So Help Me Todd

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As a kid, Todd wanted nothing more than to be a private detective. Now that he is, heís quite good at it. The rest of his directionless life? Thatís a bit of an unsolved mystery, especially to his uber-successful lawyer mom. So when she offers him a job as an in-house investigator at her firm as a way for him to get his act together, he reluctantly agrees, as long as Mom promises to let her adult son be who he wants to be.

Season 1

13 Episodes

When Todd agrees to help Susanís fiancť locate a missing employee, he stumbles into a case Margaret agreed to co-counsel with Gus. Margaret and Todd realize their cases are converging and a firewall is put into place to prevent them from communicating with each other.
Feb 09 2023
Lawrence and the governor seek Margaretís help with a personal legal matter related to the governorís sister, and while Margaret is ecstatic to be of assistance, Lawrence refuses to let Todd anywhere near the case.
Feb 02 2023
When Margaretís client faces an attempted murder charge, she mounts a creative defense to prove her clientís innocence, and Todd takes an experimental drug to find evidence. Also, Allison finds herself in trouble and reaches out to Todd for help.
Jan 12 2023
When Margaret finds herself on the verge of losing a prominent case involving the murder of an investigative journalist, Todd seeks help from an unlikely source: his imprisoned ex-girlfriend, Veronica.
Jan 05 2023
Margaret asks Todd for help on a seemingly straight forward wrongful termination case over a dating app, but with Toddís investigation they quickly realize itís much more complicated. Also, tensions between Margaret and Gus simmer as they come across each other on a dating app.
Dec 15 2022
When Lyleís niece, Angie, is accused of committing a crime on her college campus, Lyle enlists Margaret and Todd to vindicate her.
Dec 08 2022
When Margaret is disappointed that no one but Todd can attend her family Thanksgiving dinner, Todd tries to convince his brother, Lawrence, to come home. Also, Margaretís family inadvertently helps her crack a case involving an injured bank teller and robbery.
Nov 10 2022
Margaret and Francey enlist the help of a popular true crime podcaster, Lea Luna, to help exonerate a client who is serving a life sentence. Also, Todd solicits dating advice from his sister and Susan when sparks fly between him and Lea.
Nov 03 2022
Margaret attempts to join an elite philanthropy club and must represent a former club employee accused of using the organization to smuggle drugs. Also, Todd goes undercover as a waiter at the elite club to get information to help Margaretís case.
Oct 27 2022
Margaret and Todd work to bring justice to an Olympic athlete who lost his leg in a plane crash resulting from a defective aircraft.
Oct 20 2022
When Todd reunites with a childhood friend with a checkered past, he convinces Margaret to represent him in a minor legal case.
Oct 13 2022
Margaret and Todd work two seemingly unrelated cases, only to discover a key piece of information in the details of Toddís humorously boring civil case could help Margaretís high-profile client.
Oct 06 2022
Pilot 1x01
Razor-sharp, meticulous attorney Margaret Wright hires her talented but scruffy, aimless son, Todd, as her law firm's in-house investigator.
Sep 29 2022