Single Ladies

Ended Wednesday / 7:00pm Centric US 45 min.
VH1 has teamed up with Queen Latifah's Flavor Unit Entertainment to bring viewers "Single Ladies," a new comedic drama series that asks the question what do women really want in a relationship? Single Ladies is a comedic drama about Val, Keisha, and April - three best friends with different philosophies on sex and relationships. Val (Stacey Dash) is an ambitious aspiring fashion mogul who wants to find a true partner. Keisha (LisaRaye McCoy), on the other hand, is a former video dancer just looking for a rich man to keep her in style. April (Charity Shea,) has supposedly found the perfect man and the perfect marriage - but is learning that marriage isn't necessarily a happy ending. Single Ladies is a modern, sexy series set in the world of Atlanta fashion, music, and celebrity that will constantly explore which woman has the right approach to relationships.

Season 4

6 Episodes

Felicia and Omar have a blowout over his actions with Sharon Love. Austin makes a bad choice and loses a big contract. Felicia is honored in the community. Things heat up between Terrence and Austin. Omar considers another job opportunity.
Apr 22 2015
Truth 4x05
Felicia demands that Omar find a way to get Triple Threat on the Sharon Love Show. Austin has an unpleasant visit with her father in the hospital.Terrence discovers a surprise when he visits Austin at her apartment.
Apr 15 2015
New 4x04
Felicia and Karen Bridges face off about who should manage Triple Threat. Omar has trouble adapting to his new position at Price Entertainment. Dr. Evelyn Powell, Keisha's pastor, reveals a sordid past and calls in a favor.
Apr 08 2015
Build 4x03
Felicia declares war against Derek and has a dilemma with her girl group and controlling Mom, Karen Bridges. Omar battles with April as he creates a personal style for Triple Threat.
Apr 01 2015
Remix 4x02
Keisha gets a visit in jail from the District Attorney seeking information on Malcolm. Terrence reconnects with an old friend to discuss a business venture. Felicia finds herself in a precarious situation with her ex-husband, Derek.
Mar 25 2015
Gone 4x01
The girls cope with grim news about Raquel. Terrence gets harassed by police while handling Cut and its assets. Felicia deals with the stress of searching for new talent and a looming divorce.
Mar 18 2015

Season 3

12 Episodes

Raquel and Terrence continue to drift apart; Cut reaches a milestone; Keisha and Malcolm try to put the past behind them; Felicia sends April on an out-of-town mission.
Mar 24 2014
Raquel and Terrence's relationship hits a crossroad as the two clash over their dating expectations. Keisha learns that Malcolm is keeping another secret from her. Meanwhile, April is placed in a dangerous position at Price Management by David's latest scheme. Omar's latest designs for Felicia are the inspiration for knockoffs.
Mar 17 2014
Game On 3x10
Raquel decides to host a game night but struggles to keep her new romance with Terrence a secret. Meanwhile, Keisha expresses her concerns about Terrence to Raquel. April invites David while Omar is accompanied by an unexpected guest. In hopes of making things right with Keisha, Malcolm makes desperate moves to end his association with Deacon and Naomi.
Mar 10 2014
Raquel is held hostage by the ruthless Deacon, and the Malcolm believes that Naomi may know where she is located. Tension continues to rise between Omar and Nate. April begins to see David in a new light while out on a date with he and his friends. Meanwhile, Keisha is paid a visit from an old friend.
Mar 03 2014
Raquel continues to date Grant without mixing business and pleasure. Meanwhile, April lands a new client which brews jealousy within David. Malcolm's past dealings come to the fore. Also, Omar's work relationship with Price Management causes a rift with Nate. Keisha learns that Naomi has involvement with Malcolm and Sean.
Feb 24 2014
Raquel meets Grant, a potential new investor, but Terrence believes that Grant is interested in more than just landing a new client. Meanwhile, David returns from L.A. and April learns that he lied to Felicia about missing an important business meeting. Also, Keisha becomes concerned as Terrence's past life may impact his budding relationship with Raquel.
Feb 17 2014
Raquel and Terrance continue to grow closer while working together. Meanwhile, April is feeling the pressure of Felicia's demands. Also, Malcolm is plagued with the investigation.
Feb 10 2014
Raquel and Terrence struggle to work together as they search for the perfect jewelry piece to showcase at the upcoming Glam Walk fashion show. April and David continue their rivalry, even as David flirts with Raquel and April continues to date Ben. Keisha and Malcolm begin to settle back into life in Atlanta as they find a new house, but Naomi and Sean get ready to play their next card. A family emergency brings Presley and Marcus back into Omar's life.
Feb 03 2014
Raquel and Terrence agree to venture in a new business partnership but they learn that they share different approaches to business. April sets out to score points with Felicia by introducing her to everyone at Indulgence, and meets a new guy in the process. Meanwhile, Keisha and Malcolm continue to deal with Sean.
Jan 27 2014
Raquel mulls a partnership with Terrence in his new business venture. Meanwhile, April battles David over a new client, Keke Palmer, and Keisha considers disclosing a secret to Malcolm about a photo of Naomi and Malcolm Sr. she discovered. A run-in with Presley threatens Omar's new relationship.
Jan 20 2014
Raquel seeks new investment partners. Meanwhile, April meets a man, but the budding relationship could be more complicated than expected; and Sean's sudden return creates dramas for Keisha and Malcolm.
Jan 13 2014
April meets a powerful music manager, Felicia Price, who offers her a job while Raquel is forced to turn her focus back toward Indulgence.
Jan 06 2014

Season 2

14 Episodes

Finally 2x14
In the Season 2 finale, Keisha encounters a stalker and must make a game-changing decision about her love life. Meanwhile, Raquel comes to a romantic crossroads after meeting Charles' current flame.
Aug 27 2012
Malcolm reaches out to Keisha for help, an action that poses a threat to her relationship with Sean. Elsewhere, Antonio reappears in Raquel's life.
Aug 20 2012
After a night out with the girls, Keisha's doubts about Sean are a distant memory when he comes to her aid after she's victimized. Distraught over her recent break-up with Reggie, April manages to find closure in their relationship. Omar becomes smitten by a local designer, while Morgan reluctantly dates an older man. Meanwhile, Raquel re-examines her relationship with Charles when she and a sexy musician (guest star Justin Gaston) share a unique connection.
Aug 13 2012
While a tornado threatens to touch down near the boutique, Raquel gets trapped in an elevator with Charles, who shares a surprising revelation. After an eye-opening encounter with Malcolm, Keisha finally commits to Sean, only to discover he's been committed elsewhere. April and Reggie's last-minute vacation plans are cancelled by the storm; as they wait it out, a new storm brews between them. Omar finds a unique way to cope with cabin fever. Morgan celebrates her three-week anniversary with Jobari but learns something about him that threatens their future.
Aug 06 2012
Malcolm re-enters Keisha's life with an offer to sell his father's mansion. During the property's auction, Keisha finds herself caught between battling divas, Sharon Love and Laila Twilight, whose competition escalates as they each try to be the highest bidder. Raquel worries Charles isn't interested in her because he keeps finding excuses to delay intimacy. April's relationship with Reggie hits a snag when she complains about his lovemaking skills. Omar's new man's addiction to social media threatens their budding relationship. Morgan learns the hard way to think before she speaks when her mouth gets her into trouble at work and at home.
Jul 30 2012
Raquel and Charles' game playing creates a rough patch in their young relationship. Raquel and Keisha have business dealins with Nicolette, a former supermodel with her own clothing line and a combative reputation. As Winston re-appears to wine and dine Keisha, Malcolm contacts her wanting to break their silence. April and Reggie find their transition from friends to lovers to be easier said than done. For the first time in his life, Omar deals with romantic rejection. Morgan's decision to be the initiator of a date has unforeseen consequences.
Jul 23 2012
Keisha's platonic relationship with Sean unexpectedly heats up and she considers going all the way with him. Raquel finds dating two guys at the same time complicated when she runs into Nate while on a date with Charles. April develops feelings
Jul 16 2012
Keisha has a whirlwind relationship with a captivating British military officer who has a surprising secret. Raquel goes out with Charles, the intriguing guy she met at the Kappa Boule Ball, then meets sexy auto mechanic Nate, and decides to date them both. April runs into her ex-husband Darryl and is shocked to learn the identity of his new girlfriend. Omar avoids going to his class reunion because he thinks he's a failure.
Jul 09 2012
Deuces 2x06
Raquel dates a 20-year-old store owner (guest star Romeo Miller) and has reservations about the age difference. Meanwhile, April books a wild R&B star (guest star Tony Rock) for the club. Keisha learns new details concerning Malcolm's new girlfriend.
Jul 02 2012
Keisha loses big in a poker game to Luke, a sexy gambler, but vows to win it all back no matter what it takes. Raquel dates a former professional football player whose beauty is only skin deep. April continues to date Jack the stripper, but struggles with the realities of his profession. Omar and his sister Presley's boyfriend almost come to blows when Marcus says the wrong thing.
Jun 25 2012
The girls attend the lavish Kappa Boule Ball where Raquel meets an intriguing guy, but also learns a family secret that shatters her foundation. April secretly dates a stripper. Keisha is surprised to run into Malcolm at the Ball and is shocked to learn why he is there.
Jun 18 2012
Raquel plans new ways to help improve V. Antonio reveals something to Raquel that could damange their relationship, while April deals with being single and spending time alone. Meanwhile, Keisha decides to end her relationship with Malcolm. Also, Keisha deals with an unexpected development at one of her real estate listings.
Jun 11 2012
Raquel plans on buying the boutique but must convince Eve first,while a lover from the pass returns into her life(Guest Star William Levy), April dates a doctor who is way too into a certain body part of hers, and Keisha deals with her love triangle between Malcolm & Sean.
Jun 04 2012
Keisha's childhood friend, Raquel Lancaster, receives a shocking revelation from her fiancÚ after catching him in the act with another woman. The aftermath of Malcolm's disappearance lands Keisha in hot water with the FBI. And to make matters worse, she gets reacquainted with a former lover. Meanwhile, April begins her new career as a club promoter, and is looking forward to dating now that her divorce is final. Also, the girls and Omar deal with saying good-bye to Val (who has moved to Milan and plans to sell the boutique)
May 28 2012

Season 1

11 Episodes

Aug 08 2011
Aug 01 2011
Jul 25 2011
Things couldn't be better for Val and Jerry... until Quinn shows up with a startling revelation. Keisha gets caught in the middle of an old feud between Malcolm and his brother. April tries to get Reed to focus more on his music than partying. And Christina gives Omar relationship advice.
Jul 18 2011
Val's new relationship is tested by gossip about her in the blogosphere and in real life. Secrets are revealed when Keisha helps Malcolm out of a bind. April takes a huge gamble when she invests her own money in Reed's career. And Christina ends things with Aaron, who does not take it well.
Jul 11 2011
Fed up with several bad first dates, Val decides to take a break from men... and finds it to be a much harder task than anticipated. Keisha's new hot trainer pushes her to the limit in more than one way. A vengeful shopping spree by Darryl forces April to become more pro-active. Val worries about Christina's relationship with her professor. And beloved Atlanta newscaster Sharon Love accidentally reveals a secret about Val.
Jul 04 2011
Val is conflicted when Malcolm wants to hire her for a special event. Keisha, though still angry with Malcolm, gives Val her blessing to work with him. April's job is on the line when she takes on the record company's problem artist, Reed. K.C. gives Val some surprising news. And Christina is off to a rocky start at "V."
Jun 27 2011
A party at "V" leaves Val with more dates than she can handle, but after a pep talk from Keisha, she quickly learns how to juggle. The Cold War continues between Keisha and Malcolm, but her new conquest, a distinguished professor, keeps her on her toes. April receives a shocking birthday surprise from Darryl. And Val gives Christina advice on one of her school designs.
Jun 20 2011
April sets Val up on a date that seems too good to be true. Keisha is determined to brush off Malcolm by meeting a few eligible rich bachelors. April's marriage is crumbling in the aftermath of the scandal, but her career might receive a long-awaited boost from a new artist. And Val gets a little help with her boutique, "V," from free-spirited and rebellious new intern, Christina.
Jun 13 2011
Val's solution for getting over Quinn is online dating, but she gets more than she bargains for. Keisha and Malcolm take their relationship to the next level with mixed results. And April's cover is blown as she's thrown further into the mayor mistress scandal
Jun 06 2011
Val ( Stacey Dash) is an ambitious aspiring fashion mogul who wants to find a true partner. Keisha (LisaRaye McCoy), on the other hand, is a former video dancer just looking for a rich man to keep her in style. April (Charity Shea,) has supposedly found the perfect man and the perfect marriage - but is learning that marriage isn't necessarily a happy ending.
May 30 2011