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Sophie has everything: a loving boyfriend, her own talent agency, beauty, friends and a baby on the way. Everything... that is until one day her picture-perfect world starts to come apart at the seams as she tries to cope with her new single-mom status, the tormented artists that call her agency home, a neurotic mother, her father's delusional ex-mistress and her entire eclectic and funny entourage... Sophie is about to experience a year where every emotion in the book gets thrown at her.

Season 2

19 Episodes

When Sophie accepts an invitation to Andre and Kim's wedding in New York, Rick and Matt tag along to protect her from herself. Estelle's Miss mobility contract is up for renewal.
Mar 23 2009
When Judith announces that she's off to India to do charity work, Sophie is convinced her mother has finally lost her mind and tries to scare some sense back into her. Bridget, now a Junior agent, finds the perfect role for Ophelia, but first she has to get around Estelle.
Mar 16 2009
When Melissa shows up pregnant, Sophie has to tell Rick that he may finally become the father he always wanted to be. Judith bribes Matt with expensive gifts, to buy his silence.
Mar 09 2009
When Rick takes Sophie on a country outing to visit his Aunt Sheil, Sophie has to live up to a farm full of Rick's lies. Judith discovers a brand new vice while shopping with Robbie.
Feb 23 2009
When Bridget goes to work for the evil Louise Brooks, Sophie has to hire a new assistant, fend off Louise's grab for all her clients and deal with Rick's chaos at the office. Estelle gets an ambitious new side-kick on the Miss Mobility set.
Feb 16 2009
Matt drags Sophie on a party-binge after he breaks up with Tiago. When Sophie can't take the bars any more, she enlists the help of Nora, her new next-door neighbour. Estelle role plays as a doctor at Matt's hospital.
Feb 09 2009
Benched 2x13
When Judith has an affair with an artist she hired to build her late husband's memorial, Sophie questions the artist's intentions. Matt gives Tiago an ultimatum and Rick gets a fashion make-over... from Bridget.
Jan 26 2009
After Rick invades Sophie's office, she takes him to an "Ex-Beau party". Hoping to find him a lover.
Jan 19 2009
Sophie finds that she has way too many secrets to keep and is having trouble not spilling them. Rick moves out of his office, and into Sophie's.
Jan 12 2009
Kim and Sophie square off over Andre. Tiago and Matt lead a double life.
Jan 05 2009
It's Robbie's first birthday, and everyone is there... Even his father Andre. Rick's new star client Tiago is the hit of the party.
Dec 03 2008
Rick gets the client of his dreams, and some unexpected guests arrive at Robbie's birthday party.
Nov 26 2008
Judith and Sophie go on a "Spiritual Retreat" leaving Estelle holding the baby for the first time in her life
Nov 19 2008
A package from Andre arrives. And Matt meets a hunky intern.
Nov 05 2008
Estelle has to swallow her pride, and Ophelia moves into a new place
Oct 29 2008
Sophie meets the perfect guy. But does it matter that he went to school with her mother? Judith throws a garden party to commemorate the anniversary of Robert's passing.
Oct 22 2008
After Rick and Melissa break up, Rick has second thoughts about being an agent, leaving a lot of clients open for the taking. Should Sophie take back her clients?
Oct 15 2008
Estelle and Melissa's movie is about to open, and Sophie must try to turn her attention from Andre to the premiere party. Rick is having "problems" with Melissa in bed.
Oct 08 2008
Sophie's son meets his biological father for the first time, and Melissa is worried when Rick doesn't come home.
Oct 01 2008

Season 1

13 Episodes

A surprise visitor is in town in time for Sophie's birthday, and Melissa and Rick disagree
Apr 02 2008
Melissa and Estelle's futures depend on Sophie when they are both cast in roles of a lifetime, however Sophie wants to spend time with baby Robbie
Mar 26 2008
Sophie has a choice to make, and Matt gets an invitation from Verner
Mar 19 2008
Sophie is set up on a blind date by Melissa and Bridget gets a promotion.
Mar 12 2008
Judith takes extreme measures to get Rick and Sophie together.
Mar 05 2008
Sophie and Matt come to odds when a sexy new neighbour moves in, and it's Rick and Melissa's anniversary.
Feb 27 2008
Sophies mother and ex-con brother arrive to 'help out' her talent agency.
Feb 20 2008
Rick and Sophie both try to attract the same top-billing actress to their agencies
Feb 13 2008
Dr Who? 1x05
Sophie goes on a 'blind date' and Rick & Melissa get a new addition to the family.
Feb 06 2008
Sophie's talent agency is getting back on it's feet, and she's finally getting used to being a mother. Now the only thing she needs to do is name the baby. That's why she throws a baby-naming ceremony and it's bad enough that Rick and Melissa show up, but so does the one person she didn't want to attend - her mother.
Jan 30 2008
Rick's new talent agency is going great and he throws a launch party - the bad part - he invited Sophie. Now Sophie must face her ex-clients and her ex-boyfriend when she decides to attend.
Jan 23 2008
Sophie comes home with her newborn boy and has to break the news to her control-freak mom and an ex-boyfriend with delusions of fatherhood.
Jan 16 2008
Sophie Parkerís perfect world blows into a tornado when her boyfriend dumps her for her best friend then steals all her best clients with a competing talent agency.
Jan 09 2008