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In this parody of 1940s musicals, backpacking couple Melissa and Josh get trapped in Schmigadoon, a magical town filled with singing and dancing townspeople, and learn they can�t leave without finding true love, which they thought they already had.

Season 2

6 Episodes

Will there be a happy ending? Josh and Melissa are presented with a life-changing choice.
May 03 2023
Convinced they�re well on their way to a happy ending, Josh and Melissa both rocket to fame in Schmicago and get embroiled in a deadly plot.
Apr 26 2023
After Josh and Melissa realize they need to find a happy ending for everyone, they try to make that happen�with unintended consequences.
Apr 19 2023
While Josh spends time on the run with Topher and the tribe, Melissa explores Schmicago looking for clues and uncovers a family secret.
Apr 12 2023
As Josh makes a new friend in jail, Melissa hires a lawyer and goes undercover to clear his name.
Apr 05 2023
Feeling joyless in the real world, Josh and Melissa attempt to return to Schmigadoon but instead find themselves in the darker world of Schmicago.
Apr 05 2023

Season 1

6 Episodes

With the election looming, Mildred relentlessly ramps up her campaign. Josh and Melissa face their true feelings for each other.
Aug 13 2021
New romances hit roadblocks as Melissa meets someone unexpected and Emma reveals a secret. Mildred seizes a chance to increase her power.
Aug 06 2021
Melissa grapples with her conflicted feelings for Doc Lopez, rebelling against his archaic ideas, while Josh tries to court Emma the schoolmarm.
Jul 30 2021
When their first flings end in regret, Melissa and Josh agree to a new plan�which he immediately casts aside, prompting her to make a fresh start.
Jul 23 2021
After realizing that they can�t leave together, Josh and Melissa break up and start looking for romance around town.
Jul 16 2021
Melissa and Josh stumble upon the strange musical town of Schmigadoon�and are shocked to learn they can�t leave until they find true love.
Jul 16 2021