Scot Squad

Continuing Thursday / 7:00pm BBC Scotland 30 min.
Mockumentary comedy series following the life of scottish police officers from different areas of the force in a fly on the wall style.

Season 8

4 Episodes

An extra-special finale to the series sees Scotlandís favourite cops stepping up and moving on.
Jan 26 2023
Frenzied speculation links the Chief to the vacancy at the top of the Met Police.
Jan 19 2023
The Bravehearts in Blue crack down on criminality all across Caledonia.
Jan 12 2023
Scotlandís favourite force are back battling bams and busting scams. The Chief deals with speculation he might quit his tartan patch to become head of the London Met.
Jan 05 2023

Season 7

5 Episodes

Squire and McGill are on a lengthy stakeout, poised to pounce on their perpetrator. But, without sustenance, can they handle the hunger long enough to capture their prey?
Feb 03 2022
PC Charlie MacIntosh has a decision to make. Offered an exciting opportunity away from the Police, will he run for the hills?
Jan 27 2022
City police Fletcher and McLaren uncover a crafty criminal at a Murder Mystery Party. Mindful of their duties, they bring in the bad guy without killing anyoneís evening.
Jan 20 2022
Traffic officer Hugh McKirdy gleefully shares his expertise on all things deep-fried as a fast food vlogger records her next online episode.
Jan 13 2022
The Chief uses all of his faculties to reinvent himself as the most woke Miekelson he could possibly be. Meanwhile, Jane MacKay and Charlie McIntosh have split up and are adjusting to new partners
Jan 06 2022

Season 6

5 Episodes

The Chief kicks off his rugby-themed anti-crime campaign with the help of Scotland legend Gavin Hastings.
Feb 04 2021
Cool-headed cybercop Archie Pepper gets a new colleague and is soon overcome by red-hot passion. Meanwhile, urban beat team Fletcher and McLaren de-escalate a celebrity fracas in a city-centre chippy.
Jan 28 2021
The traffic cops stop for a roadside assist, and PC McKirdy is gobsmacked to encounter an old flame wearing a wedding dress.
Jan 21 2021
There's dancing in the streets with traffic cops PC Hugh McKirdy and PC Surjit Singh; rural police officers Charlie and Jane take out the trash; and there's a political stooshie between Sgt Karen Ann Miller and MSP Patrick Harvie.
Jan 14 2021
The Chief is keen to make amends for a slip of the tongue and keeps digging deeper as his extended apology lasts for ever. The traffic cops make a big noise to salute the key workers, while the rural officers handle a massive marrow bust-up at the horticultural show.
Jan 07 2021

Season 5

6 Episodes

Chief Commissioner Miekelson strives to stay independent, Karen takes part in a revolutionary experiment, and Archie Pepper operates smart tech to snare Scotlandís dumbest crooks.
May 09 2019
Singh and McKirdy escort a very special delivery as they do their part to save a species from extinction, and McIntosh and Mackay find themselves in a seemingly endless search.
May 02 2019
Chief Commissioner Miekelson reassesses the Scottish Police Forceís new training policy when his virtual reality programme gets all too real.
Apr 25 2019
Acting Sergeant Ken Beattie gets a shock as he solves a murderous cold case, and PC Jack McLaren meets his match in the fighting fit Fire Chief Jacqueline McLaren.
Apr 18 2019
Traffic Officers McKirdy and Singh discover that the journey to true love can be a rocky road. In the countryside, the rural coppers call for backup in the shape of Mother Nature.
Apr 11 2019
Chief Miekelson is the victim of a tabloid sting - is he out of a job? Officer Karenís jurisdiction is stretched to its limits thanks to Bobbyís involvement in international crime.
Apr 04 2019

Season 4

6 Episodes

PCs Fletcher and McLaren go that extra mile to assist a top TV meteorologist.
Dec 20 2017
PC Leanne Hunter's canine partner PD Bonzo receives a medal.
Dec 13 2017
Singh and McKirdy pull over a couple of Scotland's most celebrated children's entertainers.
Dec 06 2017
PC Ken Beattie is called upon to provide a character reference. Singh and McKirdy gallantly help out a hen do.
Nov 29 2017
The traffic cops tackle a dodgy driver, while the detectives smash a smuggling operation.
Nov 22 2017
Bobby fidgets with something explosive that officer Karen told him to keep his paws off.
Nov 15 2017

Season 3

5 Episodes

The Chief pushes his professional productivity to the max.
Feb 01 2017
The Chief discovers a new world of insults when he samples online gaming.
Jan 25 2017
Maggie receives a promotion. Officer Karen encounters an unstoppable force of passion.
Jan 18 2017
The Chief furthers his dream of becoming a bestselling tartan noir crimewriter.
Jan 11 2017
Traffic officers Surjit Singh and Hugh McKirdy get a rude awakening.
Jan 04 2017

Season 2

6 Episodes

Chief Commissioner Miekelson reavels what happens to lost property. Maggie LeBeau offers a tour of her call centre.
Nov 23 2015
Hugh McKirdy and Surjit Singh respond to an incident involving Michelle McManus. Chief Commissioner Miekelson grudgingly receives an award for public service.
Nov 16 2015
Chief commissioner Miekelson's plan for working at home do not go to plan. Officers McLaren and Fletcher break up a fight at a supermarket checkout.
Nov 09 2015
Officers deal with an endless Christmas, a drug dealer's endless excuses and the endless nonsense of local nuisance Bobby Muir.
Nov 02 2015
McKirdy and Singh fall out over issuing a ticket to a family member. The Chief heads to London for a press conference to launch a combined police force.
Oct 26 2015
Chief Commissioner Miekelson tries out some weapons, gets his portrait painted and does something about bigotry.
Oct 19 2015

Season 1

5 Episodes

Chief Commissioner Miekelson goes back to the streets accompanied by Volunteer Officer Ken Beattie.
Nov 24 2014
The Scottish Police Force continue to try to keep Caledonia crime-free. The officers attend to noisy neighbours noising each other up, an ice cream van man soft-serving hard liquor and a gang raid on an arcade.
Nov 17 2014
The cops deal with foul play at the farmyard, unreliable drug dealers and reckless road users.
Nov 10 2014
The chief commissioner launches a logo live on BBC Radio Scotland.
Nov 03 2014
Oct 27 2014