Sex Sent Me to the ER

Ended Saturday / 7:00pm TLC 60 min.
Sex in a tree? A quickie in the closet? Laundry room relations? These are just a few of the out-of-the-ordinary places where amorous adventurers go to get intimate with their other halves. But few people expect to land themselves in the emergency room as a result! Brought to life for Discovery Fit & Health by GRB Entertainment, the production company behind the hit show UNTOLD STORIES OF THE ER, this all-new series documents the real-life and often hilarious stories of what happens when a little action leads to a medical crisis. Retold by emergency room physicians and the actual couples who, in the heat of the moment, got themselves into a fix and needed a doctor to fix it, this four-part series illustrates how loving couples cope when sex goes outrageously wrong.

Season 2

15 Episodes

Highlights from Season 1 include encounters in the great outdoors and ones that were interrupted by animal interference at the worst possible times.
Mar 26 2016
A couple on vacation in Ecuador have a marine mishap; an aerial silk performer can't move his legs after a routine; a 12-hour lovemaking marathon ends in exhaustion for a Reiki instructor and her husband.
Mar 26 2016
A pregnant woman who tries anything to go into labor is in for a surprise at the hospital; a pool-cleaning couple are inspired by a song; a self-styled superhero is worn out after a night with the neighborhood watch.
Mar 19 2016
A woman could go blind if her bedroom eyes don't get the proper attention; a couple's coupling leaves one of them tied up in knots; pirate role-playing goes awry.
Mar 19 2016
A mannequin-factory tryst leaves one of the participants speechless; a man regrets getting his tongue pierced at a high-school reunion; preparations for an unconventional wedding create problems.
Mar 12 2016
A paint-and-sip date ends in catastrophe after a closet quickie; a couple refuses to let a stuck toy get in the way of dinner with the man's boss; a prisoner suffers after a conjugal visit.
Mar 05 2016
A motivational speaker is at a loss for words after trying something new; salsa dancers get a little too frisky and wind up at the hospital; a woman's insatiability leaves her in pain.
Feb 27 2016
A tryst on a washing machine sends a woman to the ER; a couple explore a meatpacking plant looking for a place to make love; a woman's knitting results in an unusual diagnosis.
Feb 20 2016
Highlights from Season 1 include dress-up fantasies gone awry; sex-toy experiments in public; and medical mysteries.
Feb 13 2016
A boyfriend's doorknob chore turns into a trip to the hospital; a couples' game night leaves a woman in pain; a young couple must be rescued after falling into a well.
Feb 06 2016
A romp on a mechanical bull gives the riders the shock of their lives; a beauty queen must explain her burst butt implant to hospital staff and her competition; staying warm and toasty cuts a couple's snowboarding trip short and may snip something else.
Jan 30 2016
A spelunking adventure is marred by a missing glow stick; a barn romp goes awry when a woman sustains serious injuries; a college student rethinks the way he celebrates on game day.
Jan 23 2016
A trucker’s tryst goes awry at a gas station; two lovebirds have a mudding mishap; a woman has to go the ER twice in one night after she and her boyfriend break in a new hot tub.
Jan 16 2016
A man and his wife get a vacuum stuck where it shouldn't be; an ice rink quickie leaves a skater with a bizarre injury and a lifetime of embarrassment; a threesome gives a man an unusual problem.
Jan 09 2016
A zombie apocalypse fantasy becomes a nightmare when visitors crash a couple's romp; a housewife's homemade rejuvenation treatment gets her hot and bothered; a pilot has trouble telling the truth after he lands.
Jan 02 2016

Season 1

39 Episodes

A couple gets crazy in the kitchen; a patient arrives unconscious and oxygen-deprived; a couple's marathon love making session ends in emergency surgery
Feb 28 2015
Bizarre symptoms affect a man; high-school sweethearts reconnect.
Feb 14 2015
A man's chastity belt injury; a sneaky vacation treat becomes a deadly headache.
Feb 07 2015
A couple are caught by a nosey mime whilst a motorcycle enthusiast is revved up
Jan 31 2015
An addiction to hot sauce causes problems.
Jan 24 2015
A couple looking for privacy in the jungle finds a spot to make love but something comes between them; A weeding night ends when eating cake goes horribly wrong, Mischief on a Mardi Gras party bus causes jaws to drop.
Jan 17 2015
A night at a cheap hotel leaves a woman stuck in bed and an EMT stumped on how to free her; things heat up when a woman cools down there during a Fourth of July photo shoot; something gets cut off after an adventurous couple christens their treehouse.
Jan 10 2015
An emergency landing is required when two rockers join the mile high club; a woman's new look gets a reaction from her boyfriend and her ex; a recent college grad gets some neighborly love when he helps his elderly neighbor move her picnic table.
Jan 10 2015
A honeymooning couple tries to get intimate in the den of her parent's home but a party crasher sends them to the ER; a doctor treats a bizarrely decorated politician and his wife for symptoms they want to keep hidden; aroma therapy induces stress below.
Jan 03 2015
A ballpark quickie ruins a man's engagement plans and sends his girlfriend to the ER; a sexy haircut at the salon causes a man down situation; when a doctor investigates a college students persistent cough, he discovers something totally unexpected.
Dec 27 2014
A man is paralyzed after sex and his girlfriend thinks her junk is to blame; a couple's birth plan may be the cause of the woman's shocking symptoms; things go from bad to worse when a man gives his girlfriend a special gift for taking care of him.
Dec 20 2014
The episode unwraps the hilarious details of what really happens when cheer leads to a slip up.
Dec 13 2014
A mans retirement hobby get him in a sticky situation, a first date gone wrong, a man has sex with his girlfriend in his sleep.
Dec 06 2014
A patient's penis needs saving. Someone loses their memory after having sex.
Dec 06 2014
Busted! 1x25
A pair of college sweethearts are busted and have to go to the ER and the dentist whilst a fetish feast leaves a woman without any hearing.
Nov 29 2014
A backstage quickie at a body building competition; a soldier's welcome home; a sneaky couple.
Nov 22 2014
A couple's Halloween cemetery adventures go wrong; two musicians get busy after band rehearsal.
Nov 15 2014
Pole dancing moves not meant to be tried at home; a tantric night leaves one man speechless.
Nov 08 2014
A couple's first time encounters failure; a man's balance problem; a firefighter has a ball.
Nov 01 2014
A couple makes love while skydiving; a quickie at a wake; an early morning romp for two nurses.
Oct 25 2014
An intimate game of cops and robbers sends a couple on the run to the ER; a doctor must help a patient out of a sticky situation while his in-laws watch; and a man’s excruciating post sex migraine stumps doctors until he performs his own stress test.
Jul 19 2014
A birthday surprise leaves doctors feeling shocked. A mother interrupts her son's toy play and the embarrassment sees his girlfriend paying the ER a visit.
Jul 12 2014
A motorcycle escapade ends up with to a trip to the ER.
Jul 05 2014
A couple's fruit fantasy manages to cause some major reactions whilst a couple of newlyweds learn why the doctor says to wait to be romantic post baby.
Jun 28 2014
A man is attacked by a dog. Someone playing with bondage has an accident.
Jun 21 2014
A couple on holiday are interrupted by family and a strange ailment.
Jun 14 2014
A couple of clowns visit the ER whilst a church group pray for a couple following an embarrassing injury.
Jun 07 2014
Freeing a man from a painful steel ring down there; a tryst at a construction site turns disastrous; a man blacks out during sex.
May 31 2014
A couple brings video game fantasy into the bedroom with embarrassing results; a young man brings an itchy crotch and an entourage of women to the E.R.; and when a couple is interrupted on lover’s lane they go from private passion to dangerous accident.
May 24 2014
Something is lost when a couple are in the bedroom. Ice cream is involved with a couple's passion.
May 17 2014
An inebriated husband's idea to get his wife in the mood; using a treat in a new explosive way; a quickie in the car leads one couple to the emergency room.
May 09 2014
A young couple decides to spice things up with a risqué trip to the grocery store; newlyweds are plagued by bad luck that disrupts their honeymoon phase; a tryst in the shower sends an adventurous pair on a trip to the emergency room.
May 02 2014
A couple trying to get alone time at a spa end up in the middle of what looks like a crime scene; a doctor is stunned by a nature lovers odd injury; when a realtor plays hooky to make whoopee with his crush the two go straight from the bedroom to the ER.
Apr 26 2014
A secluded pasture is visited; a couple with a medical secret receive treatment from a doctor.
Apr 19 2014
A man seeking medication is rejected by a doctor, who winds up treating him anyway; a tryst at a pool party turns into a fiasco; a couple's adventurous side lands them in the ER.
Apr 12 2014
A man gets a Valentine's surprise when he breaks out in a rash after intimacy with his girlfriend, a professional fighter incurs a major injury in bed; a man dressed as a vampire comes the ER with a concussion and his girlfriend can't remember the cause.
Jan 24 2014
A couple must rush to the ER after a hot time in a Las Vegas hotel room; while on a hiking date, things go wrong when a couple attempts to have sex in a tree; a young woman dislocates her jaw and doesn't want her father to know how it happened.
Jan 11 2014
A woman heads to the ER after a 2-hour orgasm that won't stop; a couple's reunion lands them in the ER when they choose an unlikely spot to make love; a naked man's wife and the police are suspicious about circumstances surrounding his 3-story fall.
Jan 04 2014
A 440lb virgin sends his girlfriend through the wall and to the ER after his first time; a rock and roll bandleader collapses in the middle of a peak performance; a man with a broken penis has complications when his wife and girlfriend arrive at the ER.
Dec 28 2013