Secret Life of the Family

Ended Tuesday / 7:00pm Channel 5 (UK) 60 min.
Reality rigs and personal cameras capture the lives of six British families 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Season 1

6 Episodes

Ken and Claire compete over who a local kids group will be better for their kids. Jill is determined to look her best for guests. Daisy throws herself a Sweet Sixteen.
Mar 17 2016
Jill attempts to motivate her three boys by them aerobics lessons. Claire and Ken let their child have fun in the kitchen. Joe wants to pass on driving tips to his daughter Daisy.
Mar 10 2016
The six families look at how they spend their money and where they might be able to make cuts to save money.
Mar 03 2016
Stay-at-home mum Claire hides under the duvet to escape her own children, fashion family the Demirels fight on the way to a photo shoot, Joe and Daisy take their camels to show in Scotland, and hyper-organised Ester despairs of laid-back husband James.
Jan 26 2016
Who is best at getting incomplete jobs finished and how the families tackle the tasks left uncompleted.
Jan 19 2016
Chores 1x01
This episode looks at what happens when Mum goes on strike and men and kids are left to do the housework.
Jan 12 2016