SisterS (2023)

Ended / 7:00pm RT� One 25 min.
Follows two women, one born in Canada and the other in Ireland, who discover they are half-sisters and embark on a road trip to find their alcoholic father.

Season 1

6 Episodes

In an emotional reunion, the sisters find their father but realise that maybe he isn�t what they needed in the first place.
May 04 2023
Suze and Sare are back on their quest to find their father, they travel to Carlingford where they are met by two surprise guests.
Apr 27 2023
After a betrayal, both Suze and Sare realise they are more alike than they initially thought.
Apr 20 2023
The sisters are on the road but it isn�t long before they find themselves in a compromising position.
Apr 13 2023
Apr 06 2023
After the death of Sare�s mother, she decides to travel to Ireland to find her father but gets more than she bargained for.
Mar 30 2023