Sons of Guns

Ended Friday / 7:00pm US 45 min.
SONS OF GUNS centers on Will's Red Jacket shop, located in the heart of the Louisiana bayou. When Will isn't rebuilding a "bring-back" rifle from the Vietnam War or using his wealth of weapon history knowledge to determine if a pistol found in the attic is an antique or not, he can be found in his shop with his daughter Stephanie and the rest of his team, swapping gossip with his customers. Whether it's having a lunch break shooting contest, going on a nighttime bayou bow fishing trip or field testing a fully automatic M2 .50 caliber machine gun, viewers will catch the Red Jacket team always finding time to have some fun on SONS OF GUNS.

Season 5

9 Episodes

Red Jacket's new home has been selected, and Will and the crew are in the middle of moving when Will is asked to mount a Hispano-Suiza to the sidecar of a motorcycle; the RJF crew works on a weapon that shoots suppressed darts.
May 16 2014
Will faces some big challenges as he chooses Red Jacket's new home and works on the 155mm Russian D20, which is the largest civilian owned gun in the world; Kris sustains an injury; Charlie works on a suppressor for a very fast gun.
May 09 2014
Will senses danger in the way a rare, water-cooled, 50 cal Browning machine gun is running. He steps in to keep the shooter safe, by rebuilding the powerful gun. Charlie defies Will by taking on a friendly bet. Will gives Joe an ultimatum.
May 02 2014
Mounting a long-range rifle to a vehicle; Will wants to debut a prototype, but Joe thinks using a different model makes more sense.
Apr 25 2014
Joe tries to convince Will to make his building Red Jacket's new home; Will must attach a Mac 11 machine pistol to a Saiga-12 shotgun; Kris snaps; Will learns about the AK-47 deal.
Apr 18 2014
Joe shows Will the new building; a customer brings a World War II 75mm Scorpion Tank to the shop, and the team quickly learns their new project may lead to some unexpected trouble; Steph and Charlie work on a small revolver.
Apr 11 2014
Will is commissioned to make a triple-barrel shotgun.
Apr 04 2014
A snowmobile is fitted with machine guns; Charlie works on a rare Japanese rifle.
Mar 28 2014
After Red Jacket looses a lucrative contract, Will and Joe have a heart to heart about RJF's future. Will attempts to fit a 25mm Hotchkiss canon inside a pick up truck. Joe prototypes a flying drone, to fire remotely. Will is hand-delivered dreadful news.
Mar 21 2014

Season 4

8 Episodes

In this season finale, Will is asked to build a sniper rifle for the sheriff but RJF isn't the only shop in the running. Will is faced with overcoming much more than a gun build. The contract and prides are at risk, when a key part doesn't arrive on time.
Jun 07 2013
Misfire 4x07
As the SOCOM order finally gets completed, Tom's unpredictable ways put his job on the line. Will and Flem have a heart to heart about his future at RJF. The crew is challenged when a client brings in an Oerlikon that sent him to the hospital once before.
May 31 2013
In an exciting challenge the crew modifies a PKM from a three man to a one-man combat unit. Will restores a Lefever rifle destroyed in a tornado. Kris makes a deal hoping he'll save Red Jacket but when Will gets bad news, he's ready to close RJF forever.
May 24 2013
Money is tight, Red Jacket has gone into the red and cutting down on OT causes tempers to flare. Steph brings in the Olympic shooting team to make a commemorative gun. Will has the crew build an MG-34 for two clients in order to keep the doors open.
May 17 2013
Flem modifies an MK-7 for a sub-machine gun champ’s upcoming competition. In the meantime, desperate for revenue, Will agrees to overhaul a rusted out anti-tank cannon. Tempers flare between Joe and Kris as the missing SOCOM barrels put everyone on edge.
May 10 2013
With the SOCOM order still on hold Will is on edge so he decides to clean house. He builds a hybrid gun out of Red Jacket spare parts. Will keeps the boys busy on an R & D project, and has an explosive confrontation with Vince.
May 03 2013
Will and Joe head out to Jordan for some high level meetings and leave the SOCOM order still hanging in the balance. Kris takes on a stubborn Solothurn without Will’s permission. Will comes back to face a harsh reality.
Apr 26 2013
A hurricane isn’t the only thing brewing in this season's premiere. A blacklisted visitor shows up mid storm. An important order's mishandling wreaks havoc on the shop; meanwhile the largest weapon in Red Jacket history may also prove to be the most problematic.
Apr 19 2013

Season 3

16 Episodes

Someone from Red Jacket must jump out of a helicopter after a special services contractor asks the team to build a tight quarters Para-shotgun. As things get hot, Will takes a call that may change Red Jacket forever...
Oct 24 2012
When two clients order 3-gun competition sets for their dads, Kris decides to secretly make a third set to honor Will. The gunsmiths agree to the overtime, but late nights lead to rookie mistakes that embarrass Will when he test fires before the client.
Oct 17 2012
A Benelli M4 shotgun is redesigned for competition shooting.
Oct 10 2012
The Red Jacket team attempts to un-bust a busted myth from Mythbusters. Tory Belleci and Kari Byron come out to Louisiana to help the team break the famous James Bond myth. Will Red Jacket be able to blow up a propane tank with a single gunshot?
Oct 03 2012
An avalanche expert challenges Red Jacket to build a gun that saves lives. Will agrees to reactivate a 57mm recoilless rifle for a mountain rescue team in the Pacific Northwest. Kris must build a mountain of snow in the bayou to test out the gun!
Sep 26 2012
The Red Jacket crew bring an antique, blackpowder Lyle cannon back to life for Aerosmith rocker Joe Perry. But one cannon is never enough. Kris and Flem repair and then square off to prove whose WW2 cannon is better: a German PAK 36 or an American 37mm.
Sep 19 2012
A former Navy SEAL sniper asks Will to modify a civilian H&K 416 for charity. Will agrees on one condition: that he helps the Red Jacket crew recreate the gun believed to be used to take out Osama Bin Laden, fast rope out a heli, and test their theory.
Sep 12 2012
Inspired by the new "Total Recall", Kris builds a Red Jacket version of the Vector submachine gun used in the film. Sony surprises him by sending out the film's hovercars, synths, and more. Will surpises Kris even more with some secret-agent training.
Jul 25 2012
Max Brooks, best-selling author of The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z, drops by Red Jacket Firearms to discuss the ultimate zombie gun. Max wants to use a .22, but Will wants to use an M16. RJF divides into two teams: Team Max and Team Will. Team Max builds with the civilian in mind - small and lightweight, with plentiful ammo. Team Will builds with the military in mind - big bangs and full auto mass destruction. Both guns are put to the test when the teams meet up in the woods for a nighttime zombie apocalypse shootout. And while Will and team are knee-deep in their zombie gun builds, a Lewis Gun (a World War I era machine gun) comes into the shop for repair. Will tasks Steph with the project. She knows this is a test to see if she can fix it and she's up for the challenge.
Apr 18 2012
Red Jacket Firearms redefines armored cars when they conceal fully automatic M-16s and Claymore mines in an armored Porsche for a client that needs protection as well as the ability to fight back. Meanwhile, Steph goes rogue and builds a custom AR behind Will's back. And Jesse James returns to Red Jacket with his engraved BAR parts. The team assembles his gun and together they take it to the range where Jesse fires the custom-built weapon.
Apr 11 2012
Red Jacket is put to the test when a 70-year-old, $150K, full auto 40mm Bofors cannon, with over 500 parts, breaks down 4 days prior to its sale. Also, the crew resurrects an 1855 Volcanic Pistol. Then, a rockin'.38 Special's secret markings reveal its royal lineage.
Apr 04 2012
Jesse James surprises the crew at Red Jacket Firearms as he stops by the shop to have them build a custom WWII BAR machine gun for him. He wants to help with the build, and had been talking to Vince about the weapon. Jesse wants Vince to lead the build. Tension builds with Vince in the shop again.
Mar 28 2012
Find out what it takes to make Sons of Guns - with interviews and behind the scenes footage from the Red Jacket team and the film crew. From dangerous near misses and melting cameras to practical jokes and shooting contests, we reveal it all.
Mar 21 2012
Vahan Kelerchian from Armament Services International has a client willing to pay $50,000 to get his Japanese auto cannon repaired — but he needs Will's help. Will tells him he is backed up and can't do the job for months. Vahan leaves an unhappy customer. Joe, who recently lost his second job teaching, sees the situation unfold and decides to take on the job himself — and enlists the help of the other RJ guys. Everyone is nervous but they are willing to do it for Joe.
Mar 14 2012
Jon Weiler of Professional Marksmen Inc. commissions the Red Jacket crew to integrally suppress a .50 caliber sniper rifle. This is one of the largest caliber gun rounds — and gun — in the world. And they only have a week to do it. Will, Joe, and Kris work through the night to come up with a plan.
Mar 07 2012
Officer David Liang of the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) wants to transform a Ferret armored scout vehicle into a crowd control/riot control vehicle and turns to Will Hayden and the Red Jacket crew for help. The team travels to New Orleans so Will can do a ride along with Officer Liang while the rest of the crew goes into the French Quarter to have some fun. They never expected that one of their own would witness a murder in the streets only 40 yards away. This project just got personal.
Feb 29 2012

Season 2

16 Episodes

In this explosive season finale, Will, Steph and Kris head to Vegas to demo the Red Jacket Desert AR - an American gun built to challenge the AK during all-conditions desert warfare. Then, everyone is stunned when Red Jacket loses a valued member.
Jan 18 2012
Will and the Red Jacket crew resurrect an 82mm Russian mortar, and push its limits going HE - high explosive - while testing. Then, tempers flare when Kris has trouble building the new, RJ Desert AR. Also Ted Nugent stops by for some belt fed, full auto madness.
Jan 11 2012
Will and the RJ crew create a muscled up, silenced, night stalking AR to take down the wild hogs that are tearing up Louisiana farm land. Also, Charlie scores big when he finds rare, pinfire ammo for a 150-year-old, $7500, 20-round French revolver.
Jan 04 2012
Will and the RJ crew restore a WWI Maxim machine gun, mount it to a plane engine and create an interrupter system allowing the gun to fire cleanly between moving propeller blades. Also, Vince and Steph team up to modify a Glock with special charging handles to help a customer with multiple sclerosis safely fire again.
Dec 28 2011
Will and the RJ crew are challenged to build a double-barreled, napalm spewing, flamethrower cannon. Meanwhile, against Will's wishes, Steph enlists Kris to help her design Derringer holsters for women. Also, Vince rebuilds a German K98 Mauser rifle that has original capture papers provided by their resident gun historian Glenn Harrison.
Dec 21 2011
Will and the Red Jacket crew restore a 20mm Oerlikon cannon and twin 40mm Bofors anti-aircraft guns aboard the World War II destroyer USS Kidd for an explosive Fourth of July air show. Meanwhile, Steph designs a line of ladies Saiga 545 rifles — with fashionable custom paint jobs — much to Will's chagrin.
Dec 14 2011
The Red Jacket crew creates a dual mounted M240 Bravo machine gun and Mark19 grenade launcher for the local sheriff's Gulf Patrol Boat. Will restores a WWII German Luger after he's inspired by the gun's great battlefield capture story. And Kris finally steels himself to respond to Will's ultimatum — does he choose Steph or Red Jacket?
Dec 07 2011
Things get crazy when Will tackles a WWII-era 57mm cannon. Meanwhile, Vince gives an AR-15 the Red Jacket treatment for Super Bowl champion and New Orleans Saints kicker Garret Hartley. Then, things between Kris and Stephanie take an unexpected turn.
Sep 14 2011
Will's motto "If you dream it, we can build it" is put to the test when a local scrap yard owner challenges him to build a modernized Gatling shotgun. The Red Jacket team repairs a set of antique dueling pistols, and Will is challenged to a duel.
Sep 07 2011
Will brainstorms combining a shotgun and a taser for the police, but someone in the shop will need to be tased for the demonstration. The Red Jacket team revives a demilitarized WWII-era anti-tank gun to honor a veteran, while Will lays down the law for Kris who needs to back off on the front office flirting.
Aug 31 2011
Will and the RJ crew are now building guns for helicopters! Red Jacket is building a complete Mag 58 weapons system with a unique twist -- a swivel arm. Will takes a stock Uzi and makes it competition ready. Then, Stephanie goes on a wild ride.
Aug 24 2011
The Red Jacket crew tackles the nearly impossible - taking a fully automatic Mk 19 Grenade Launcher, and converting it into a silenced, single shot select fire weapon. Meanwhile, Kris tries to make a hunting rifle float for a customer, while Will builds a version of a knife that shoots.
Aug 17 2011
A customer asks Will to build a quad MG 42 that he can take to a gun show that weekend. Will is hesitant given costs and timing but the customer is persistent and has the money to get the job done. Will can't say no. Meanwhile, a gun collector brings in a 19th century French Palm Pistol. Will, who has a sweet spot for historical firearms, can't help himself and buys the gun... even though it doesn't fire. Will tells Vince to fix the gun so it will fire and triple the gun's value. And a customer walks in with a right-handed AR 15, but he is left-handed shooter. He wants the action of the gun changed to fit his left-handed needs. Of course, Will and his team are just the guys to get all this done.
Aug 10 2011
Kris gets the idea to do a chromed out, 1919 machine gun with a dragon painted on it. Vince loves the idea and wants to add to it a handlebar trigger system. Will realizes they need experts in chrome and handlebars to pull this one off: the boys from Discovery's American Chopper. And, of course, that means an invite to Baton Rouge for Paul Jr. and team to test the tricked out gun. Meanwhile, world-class speed shooter Jerry Miculek walks into Red Jacket looking to alter a Bulgarian Krink. Will shows off his integrally suppressed AK47 when Jerry challenges Will to a bet: if he can fire this AK in single fire mode faster with his finger than someone pulling the trigger on a fully automatic AK, Will owes Jerry a custom Red Jacket gun free of charge. But can he pull it off?
Jul 27 2011
Will and Vince are shooting an AK 47 and a sniper rifle at the range when Will gets an idea: combine the parts of each gun to make the first 1000 yard AK sniper rifle. Meanwhile, to fulfill a childhood dream, world champion archer Chris Bracket wants Will to build him an arrow gun and some arrows that explode. And Will thrills a customer by restoring his mint condition WWII Japanese Arisaka Rifle and getting it to shoot for the first time since the customer has owned it.
Jul 20 2011
It's been ten years since Red Jacket Firearms first opened its doors and Will celebrates the only way he knows how: with a seemingly impossible build. Will calls his mentor Tony Rumore who invented a Siamese: a double M16, which shares its gas tube system. Will wants to one-up Tony for fun and build a Triamese: 3 M16's joining in a triangular formation, also sharing the gas system. While Will works on the build, his daughter Stephanie plans the ultimate surprise anniversary bash for her dad, inviting some of Red Jacket's biggest clients.
Jul 13 2011

Season 1

16 Episodes

Will is inspired by Charlie's cool folding pellet gun to get the Red Jacket team to create a combination flashlight and survival kit that unfolds to become a semi-automatic M11 rifle. Then, new guy Flem is tested when Will tasks him to build a MG42 machine gun — aka "Hitler's Buzzsaw" — from scratch.
Mar 30 2011
A Navy special teams boat gunner challenges Will to create a twin M16 gun mount that can fire hundreds of rounds a minute within changing magazines. Then, apprentice Kris gets busted when he gives an unauthorized shop tour to his girlfriend.
Mar 23 2011
Vince, Red Jacket's lead gunsmith, creates a kill stick for alligator hunters - - a weapon used at point-blank range that humanely kills gators without ruining their valuable hides. Also, forensics expert Charlie, tests the ballistics of some unusual guns.
Mar 16 2011
Will and the Red Jacket team build a 15-tube rocket launcher to combat pirates off the coast of Africa. Also, a rare 100-year-old Maxim gun worth $150,000 comes into the shop for repairs.
Mar 09 2011
The Red Jacket team works their magic to transform a heavy, tripod-mounted M1919 Browning Machine Gun into a shoulder-fire weapon for a local cop who wants to win a Machine Gun Shooting Contest. Also, the guys give new hire Flemm a hard time.
Mar 02 2011
Will and the Red Jacket team create a one-of-a-kind hunting gun mounted on an ATV to help a combat disabled Marine veteran. Also, with business booming, Will hires a new gunsmith -- with hilarious results.
Mar 02 2011
Will meets a security contractor who wants a vehicle mounted remote control machine gun built for his team in Afghanistan so American soldiers caught in kill zones don't have to roll down windows to return fire. Also, Will must repair a valuable antique pistol from 1840. Is it loaded?
Feb 23 2011
The Red Jacket team turns an M-11 machine gun into a blank adapted prop gun for The Courier, an upcoming action movie starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Also, daughter Stephanie asks the guys to make a Leopard Gun -- a pistol grip sawed-off shotgun -- for Will.
Feb 23 2011
The local sheriff asks Will, founder of Red Jacket Firearms, to convert a semi-automatic Tommy Gun into a modern, fully automatic weapon. Also, forensics firearms expert Charlie Watson tackles the impossible: a samurai sword-like machete.
Feb 16 2011
Will and his Red Jacket crew build a bazooka for a WWII re-enactment client. To ensure that the bazooka rockets are safe, gunsmith Joe Meaux test fires it — and his target is Will. Also, Will surprises apprentice Kris with a generous birthday gift.
Feb 16 2011
Will, owner of Red Jacket Firearms, is asked to do something that's never been done — build an internal silencer for an AK-47. The AK is put through sand and ballistics tests. Also, Will builds an 18th century swivel gun replica and fires it from a boat.
Feb 09 2011
Firearms expert Tiger McKee asks Will, owner of Red Jacket Firearms, to build a gun that Tiger calls the samurai sword for today's warrior - the lightweight AR-15 Katana rifle. Also, Historian Glenn finds a rare Civil War Coffee Grinder gun, but is it real?
Feb 09 2011
Will rallies the Red Jacket Firearms team to transform a 'Ma Deuce', a 1941 Browning M2 .50 caliber machine gun from a box of parts — into a fully automatic weapon. But daughter Stephanie must sell $25,000 in inventory to pay for Dad's new pet project.
Feb 02 2011
On a visit to the National World War II Museum in New Orleans, Will and Stephanie meet Woody Williams, a WWII Marine veteran who won the Medal of Honor on Iwo Jima As a tribute to this hero, Will and the team work to restore Woody's flamethrower, but Will has to conquer a childhood fear of fire just to ignite the weapon.
Feb 02 2011
Will and his firearms team have to combine two different weapons — an M16 machine gun and a shotgun — to build a Master Key "door breaching" gun for a SWAT team. For inspiration — and extra fun — Will and daughter Stephanie buy and fire a Grenade Launcher.
Jan 26 2011
Will and his team of gunsmiths are hired to do the impossible — build a shotgun silencer. In the meantime, Will's friend Glenn shows up with a rare Civil War cannon worth $250,000 that the owner wants to fire 150 years after it last saw action. Daughter Stephanie keeps the shop running as Will does the research to see if the cannon can be fired safely.
Jan 26 2011