Son of a Critch

Continuing / 7:00pm CBC 23 min.
The hilarious and very real story of 11-year-old Mark coming of age in St. John�s, Newfoundland in the 80s. It�s a heartfelt window into the life of a child � much older inside than his 11 years � using comedy and self-deprecation to win friends and connect with the small collection of people in his limited world.

Season 3

13 Episodes

It's the end of school year. Mark is faced with changes and challenges ahead, but when he's tasked with giving the graduation speech he takes some time to reflect on how his friends and family shaped him.
Apr 02 2024
Cabaret 3x12
When Mark finally gets the chance to take the stage as a stand-up comedian, he realizes he doesn't have his own distinct voice. Mark draws inspiration from those who matter the most to him.
Mar 26 2024
The Critches are doing their annual airing out the house ritual, but when some family secrets are uncovered, it turns out they've got some dirty laundry that needs to be aired too.
Mar 19 2024
When Mark starts a business venture as a school project, he quickly realizes that running a profitable company is more than having a good haircut, talking loudly, and exploiting underlings.
Mar 12 2024
Mark discovers "Santa" has come early when he finds his brand-new gaming system hidden in the house. Mark can't help himself and starts playing with his gift, but he's has to keep it under wraps.
Mar 05 2024
Mark takes directing the school play too seriously and finds himself without a cast and crew. Mark stubbornly tries to perform the play alone but realizes he's not a one-man-show.
Feb 27 2024
Mark has a near-death experience and he's left questioning life, death, and the afterlife. Is there a god? Has he chosen the right one? And most importantly, does this change how Fox feels about him.
Feb 20 2024
Mark is elated to find he has not one, but two valentines. Juggling two girls turns out to be harder than he expected, and so instead of two plus-ones, Mark ends up with none.
Feb 13 2024
Mark and his friends are excited for Bonfire Night, but their innocent night takes a turn when Fox gets roped into her brother's illegal activities.
Feb 06 2024
When Mark realizes his friends think his comic book collection is immature, he impulsively sells them all and quickly regrets it.
Jan 30 2024
Mark faces bathroom woes. Fox finds herself parenting her brothers. Poppy Bell visits and family tensions rise.
Jan 23 2024
Mark and his friends compete on "Reach for the Top," but when the game starts and they face Mark's crush, Cara, Mark's heart sets his brain to stun.
Jan 16 2024
Mark is eager to begin his final year of elementary school. Finally, he'll be at the top of the social food chain. But when Mark discovers that he needs glasses, his cool guy dreams come tumbling down.
Jan 09 2024

Season 2

13 Episodes

Mark is excited for Halley's Comet, but the magic is lost when he learns Fox is moving. A new restaurant being built near the Critch house threatens to change the family forever.
Mar 28 2023
When Fox's father gets arrested, Mark lobbies his father not to report on the crime. Pop and Mary steal cable with a descrambler.
Mar 21 2023
Mark tries to fake being healthy after falling ill the day he is supposed to meet the Pope. A rival radio station tries to tempt Mike Jr. away from VOCM, breaking Mike Sr.'s heart.
Mar 14 2023
Mark and Ritche pretend to be Protestant to fit in with a cool group of kids from another school. Pop meets up with an old flame at a retirement home.
Mar 07 2023
Mark tries to win back Fox during a school trip. Pop uses the trip to revisit his past life as a bootlegger with Al Capone.
Feb 28 2023
The kids are allowed to wear jeans at school for Spirit Week. The only problem is that Mark doesn�t own a pair. Meanwhile, Sister Rose picks Mary to join her choir.
Feb 21 2023
Mark learns new things about his parents after a historic storm knocks out power to the Critch house. When his father's back goes out, Mike Jr. has to broadcast all night alone.
Feb 14 2023
Mark falls under the spell of a visiting hypnotist and lets his grades slip. Pop struggles to lose weight when he gets too fat for his pants.
Feb 07 2023
Mark uncovers dark family secrets when he researches the Critch family tree. A death in the family causes Pop to reassess his relationship with his son.
Jan 31 2023
Desperate to seem more mature, Mark heads off school grounds for lunch but things take a turn when the Fox boys offer Mark his first beer. Meanwhile, Mary takes a job selling Avon products.
Jan 24 2023
Mark is determined to raise the most money for the 24-hour famine. The refrigerator breaks at the Critch house and forces the family to cook all their food at once.
Jan 17 2023
Fox's boyfriend threatens to beat Mark up after school. Mary learns Mike Sr. is making less money than their son and pushes her husband to demand a raise.
Jan 10 2023
Mark is devastated to learn Fox found a new boyfriend over the summer. Mike Jr. struggles to tell his dad that he dropped out of school.
Jan 03 2023

Season 1

13 Episodes

Mark is hurt to learn that Fox has been spending time alone with Ritchie. With the future of his job in doubt, Mike Sr learns how to DJ� at the school dance.
Apr 12 2022
Circus 1x12
Mark and Fox find themselves on a maybe-date to the Fair. Meanwhile, Ritchie�s family hosts some new Filipino-Canadians who make him feel insecure about his heritage.
Apr 05 2022
Mark is forced to participate in the school�s Sports Day. Meanwhile, Fox fights for her mother�s attention and attempts to break the school record for gold medals.
Mar 29 2022
Misty 1x10
The Critch men are left to their own devices after Mary is hospitalized for a minor procedure. Mark has trouble balancing the household chores and accidentally gives Pops the wrong pills.
Mar 22 2022
Mark and Mike Sr unexpectedly bond over Mark�s role in a school play. Meanwhile, Pop turns to Mary for help after the CRA learns he�s been collecting his dead wife�s pension checks.
Mar 15 2022
Mark collects Christmas toys for the needy, which leads to an uncomfortable discovery about one of his classmates. Meanwhile, Pop�s prodigal son shows up.
Mar 08 2022
Mark is considering what life would be like as a priest. But as rumours of scandal amongst the clergy start to mount, Mark reassesses what his religion means to him.
Mar 01 2022
Mark and Ritchie receive police protection after witnessing a grizzly crime on Halloween night. Fox grows tired of her brother�s increasingly delinquent behaviour.
Feb 22 2022
Mark fears he�ll be outed as a Monarchist when he�s chosen to give flowers to a visiting Lady Diana. Meanwhile, a gift from Dick comes between Mike Sr. and Mary.
Feb 01 2022
When Ritchie invites himself to a sleepover, Mark scrambles to hide his family�s �eccentric� behaviour. Meanwhile, Mike Sr. takes a staunch pro-cucumber stance when a grocer buys ad time on VOCM.
Jan 25 2022
When Mark�s cello is taken by a gang of bullies, Fox begrudgingly comes to his rescue. Meanwhile, Pop and Sister Rose take a stroll down memory lane when it�s revealed they used to be an item.
Jan 18 2022
A chance encounter at a funeral parlour leads to Mark�s first date. Meanwhile, Mary tries to convince Dick to sell her an old station truck.
Jan 11 2022
Mark�s first day of junior high is marred by a bully � a young girl named Fox. But when he stands up for himself, he learns that words can hurt more than fists.
Jan 04 2022