hidden camera prank gone wrong.
Oct 14 2008
A sleep study goes awry; a little girl's imaginary friend becomes a babysitter's problem; partygoers stray into a quarantined area; a radio show about unexplained phenomena gets an unlikely visitor.
Oct 07 2008
A babysitter discovers a mysterious videotape that reveals someone evil is in the house. Then, a young woman gets caught in the middle of a bitter dispute between two rival siblings and their father's dying wish. In the next scare, a woman goes undercover to help investigate a voodoo psychic, but discovers the psychic's powers are real, and she's out for revenge. In a case of mistaken identity, a young man finds himself taking part in an assassination plot. And his own mother may be a target.
Sep 30 2008
ECW wrestler Matt Hardy guest stars as a violent criminal in a prank targeting a doctor's assistant; security guards happen upon a school bus with just one little girl inside; a prison guard monitors an unusual inmate.
Sep 13 2008
A receptionist at a doctor's office hears a patient's unusual request; a female serial killer, who keeps men's underwear as trophies, meets a handyman; a giant-spider prank unfolds; partygoers end up on the property of a crazed cult.
Aug 20 2008
A surveyor takes a wrong turn into a minefield.
Aug 20 2008
A health-spa prank unfolds when an employee learns the secret ingredient of the signature treatment. Stunts: Blood Bath, Meteor Virus, Carmageddon, Welcome to the Dollhouse 2
Aug 13 2008
A crime scene turns dangerous for a man working on a documentary about unsolved murders. Stunts: Big Scoop of Scary, Home Invasion, Healer/Killer, Coffin Refill
Aug 13 2008
A human-sized cocoon is discovered by a man asked to clean a mad scientist's lab. Stunts: When the Larvae Breaks, To Catch a Predator, Curse of the Samurai, Pickled to Death
Aug 06 2008
A young man attends a screening of some scary short films where the director silences his critics with death. Then, a girl working the front desk at a specialty resort discovers one guest's fantasy includes torture and murder. After that, a busboy at a small diner becomes the prime suspect after he's the only witness to a customer's murder. And a young woman helping a doll collector is shocked when the man's obsession with dolls threatens to keep her there forever.
Aug 06 2008
A cab driver scares a passenger with an accident involving a pedestrian. Stunts: Taxi Cab Carnage, Alien Consortium, Double Trouble Clone, Junkyard Showdown
Jul 30 2008
Frankenstein's Basement of Terror, Who's Your Dead Daddy?, Wired for Fear, Pool of Blood
Jul 30 2008
A young man attends a screening of some scary short films where the director silences his critics with death. Then, a girl working the front desk at a specialty resort discovers one guest's fantasy includes torture and murder. After that, a busboy at a small diner becomes the prime suspect after he's the only witness to a customer's murder. And a young woman helping a doll collector is shocked when the man's obsession with dolls threatens to keep her there forever.
Jul 23 2008
First, a woman is hired to clean spirits from an abandoned building, but these ghosts won't go without a fight. Then a young woman working for the power company must confront a crazed scientist stealing power in order to make the ultimate weapon. A worker who tears down a wall discovers a neighbor has been using the space to hide a body. Finally, a lab assistant gives an experimental drug to paralyzed patients who experience side effects including anger and super-strength.
Jul 23 2008
First up, a delivery driver picks up a coffin from a mental institution, but the man inside is not dead. A young man working on a reality show that catches cheating boyfriends actually catches a murderer. A worker in an upscale community finds himself trapped in a cult that worships tainted pie. And finish off with a tale involving a young man hired to sift through chunks of prehistoric ice who unexpectedly finds signs of life.
Jul 16 2008
A young man, working unknowingly for a fake hidden camera show, dresses as a genie grants three "deadly" wishes. A woman working at a new health spa is shocked to discover that the secret ingredient in their signature treatment is human blood. Then a security guard is trapped when an escaped inmate hijacks a vehicle and decides to play a deadly game of chicken. And while cleaning out a supposedly abandoned garage, a young woman uncovers an entire race of alien pods that are about to hatch.
Jul 16 2008
In the second episode of the new season of the popular show, a train yard victim is thrown into a battle with alien cargo, a test subject in a research facility goes nuts, a psychic child causes fire trouble, and a crisis hotline phone attendant becomes the object of affection from a terrifying stalker.
Jul 09 2008
After a 3 1/2-year hiatus, Scare Tactics returns with new host Tracy Morgan. In this episode, a young woman employee at a medical clinic believes she has helped to deliver Satan's baby.
Jul 09 2008

Season 2

22 Episodes

Dec 15 2004
Alien House Call: A mysterious visitors crash a house-party. Hackman Attacks: A crime-scene technician is unexpectedly assaulted. Final Entry: A killer discovers a woman with an audio tape of his committed murder. Hannah's Abduction: A tutor becomes involved in a incident involving kidnapping mixed with insanity.
Dec 08 2004
The Blob: Panic occurs as toxic chemicals overwhelm a science lab. Road Rage: A homicidal carjacker targets a group of friends. Strip Club: A stripper's boyfriend disrupts one of her performances. Man Of The Haunted House: A killer lurks inside a haunted house at the theme park.
Dec 01 2004
Unsafe: A student is deceived into helping a safe-cracker carry out a heist. Eye of the Beholder: A peeping tom sees horrific scenes. Tastes Like Chicken: A chef's assistant witnesses a murder. Meet My Psycho Girlfriend: A man's parents meet his girlfriend who is carrying an alien baby.
Nov 17 2004
Pond Creature: A construction crew is stalked by a legendary lake monster. Carface: A mechanic attempts to run off with stolen Mafia loot. Moonshine Mountain: A couple of city slickers are trapped far from urban civilisation. Rubbed the Wrong Way: A man finds himself as a new cult member.
Nov 10 2004
Nov 03 2004
Backwoods Booby Trap Victim: Fred Accomplice: Jay Location: Stanton Road Randle, NM A young man starts a job where he believes he is going to do one thing, but ends up being part of a plan that will get him killed. Demon's List Victim: Bobby Accomplice: Matt Location: Douglas Residence Perkinson, OR A nighttime worker learns that his new boss is very religious and wants him to kill a “demon” that is in human form. Newest Mental Patient Victim: Ashley Accomplice: Courtney Location: Mental Health Facility Nash, ID A woman helping out at a mental hospital becomes mistaken as one of the patients and is next for one of the hospitals continuous injection treatments. Mob Morgue Victim: Steven Accomplice: Clayton Location: County Mortuary Briggs, IA While at his new job at a morgue, a man discovers a person hiding from a ruthless Italian mob boss and if either one of them gets discovered, they feel the pain of a solid wooden bat.
Oct 27 2004
Car Wash Victim: Kenny Accomplice: Bobby Location: Terrible’s Car Wash Las Vegas, NV At his new part time job, a young man experiences a customer’s rage when it comes to the value of his car. Fear Antics: Running Man Victim: Joe Accomplice: Aaron Location: Unknown When a wannabe actor plays a prank, he soon realizes that his joke may cost him the rest of his life. Gimme a Hand Victim: Stephanie Accomplice: Mike Location: Salt Flats Gossett, UT A part time receptionist learns that her new employer is building an obsession of his and needs a body part of hers to complete his work. Spa of Death Victim: Daniel Accomplice: J.P. Location: Vista Caliente Day Spa Harris Grove, CA A new attendant discovers that a porn star’s dead body could beis his ticket to the jail house.
Oct 27 2004
Drone Helicopter Victim: Lance Accomplice: Spencer Location: Military Test Site Trinity Flats, NM While helping out on a military experiment, a man believes he is the cause of a helicopter killing everything in site. Fed-Execution Victim: Adrick Accomplice: Mike Location: Nelson Residence Montizaan, MI A man meets a neighbor who is not on the normal side, especially when he learns that the neighbor collects body parts. Girl in a Blood-Soaked Dress Victim: Cecilia Accomplice: Ashton Location: Thomas Residence Winslow, NC A woman realizes that she is in the presence of a horrific ghost. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Victim: Kevin Accomplice: Anton Location: Sensa Labs Rockaway, MI While working at a genetics lab, a young man learns that a science experiment has decided to rear its ugly head and is set to kill anything…including people.
Oct 20 2004
For Whom the Bridge Trolls Victim: Antonia Accomplice: Francisco Location: National Park Los Quintas, NM While working in a park, a man has an encounter with a demonic troll that has a taste for flesh. Party Forever (Parts 1 & 2) Victim: Dallisa Accomplice: Matthew Location: Catered Cocktail Party Simon, NY A waitress learns that the host of the party prefers the mannequin type of company and is looking for a different kind of breed to keep him company...the human breed. Burned Alive Victim: Jon Jon Accomplice: Demetri Location: Restful Slumber Funeral Home Incinerator Snuffin, WI While working at a Crematorium, a young man learns that he burned a man alive.
Oct 20 2004
Power Outrage: An electrician accidentally unleashes a serial killer while working at a mental hospital. License to Drive: A mother sets up her daughter to be carjacked by a crazed inventor. Wolfman Tells Campfire Stories: A murderous, hairy beast disrupts a camping trip. The Bagman: A courier gets wrapped up in a mob kidnapping.
Oct 13 2004
If I Only Had Your Brains: A mass-murderer disguises himself in order to prey on a couple of carpenters. Open the Pod Bay Door: An experiment turns bloody when a mad scientist begins melting his human subjects. Wired: The FBI watches as a kid helps a mobster clean up after a murder. Fear Antics-Room With a View: An aspiring actor plays a prank that goes horribly wrong.
Oct 13 2004
Piranhas in the Pond Victim: Greg Accomplice: Jenna Location: Clark Residence Tolofa, MS A young man starts his new job cleaning out a person’s pond. However, he does not realize the pond is filled with flesh-eating sea creatures. Chambermaid of Horror Victim: Qjara Accomplice: Chris Location: Hotel Contessa Las Vegas, NV A young new maid learns that the first room she is assigned to has a dead man and the killer in it. Shotgun Wedding Victim: Matt Accomplice: Courtney Location: Sutcliffe Farm Warson, TN When a young ladies man gets caught with a topless woman, he learns that he will feel the wrath of “daddy” and his shot gun. Critters Victim: Brandy Accomplice: Mike Location: Unknown Hanson, LA An exterminator’s assistant finds herself at battle with demon trolls.
Oct 06 2004
Motor Psychos Victim: Karrina Accomplice: Ashley Location: Route 37 Cooke, UT On her way to a party, a group of people become surrounded by vampires on motorcycles on a deserted route. Attack of the Rat Monster Victim: Bryant Accomplice: Eric Location: Biological Research Facility Chatsworth, NH On his first day of work, an activist has an encounter with an animal that has been genetically altered. I Me Minefield Victim: Mike Accomplice: Brad Location: Salt Flats Gossett, UT When a young man surveys a particular area for the city, he learns he is standing right in the middle of a minefield and could blow up if takes one step. There Are Men Coming Here to Kill Me Victim: Shauna Accomplice: Ashley Location: Nichols Residence West Beach, FL A young woman with aspirations of becoming a pediatric nurse learns that the patient she is watching over is in a heap of trouble with a sinister boos named Mr. B.
Oct 06 2004
Wired for Revenge: A dissatisfied worker has malicious plans. Shave and a Headcut: A barber who slashes his victims is working at his shop. Summon the Demon: A couple of night watchmen find a precarious ritual. Fear Antics-Hotel Hell: An actor inspects a murder which he becomes a suspect for when police arrive.
May 06 2004
Slaughterhouse of Horror: A one-armed man seeks revenge on the people responsible for the mangling. Porn Dorm Massacre: An unstable killer disrupts an Internet broadcast. Desert Burial: A "connected" man needs help disposing his "trash". Walk-In Portal: A portal in a house's closet opens to another universe.
Apr 22 2004
Toilet Full Of Scary: A plumber finds himself in a dangerous position when a lunatic preys on him. Desert Cult Trailer Attack: An unexplained cult attacks a construction crew invading their land. Wrath of the Mummy: A vengeful mummy is awoken when workers touch some artifacts. Juvenile Justice: A girl puts everyone in danger when she unleashes her wrath.
Apr 15 2004
Brother's Keeper: Two people find a sibling rivalry turns deadly. Cult Compound Crackdown: Government agents confront a deadly armed cult putting an innocent man in danger. Revenge of the Switchhiker: A supernatural hitchhiker causes trouble on a road trip. Drug Ring Sting: A temporary worker is interrogated in an operation on a major drug deal.
Apr 01 2004
What's in the Box Victim: Brian Accomplice: Ryan Location: Warehouse District Las Vegas, NV A man fears for his life when the Mob catches him working on their territory. Stakeout Victim: Matt Accomplice: Cameron Location: Scopes, CA A man agrees to help investigate a scientist who is suspected of human experiments, but realizes he is going to experience the result. Shocker Victim: Nicole Accomplice: Phillip Location: Edison Household Pinker, WV A baby-sitter becomes trapped in the house with the little girl and a serial killer who was convicted by the little girl's father. Radio Daze Victim: Mike Accomplice: Christina Location: Desert Pirate Radio Belle, TX A man who starts working for a Radio Station learns that his new job is not a safe environment, especially when Federal agents come by to neutralize the situation.
Mar 25 2004
Gorilla with a Fist Victim: Sean Accomplice: Travis Location: KSH Animal Research Laboratory Bloomfield, MI A young man fears for his life when a gorilla becomes loose around his work place. Regression Aggression Victim: Matt Accomplice: Mike Location: Hypnotherapy Research Center McNaghten, GA A man agrees to assist a doctor with hypnotherapy but soon learns his aggressive skills are deadly…for him. Fear Antics: Mandroid's Revenge Victim: Claude Accomplice: Jason Location: Unknown A man agrees to play a robot that goes out of control on the person who is supposedly controlling him. However, he soon realizes that he played a prank on a very aggressive person. Flowers for My Lady Victim: Danielle Accomplice: Brandon Location: Scorn Quarterly Rose City, OR A woman, who starts working at a magazine, gets in a dangerous position when a psychotic ex-client returns for revenge.
Mar 18 2004
Street Justice The Victim: Chris The Accomplice: Thomas Location: Old Sandaas Road Jensen, UT After a group of friends get pulled over by the police, one of them gets shot and the rest learn that they might be next. That's Not Santa The Victim: Bennet The Accomplice: Clayton Location: Sutherland Residence Boyd, OR While working on a chimney, a young man discovers a corpse and fears for his life when he learns he may be joining the corpse. Freaks Come Out at Night The Victim: Rudy The Accomplice: Priya Location: Medical Facility Hammargren, PA On his first night as a security guard, a man has to decide what to do when he learns the company is using humans for experiments. Possessed Office The Victim: Ambaar The Accomplice: Aaron Location: Investment Brokerage Saturn, FL A secretary receives a message from the beyond warning her that she is in the presence of a killer.
Mar 11 2004
Rage from the Cage Victim: Larry Accomplice: Chris Location: Lake Mead Road Henderson, NV A group of friends driving along a deserted road get into a hairy situation when a beast becomes loose in the road. Killer Bees Victim: Troy Accomplice: Rudy Location: Military Subcontractor Caine, ND A man takes on a job to assist in a lab full of bees, but soon learns his life is in danger when the bees decide to come out of their hive. Bring Out the Gimp Victim: Katherine Accomplice: Mike Location: York Residence Marcellus, IA A woman agrees to take on a job as a baby-sitter, little does she knows that the baby is a freak chained to a chest and wears an oxygen mask. Grave Robbers Victim: Louie Accomplice: Martha Location: James Property Spectre, NV A man agrees to help a construction crew dig up ancient graves, but when they find money instead, some of the workers become a little greedy.
Mar 04 2004

Season 1

23 Episodes

A one-hour Halloween special filmed in front of a live audience at Universal Studios features "scares" from the first season as well as new never-before-seen "scares" and scenes from the horror movies that inspired them.
Oct 31 2003
Home Invasion: While on a date, a couple gets a visit from an ex-boyfriend who has a jealous side. Demonic Possession: While pretending to be possessed by the devil, a wanna-be actor realizes he is about to experience a real life exorcism. Fatal Beauty: A kid witnesses an exotic dancer that comes back to life and gets revenge against her driver. The Hunted: A kid who gets a job as a day labor learns that his contractor is the kind of person who not only hunts animals, but humans as well.
Oct 10 2003
Lethal Touch: A woman being interviewed for an assistant position learns that an ex employee has released a toxic flesh eating disease in the office. Showgirl's Revenge: A woman being interviewed gets a visit from an obsessed person who believes she is better for the job. Terror Next Door: A group of friends discover that the man in the next room is an ex-con and is up to his old ways. Bigfoot Returns: A house sitter has an encounter with a hairy beast.
Oct 03 2003
Massacre Under the House: A cable guy discovers a body underneath the house of a murderer and soon learns he's about to be next. Unholy Ground: A guy taking part of dig of an ancient Native-American burial site realizes that he has dug up an ancient curse and is surrounded by evil-killing spirits. Video Victim: Three friends witness a murder on videotape and become caught by the film's director. Mask of Death: A baby-sitter deals with a distant little girl and a psychotic ex baby-sitter creeping around the house.
Sep 26 2003
Bad Medicine: A valedictorian volunteering for medical tests discovers that the pills he has taken are deadly. Killer Queen: An obsessed psychopath returns to take her ex-boyfriend to the prom. Dead Alive: A janitor discovers that an experiment that brings dead people back to life has gone unpleasant. Alien Hunters: A dancer working at a construction site gets a visit from an escaped shape-shifter.
Sep 19 2003
Security Breach: A security guard discovers that a disfigured homicidal maniac is on the loose. Taste for Blood: A woman being interviewed for an assistant position finds out she is in the presence of a vampire. Zombie Grandma: A baby-sitter discovers that a grandmother has returned from the grave. Killer Car: A parking attendant has an encounter with a killer car that has a mind of its own.
Sep 12 2003
Web of Evil: Exterminators discover that a house has a ferocious spider. Dangerous Obsession: A caretaker discovers that the woman she is watching has been kidnapped. Laboratory of Blood: An actor plays a prank on a man who was just released from prison. Repo from Hell: A repo man gets involved in a high-speed chase.
Sep 05 2003
Ferocious: A couple taking a tour of their friend's new remote property gets attacked by chainsaw killers. Beastly Breakout: A housesitter discovers that there is a killer beast in the living room. Deadly Hicks: A group of counselors becomes terrorized by their next door neighbors. Alien Return: A group of friends are involved in an alien encounter.
Aug 22 2003
Killer Clown: An employee at a magic shop is terrified when a homicidal clown stalks her. Lethal Conversation: A news crew interviews a serial killer who has supernatural powers. Caught on Camera: A worker at a one-hour-photo lab develops a crazed killer's snapshots of a murder. Demonic Duel: A radio-contest winner gets the ride of her life when she is chased by a demonic truck.
Aug 15 2003
Maniac Cop: A group of partygoers is left at the mercy of an escaped maniac, who has commandeered their vehicle. Fear in the Box: A new species of predator is on the loose and hunting a couple of warehouse employees. Fear Antics-Psycho: A naïve actor playing the part of Norman Bates takes the role too far — but the joke's on him. Deadly Feast: A worker at a soup kitchen is horrified to learn that the chef is a cannibal.
Aug 08 2003
Lab Spill: A toxic spill leads to deadly consequences in a chemistry lab. Serial Killer: A job applicant is fingered as a fugitive serial killer. Haunted Babysitter: A babysitter discovers she is trapped in a haunted house. Hell Ride: An experimental car that runs on "radioactive fuel" is sent hurtling toward a brick wall.
Aug 01 2003
Laboratory Meltdown: A new security system fails, trapping workers in a room filled with deadly gas. Eye Witness: An office-worker finds himself implicated in a violent, government-backed conspiracy. Unborn Clones: A woman is shocked to learn that her husband has promised to rent her reproductive system to a shady medical firm. Silo Scare: A business is evacuated when federal agents tell its employees they are sitting on top of an unstable nuclear weapon.
Jul 25 2003
Hazmat Hell: A young man finds himself trapped in a warehouse filled with hazardous biochemical waste. Surgery Nightmare: A boyfriend is horrified when a simple surgical procedure turns his girlfriend into a hideous monster. Death Lunch: A tainted appetizer turns a casual lunch into a 911 emergency. Bad Seed: A new babysitter learns that this little girl always gets her way — or else!
Jul 18 2003
Tanning Salon Terror: An experimental tanning cream leaves a young girl with an unwanted glow. Cable Killers: Agents posing as cable-TV installers ransack a victim's house in search of a secret device. Little Girl Psychic: A young psychic predicts a horrific future for an unsuspecting restaurant patron. Runaway Corpse: The corpse inside an unearthed coffin seemingly awakes from the dead.
Jul 11 2003
Chupacabra Attack: A mysterious deadly creature comes to life on Shannen Doherty's farm. Deadly Secret: A car deal turns treacherous. Lights Out: A prank goes bad leaving blood on someones hands. Black Magic: A magician's assistant witnesses a dangerous illusion turn bloody.
Jun 27 2003
UFO Trailer Attack: A college student realizes she is not alone when aliens abduct her best friend right before her eyes. The Cannibal Family: A nanny learns that her new family has a taste for blood. Séance From Hell: A young actor loses his cool when a hidden-camera séance turns deadly. Driving the Dead: A cemetery worker gets the shock of his life when a corpse reanimates in the back of his hearse.
Jun 20 2003
Harsh Reality: A young man is hired to work on what he thinks is a new reality series about Shannen Doherty. Soon things get scarier than the Anna Nicole Show when a psycho invades Shannen's new home. Dr. Werewolf: In another instalment of "Fear Antics" a prankster in need of a lesson has the tables turned on him when his prank involving a werewolf sends a woman, who happens to be armed with a gun, off the deep end. Bubble Boy: A young woman is hired to look after a teenager who is forced to live in a plastic room because of a serious illness. But due to faulty equipment the "bubble" room begins to fail on him as his babysitter scrambles to help. Burn Baby Burn: A man invites his friend to what turns out to be a ritualistic sacrifice in the desert but things don't go as planned as a man's clothes catch fire and he burns to death.
May 09 2003
Organ Harvest: A receptionist hoping for a career in the medical community gets more than she bargained for when the doctor she's working for turns out to be an organ dealer in the black market. Monster in the Closet: A babysitter loses the child she's looking after but it's to what she lost it to that shocks her. Disappearing Stripper: A man at a bachelor party gets caught red-handed when a stripper disappears and the only evidence left is what appears to be blood on his hands. Limo in Area 51: Partygoers on their way to a desert party near the infamous Area 51 discover how serious the government is about keeping that area a secret.
May 02 2003
Ghost Train: A worker is trapped in a truck as a giant freight train hurtles toward him on supposedly abandoned tracks. Body in Trunk: A man is pulled out of a restaurant by police officers who tell him that they have found a dead body in his trunk. Whip It Good: A receptionist assists a therapist with some intense methods for pleasing her clients. Fortunately for one client this receptionist gets a big kick out of these intense methods. It's Out There: A night-shift laborer finds himself the last man standing as a mysterious creature devours his co-workers one by one.
Apr 25 2003
Meteor Man: After witnessing a meteor crash and its horrible side effects a man realizes that he's seen too much when two FBI agents arrive to make matters worse. Date with the Devil: A young man's blind date is interrupted by a priest who arrives to perform an exorcism on his beautiful (and possessed) date. Barbershop of Blood: A rare time when you won't feel sorry for the "victim" as this time the "victim" turns out to be a prankster bent on scaring the hell out of an elderly barber. The tables are turned and the prankster gets his just dessert. Taxi Cab Carnage: Shannen Doherty takes her friends on a trip to Las Vegas that quickly turns into a nightmare when a cab ride back to the hotel ends with a hit-and-run victim looking for revenge.
Apr 18 2003
Clone Attack: A clean-up crew discovers that a genetics lab has left behind one of their experiments-gone-wrong. Orgy from Hell: A man invites his friend to an exclusive party hosted by a creepy cult. White Trash Killer: A repo man is sent to a house where repo men go in but they never come out and soon enough finds out why. Monkey Trouble: Hired to perform at a zoo party a man finds himself face-to-face with the zoo's resident 300-pound ape.
Apr 11 2003
Bigfoot Attacks: Teens on a camping trip get a visit from a local legend. Where's Shannen?: Shannen Doherty's new assistant is setup as the prime suspect in a kidnapping plot. Flatliners: A medical testing subject witnesses a heart experiment gone wrong. Psycho Hitchhiker: A partygoer learns that it is never a good idea to pick up strangers.
Apr 04 2003
Buried Alive: A man is buried alive, terrifying his friend. Firing Range: A weapons tester gets deceived into thinking he has blown someone up on a firing range. UFO Abduction: Party-goers witness a UFO sighting then experience an attack. Camp Kill: A deranged killer hunts down camp counselors.
Apr 04 2003