Secrets of Sulphur Springs

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Griffin Campbell and his family move to the old Tremont hotel in the town of Sulphur Springs. The entire town believes that the hotel is haunted by the ghost of a girl named Savannah, who disappeared over 30 years ago. When Griffin and his new best friend Harper try to solve the mystery of what happened to her, they find a portal that lets them travel back in time, where they learn that the secret to solving the mystery is meeting Griffin�s own father!

Season 3

8 Episodes

The ghost and future will be saved.
May 05 2023
It's time to get rid of the ghost.
Apr 28 2023
Returning to the past, Griffin and Harper watch a murder unfold. The twins and Topher go to an unknowingly familiar someone for help.
Apr 21 2023
In 1947, Harper and Griffin meet Ruby. Sarah becomes increasingly freaked out by the ghost.
Apr 14 2023
The kids learn the ghost has been listening to them and is changing up his malevolent plans.
Apr 07 2023
The twins arrive in the past and find Savannah. Griffin and Harper realize they need to go back to 1947 just as Ben makes the bunker off-limits.
Mar 31 2023
Harper and Savannah retrieve Griffin from the future; Sam and Griffin gets the truth; Topher is in a coma in 2024; the twins and Topher almost catch Savannah's ghost.
Mar 24 2023
While trapped in the future, Griffin learns that the ghost is ruining their lives; Harper and Savannah try bringing Griffin back to the present.
Mar 24 2023

Season 2

8 Episodes

Preparation for the Tremont�s Grand Re-opening begins.
Feb 25 2022
Harper returns home.
Feb 18 2022
The Tremonts must vacate their land in 1930.
Feb 11 2022
Savannah vows to help Sam complete his Time Machine.
Feb 04 2022
Young Sam secretly watches Harper search for the hatch in the dead of the night, and Elijah receives a visit from a judge with a life-altering offer.
Jan 28 2022
Griffin frantically searches for the missing crystal and helps a panicking Daisy to navigate her modern surroundings. Meanwhile, Harper has a cryptic vision at the springs.
Jan 21 2022
Harper pretends to be Daisy to learn her family�s secrets, and Topher stumbles upon the hidden bunker.
Jan 14 2022
Griffin, Savannah and Harper find themselves face to face with Harper�s carbon copy, Daisy, and the Tremont ghost sends Harper and Griffin an important message.
Jan 14 2022

Season 1

11 Episodes

Harper goes back in time and finds her dad who takes her on a ride down memory lane.
Mar 12 2021
Griffen and Harper try to find a way to get Savannah back from 1960.
Mar 05 2021
Once Griffin and Harper learn they can�t reopen the hatch to let Savannah in, they quickly go back through the portal.
Feb 26 2021
Griffin and Harper realize that Savannah could've traveled back in time.
Feb 19 2021
Griffin and Harper sneak back through the portal to find a search party looking for Savannah. Police officers begin their questioning.
Feb 12 2021
Young Jess dares Savannah to spend the night in The Tremont basement with real ghosts. Young Ben comes to Savannah�s defense. Young Jess storms off and wishes Savannah gone!
Feb 05 2021
Ben is upset by the flurry of news reports marking the thirtieth anniversary of Savannah�s disappearance, while Zoey and Wyatt see it as the perfect opportunity to finally capture her ghost on tape.
Jan 29 2021
Harper asks Griffin to meet her at the portal after school, but when Griffin gets home, he discovers his grandfather has arrived for a visit.
Jan 22 2021
Griffin and Harper learn the camp dance is coming up, and that was the day Savannah went missing. Harper meets Jess and learns her mother did go to camp and hated Savannah.
Jan 15 2021
Griffin and Harper realize they�ve time traveled to the time period before Savannah�s disappearance. When they go back again, they think they see Savannah getting taken into the woods.
Jan 15 2021
Griffin Campbell and his family move to a new town, take ownership of an abandoned hotel and hope to restore it.
Jan 15 2021