Strange Planet

Continuing / 7:00pm Apple TV+ 22 min.
Welcome to a distant planet not unlike our own, with hilarious yet poignant observations on life, love, and friendship�told in the most peculiar way.

Season 1

10 Episodes

Careful Now is the perfect spot to view a once-every-15-revolutions eclipse, but a mysterious situation might ruin the party.
Sep 27 2023
A couple who run a skin ink parlor are hit with unexpected news. Careful Now�s manager and regular go on an impromptu date.
Sep 20 2023
A being has an existential crisis on their 25th emergence day as their best friend secretly organizes a party to celebrate.
Sep 13 2023
Two high-school beings reluctantly team up to plan an event. Meanwhile, at the same school, two best friends have a dramatic falling out.
Sep 06 2023
An older being considers performing at a talent show. Careful Now�s manager and structural engineer make a perilous journey.
Aug 30 2023
Wanting to please their lifegiver, two siblings try bonding over their interests. A footorb referee�s bad call could cost them their dream job.
Aug 23 2023
Tensions between an overbearing lifegiver and their offspring come to a head. Careful Now weathers a mishap on Free Jitter Liquid Day.
Aug 16 2023
While at the tumble scrub, a being has a chance encounter with a stranger that leads to an unexpected but exciting opportunity.
Aug 09 2023
A lovelorn being offers to take care of their crush�s vibrating creature. Next door, a small being insists on adopting an outside creature.
Aug 09 2023
A popular band splits up, throwing their lives�and their fans� lives�into chaos. Elsewhere, an air comfort supervisor�s new role creates turbulence.
Aug 09 2023